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These three new tracks added to the Humble Bundle Digital OST are from the three stages that were included in the most recent patch of Skullgirls. Please enjoy!

Ravidrath was asked if these extra songs will be added onto the OSTs available on CD Baby, Amazon and iTunes.
Because of the large number of new players joining the Skullgirls community since the PC version was released and the large number of changes in the latest patch, we're holding a competition to encourage people to create more resource threads on the Skullheart forums.

To enter the competition, all you have to do is make one or more threads that will be useful to the rest of the Skullgirls community.

If you can't think of an idea for your thread, feel free to ask for suggestions. I'm not going to provide a list of ideas to begin with because the idea is for people to make the content that they want to see on the site, rather than me dictating that we need threads A, B, and C made.

  • Threads aimed at providing useful information or advice to the other members of the SG community.
  • Either fact-based, or uses opinion as a means of helping other members. So, a ranked list of which characters you think look coolest is not a resource thread, but both Mr. X's list of character palette references (fact) and Keninblack's Parasoul guide (useful opinion) are.
  • Related to Skullgirls
  • The Competition will run from the time of this...
Okay, so the news section has been a little slow lately while we've been making the final modifications to the site. You can expect more regular updates about the goings-on of the SG community from now on, including a community-wide competition that we should be announcing in the next few days.

But before we go back, here's a quick recap of some stuff you should know:

1. The site is back up, and I'm running regular backups again so hopefully we won't have another prolonged downtime again, ever.
2. The old theme has been restored, or at least as closely as I can remember. There's a good chance that I've missed some stuff, though, so if you see any visual bugs or things appearing in weird colours, let me know.
3. Our email script had a few bugs in it. Hopefully they are all gone now, but if you have not received an account confirmation email from the site (or know someone in the same situation), please just try logging in anyway, as I've gone through and manually confirmed all those accounts.
4. A large number of threads from the old site have been archived, and are listed in the Archives Thread. If there's content from before the downtime that you want to try restoring, have a look there first.
5. Emoticons have been replaced with (very slightly modified) art straight from the game itself, with thanks to Lab Zero for the originals. The other icons, such as the Ms.Fortune...
Are you an avid Skullgirls player? Do you want to hear competitive discussion from high level players?

Then come visit my twitch channel for Skullcasts!

What? - Skullcasts: Episode 3
Where? -
When? - December ?? @ ??:?? EDT
How often? - Monthly-ish
Hi everyone. The forums are back up, and hopefully for good this time. Rather than bore you with a long essay, I've written a FAQ to get you all up to date.