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Forums for the Skullgirls Comunity. The indie fighting game with tournament-level gameplay and high quality 2D art!

In a surprise announcement, Skullgirls is now available on both Mac & Linux! It's included in the latest Humble Bundle, on sale w/all DLC included for just $6! Furthermore, everyone who already owns the game on Steam will be able to access the Mac and Linux versions at no additional cost. The port itself was actually developed by Humble Bundle, with an internal team of programmers picking up where hardworking volunteers like @cybik had left off. Finally, everyone can enjoy Skullgirls!
NEC is coming up around the corner, and if you haven't been keeping up with the front page, Skullgirls is going to be a main game with a potential pot bonus of over $1000. NEC is shaping up to be a significant tournament for the Skullgirls community.
We now have three new members in the staff team: @Smile and @indieanimator as Art and Other Media moderators for The Gallery, and @Fizzxwizz for a dedicated news writer to write posts for the front page.
Their roles are to moderate the Art and Other Media section and keep everything running smoothly in that forum, and to write news posts to keep people updated to current events and new information, respectively.
The moderator applications ended on September 4th, thank you to everyone who took the time to apply.

The updated soundtrack and the Digital Art Compendium are both now available for purchase on the official website, here.

The soundtrack, priced at 14.99 USD, includes the complete Skullgirls OST. The Digital Art Compendium, priced at 24.99 USD, includes character art, frames, environmental art, and other things. The Digital Art Compendium was originally only available to backers of the Indiegogo campaign, but it is now available to non-backers.

A second edition/disc 2 of the soundtrack is in the works for iTunes and Amazon so that those who bought the original soundtrack don't need to re-buy the entire OST.

It is also great to note that Lab Zero gets some of the profit when the soundtrack and Digital Art Compendium are bought, as well.

As with all good things, Summer Jam 9 has come to an end. A field of 52 players was distilled down to a positively punishing Top 8, and the hits just kept coming. Previously unknown player Ducktator made it into top 8 out of nowhere, and a lover's quarrel ended in pain as SonicFox was forced to discipline SwiftFox-Dash in front of the assembled crowd. Momentum was the story of the night, though, with a staggering number of the matches coming out as complete sweeps, including both winner's and loser's finals.

A spectacular finish awaited us at in Grand Finals, however, and one hated to see it end. Most hoped to see SonicFox reset the brackets, if only it got us more hype matches, but it wasn't to be; dekillsage defeated SonicFox in a nail-biting 3-2 finish. So, for now, our new boss is the old boss, and the perennial struggle between the top players continues onward as we look towards the rest of this year's tournament season!

Thanks to nycfurby & KPB for streaming the event, and thanks to the players for coming out!
Top 8 Results & VOD Links (open)
1. cR|dekillsage (Double/Fukua/Cerebella)
2. cR|SonicFox (Fukua/Eliza, Fukua/Cerebella/Eliza)
3. Swiftfox-Dash (Peacock/Cerebella)