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Yo. Remember a long-ass time ago when I made this thread? No? Well never mind then. Here's a free video for you!

[direct link]

Hope you guys enjoy it!

Shoutouts to Smile/LightLag(sorry dude, I forgot your username on this forum) for helping out with this episode by providing drawings. Thank you dude!
Lab Zero games has recently put out a statement that Indivisible will be featuring playable cameo characters from other select games. Click to learn about the new additions to the Indivisible roster...
If you tune in this Friday to at 9pm Tournament Standard Time you will find yourself watching something that isn't Salty because Salty! has moved to a new location, stream, and time.

For the foreseeable future, you will find Salty! at starting around 7-8 Pacific Standard Time on Saturdays at Twin Galaxies in Los Angeles. Prepare to witness a brand new Salty! in a much more relaxed and not basketball-ridden environment featuring a new nice stream setup as well.

If you're in the area, you can find the location at
Twin Galaxies
10911 Riverside Dr
Los Angeles, CA 91602
Check out the Salty! thread if you're in the area and need more information.

Check out for more information as well!

Make sure to tune in to show all of Twin Galaxy's many subscribers the crowd Skullgirls is capable of pulling, and make sure that those who are not in the know are informed of all the important lore. Click to read more about Salty!'s change in location...

As seen on the Indivisible Indiegogo updates page, we're getting another week of insightful, informative streaming from the team at Lab Zero! Here's the stream schedule for this week: