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Skullgirls is now available to be played in arcades at 12 locations throughout Japan from Osaka to Tokyo and Sendai from October 15th to the 20th to test SG's abilities to run on Nesica hardware. Click to read more about Skullgirls in japanese arcades...

Updates to the prototype of Indivisible continue, with the recent announcement that the game has released for another operating system:

The prototype is free to download and play, and if the Indiegogo campaign is successful the game will be released on Windows/Mac/Linux as well as Xbox One and PS4!

In addition, Lab Zero has announced that they'll be streaming every Monday-Thursday throughout the campaign, and possibly even more outside of that! here's this week's schedule:

With Indivisible's campaign starting and the obvious desire to discuss the game, we've created a sub-forum for Indivisible, but after some thought we're going to be making it more visible to maximize hype for the game.

At the moment, there are four main threads for discussion, but we're going to be branching out and encouraging people to talk about all of the different aspects of the game and the crowding drive. We'll also be trying to keep things pretty relaxed in the indivisible section compared to some of the other sections on here.

I'd also like to note some stuff about the Indivisible General Art thread; even though it is not in the art section, all of the rules from there apply to it. It is also not the only place Indivisible art is allowed, but we want to give people maximum exposure to share their excitement!

Have fun, and let's make this a success!

Now that the Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign has begun, it's time to start donating! For every $100,000 USD donated, an Incarnation will be revealed in a fashion very similar to the Skullgirls Indiegogo campaign. This means that when Indivisible reaches it's goal of $1,500,000 USD, there will be at least 15 playable characters revealed. While it may seem that 1.5 million dollars is a very steep goal, this number represents only less than half of the cost of the entire game. Indivisible's publisher, 505 Games, will put forward $2,000,000 when the goal of the crowdfunding campaign has been met, essentially doubling all of the donations that had been made prior. If you want to support Lab Zero's newest game it is essential that you donate, because if the goal is not met within the 40 days that the crowdfunding campaign takes place the game will not be created as a result. You'll still have the cool prototype though. There are 2.857142857142857 Two Weekses to make Indivisible a reality in the future.
The date of the Indivisible Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign has been announced to begin in six days, on Monday the 5th of October.