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    The Steam version, here, has images to show the hitboxes for her moves. Once again, I didn't add that here to not make the spoilers huge.

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    Filia is like the Ryu of Skullgirls; not very complex, but there to introduce players to the game's mechanics.
    She's an air centered rushdown, much like Millia from the Guilty Gear series (which she takes heavy inspiration off of, both gameplay-wise and as inspiration for her design.)
    She's very powerful, due to her 50/50 cross-ups and sneaky resets.

    This guide is aimed to help beginners to Filia pick her up and have a basic idea of when to use what, and to help them feel confident in a match.
    This is in no way the "right way" to play Filia. This is how I prefer to play her, and I do not consider myself an "Expert".
    Some of this is purely opinion on which moves I prefer to use, and what fits my playstyle.

    This is my second guide for Skullgirls, the first being for Squigly, here. If you liked this guide, feel free to look at the other.


    -Made various formating changes, fixed spelling errors, and re-did some of the content.

    Guide Terminology
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    Quarter Circle Forwards

    Quarter Circle Backwards

    Dragon Punch; forward + QCF

    The standing version of this move

    The crouching version of this move

    The standing forward version of this move

    The jumping version of this move

    What makes up combos. A basic sequence from light to heavy attacks, followed by a special which allows you to continue your combo

    Stands for "Bread N' Butter", which is a basic go-to combo

    What you're going to do when you're not in pressure or on the offensive

    A term from Marvel Vs. Capcom 3, it refers to canceling one Blockbuster move into another character's Blockbuster.

    Air dash cancel, refers to air dashing to cancel the recovery of a move'

    Instant air dash, refers to air dashing the minute you jump (by moving diagonally up and then forward instantly, or jump + PP)

    Off the ground, refers to using a low-hitting move to hit a knocked down opponent.
    Can only do this twice in a combo.

    Pros and Cons
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    + Her crouching hurtbox is much lower then most characters, resulting in a lot of moves whiffing
    + Easy for beginners to pick her up, due to have only a few specials
    + Extremely strong overall
    + Sneaky and sinister mix-ups and resets
    + Great assists
    + Great blockbusters (Gregor Samson great to DHC into, and Fenrir Drive is a great reversal)
    + Her pressure is unrelenting and hard to escape
    + Very light weight-wise, making some combos difficult to do on her

    - Low combo damage without resets
    - Even though otherwise she's friendly for beginners, she might have difficult combos for beginners due to requiring fast inputs
    - Horrible range
    - Very punishable Blockbusters and specials
    - Resets can be tricky to perform

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    Not a very good normal for anything other then combos, due to long startup and recovery for a light attack. Whiffs on some crouching characters at further range.

    Her fastest normal, at 5 frames startup. Used for punishing when there is a small window to, or to beat or someone mashing out a normal.
    Whiffs on some crouching characters.

    Used for hitconfirming and for OTGs.

    Faster than c.LK, but doesn't hit low enough to be used for some OTGs. Not very notable, except in some combos.


    Used in her main ground combo chains when the range of c.MK isn't needed so the combo doesn't scale as much.
    Something to note about this move; it has low start up and less recovery than s.LK, with extra range, so it's good to throw out when you're a little bit away from an opponent and don't want to risk a c.MK.

    Used to line up her opponents for double snaps. Also fantastic for blockstrings, since it is 8 frames positive on block. Decent range, but high recovery on whiff, so s.MK is still a better alternative.

    Great range for the startup and for hitting low. Really long active, so it's very punishable on whiff, so don't throw it out unless you're very sure you're going to get a hit.

    Not used very much in combos or in neutral because of the fact that it launches the opponent upwards (which is hard to combo off of).
    Can be used for anti-air if you don't want to risk the recovery of Updo, just keep in mind it is slightly slow and it doesn't extend past Filia, it ends slightly above the front of her face.


    Used in combos to Hairball into to continue the combo, but don't use it outside of combos due to long startup and recovery.

    Extremely important in combos, but also used to combo from a successful Burst Bait. Great option for anti-airs if you don't want to risk the recovery of Updo and don't need the invincible startup. Keep in mind it extend forwards.

    Not very useful because it results in a soft knockdown, meaning you can't combo into it. I don't recommend using this outside of combos either, because it is very punishable. You can use it to catch people off guard, though, because it moves fast. Make sure it will hit, though, because it will leave Filia in the opponent's face.

    Great long-ranged poke, as it can be comboed off of if you follow it up with Hairball. Long recovery, although it can be hard to punish because of the fact it hits slightly up, and can catch people who try to jump over it, but it isn't invincible, so keep that in mind. The full hitbox also doesn't come out untill a few frames later.

    Jumping Attacks

    Helpful in combos because it hits upwards. Can be used in air-to-air when your opponent is above you. A useful instant overhead if you use it after an IAD.

    Good for air-to-air because its range is very good. It's not the fastest, so a few things beat it out, though, so be careful close-range.

    Interesting move due to the fact that the attacks push her backwards. Can be used for quite a few things, like alternate Burst Baits. it's pretty fast and has range, so it can be handy for jump-ins in some situations where the faster j.HP wouldn't hit low enough and j.HK wouldn't be wide enough.

    A nice multi-hit move you'll be Hairball canceling into most of the time. Good air-to-air if the startup isn't a problem, as it is relatively easy to combo out of. Used after an IAD during pressure.

    Used for her cross-ups when you're on the offensive. A great move used for mix-ups. Also very helpful in combos. Can be tricky to combo into due to the low stun time.

    A fantastic quick heavy move with great damage. When you're approaching, assist > jump > IAD > j.HP is fantastic for starting IAD > j.HK crossup pressure. Don't abuse this, though, especially at close-range, since j.MP is a better option.

    Specials and Blockbusters
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    QCF + P
    Ringlet Spike
    Different punch buttons have different ranges.
    Not a very good projectile, due to the max range only reaching half a screen, but it can be used in blockstrings where you need to stall for an assist to recharge, or for a mid-ranged punish or poke. It can be comboed off of meterlessly at mid range, so it is very useful.

    DP + P
    Different punch buttons have different damages, recovery, and startup.
    Her meterless reversal. Has invincibility frames during most of its startup. Her main choice for an assist. The hitbox isn't very wide, so it isn't useful against a long-range attack.
    Also extremely punishable.

    QCB + K (can be used in the air)
    On the ground, the different kick buttons effect how long the hairball lasts, while in the air, the different kick buttons effect the trajectory of the hairball.
    LK makes the hairball go up slightly,
    MK makes the hairball move straight,
    HK makes the hairball go downwards slightly.
    Used in combos often, and in a few resets. Not very useful in neutral, except to roll under someone who is trying to use a jump-in.

    QCF + K
    Ringlet Psych
    A feint of Ringlet Spike. Used to bait the opponent, or to cancel some of her attacks, wether it be in blockstrings or odd combo chains.


    DP + KK
    Fenrir Drive
    A Blockbuster version of Updo. Great reversal, easy to DHC out of, but punishable, so be careful when you use it.
    Unlike the basic Updo, the hitbox of this is very wide, so it can be useful for catching people off guard.

    QCB + KK
    Gregor Samson
    Great to DHC into because you can combo off it with dash forward > s.HP. Can be used in air, and is much less punishable when you do so, as it doesn't leave Filia in front of the opponent. It is even safe if you use the air version low enough to the ground.

    QCB + PP
    Despite the initial look of the attack, it will connect if you are very close to your opponent. Can be used as anti-air for a very decent chunk of damage.
    Great to DHC into if it will hit because it doesn't scale as much as other attacks.

    Show Spoiler

    Basic combos do not include many air dash cancels, and may be easier for people struggling with them.
    However, in exchange for that, they don't do nearly as much damage, as she centers around air dash canceling.
    For both midscreen combos, slightly delay the jump before the j.HP in the first ground chain to make sure the j.LK connects after the ADC on lighter opponents.

    All damage is recorded in a 1.00% damage ratio, or 2v2.

    Damage: 4562
    c.LK > s.MK > s.HP > jump > j.HP > ADC > j.LK > j.HK > c.LK > s.MK > s.HK > HK Hairball
    Delay the j.HP slightly, as on lighter characters, after the ADC, the j.LK might not connect.

    What works differently in the corner is that a j.HK will connect after a j.HP.
    Damage: 4638
    c.LK > s.MK > s.HP > jump > j.HP > j.HK > c.LK > s.MP > s.HK > HK Hairball


    Damage: 5293 (without the burst bait)
    c.LK > s.MK > s.HP > jump > j.HP > ADC > j.LK > j.HK > c.LK > s.HP > jump > j.MK x2 > HK Hairball > ADC > j.MP x3 > j.HK > s.LP x2 > s.MP > s.MK > s.HP > Burst Bait
    As with delaying the j.HP in her first air chain, delay the j.MK in her second air chain. The second hit of j.MK will whiff on Cerebella, so simply cut it out, and do the first hit only.

    In addition to the j.HK connecting, you can OTG off of a Hairball.
    Damage: 5462 (without the burst bait)
    c.LK > s.MK > s.HP > j.HP > j.HK > HK Hairball > ADC > j.MP x3 > j.HK > s.LP > s.MP > s.MK > s.HK > HK Hairball > c.LK > s.HP > Burst Bait
    I will explain the burst bait later.

    Show Spoiler

    Since this is a guide specified for beginners, I won't go too into detail about what she can do with her resets. Here are some basic resets.
    These fit easily into the advanced combo.

    After the Hairball in the air chains, if you don't ADC it, you can either:
    Mix them up low, with c.MK
    Mix them up high, with a jump > IAD > j.LK > j.HK
    Or you can throw them if you have meter or are near a corner, by simply grabbing.
    This works in both the corner and midscreen, regardless of size and the opponent's weight.

    After the j.HP > IAD > j.LK, j.MK to land instantly, and either:
    This is a fastfall, as the hitbox of j.HK lets you touch the ground quickly. If your opponent is not heavy, you can dash under them > c.LK or IAD j.LK. This is very difficult to do on Beowulf.
    You could also throw them or feint the cross-up by simply using c.LK.

    After the s.HP at the end of her first ground chain, IAD > j.LP > land > walk backwards > c.LK
    Walking backwards underneath them causes them to turn, allowing you to cross them up. This doesn't work on characters with wide collision boxes (I.E Beowulf, Big Band), due to them landing before you can completely walk underneath them.

    After the j.MP in her second air chain, after landing, you can either:
    IAD > j.LK, throw, or c.LK.

    After the s.HP in her second ground chain, you can j.MP > Throw

    After the s.HP in any of her ground chains, use a damaging assist that will hit them, MK Hairball
    The assist will hit your opponent one way while Hairball will cross them up another way.

    Assist Choices

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    While Filia doesn't have many good choices for assists, what she does have are great options.

    HP Updo
    Her best and most popular choice for assist, if you don't have something like Napalm Pillar, due to the invincible start-up.
    A great reversal assist.

    HP Hairball
    Her choice for a lockdown assist, if you don't need Updo, and is a good assist either way.
    It's great to keep your opponent out of you hair, although it might be difficult to combo off.

    Good range, a lot of active frames, and it hits low. While Hairball does c.MK's job better, it's an option of you need something to hold them in blockstun for you to cross them up without moving them forward.
    It's also easier to combo of.

    Ringlet Spike

    A very bad projectile, but if you absolutely need range, it's still usable, if the range of Hairball isn't cutting it for you.

    General Strategy
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    General Strategy

    While there isn't much to say about Filia because she's such a straight-forward character, here's an overview of when to do what in a match.
    At the start of a match, you're either going to be jumping backwards and using an assist, or jumping forwards to try to get your opponent in pressure early. Neutral jumping into LK Hairball is also a good option.
    Be careful for assist calls if you jump forward, however.
    Your main objective, as a rushdown, is to get your opponent into pressure because of Filia's mix-up game.
    When your opponent is in pressure, your main objective is to mix them up. Filia is terrifying in pressure; it can be hard to predict how she's going to hit you.
    To play Filia correctly, you need to learn what each of her air normals are used for.
    IAD > j.HP is good for long rang air-to-airs.
    IAD > J.LK > j.HK is an instant overhead and is generally what you're going to use to hit your opponent high.
    IAD > j.MP is extremely positive and has lots of active so it is great for locking down your opponent in pressure.
    IAD > j.HK is a cross-up, although it doesn't hit high, so keep that in mind.

    Ringlet Spike is actually a really good poke as you can combo off it meterlessly. If you're up against someone with more air dominance than you, it can be good to catch them on a jump-in.
    Try to keep as little distance between you and your opponent as possible.
    If you're fighting a zoner and are having trouble avoiding your opponent's projectiles, the LK version of the aerial hairball is great to use as it is angled upwards. If you use it after a neutral jump so you can make it safe with your airdash and potentially convert it into pressure.

    Filia is one of the only characters in this game with a useful wavedash. A wavedash is when you dash, cancel the dash with something, usually a crouch, and dash again. basically it works like this; there are two parts to Filia's dash: a quick dash forward, and then a slower run animation. Since the quick dash is faster, you cancel the end of it with a crouch and use it again. This is much faster than just using her run animation.

    Show Spoiler
    > You can combo off Gregor Samson when you're in the corner facing mid-screen by walking backwards

    > Ringlet Psyche can be used to make a lot of whiffed/blocked less punishable, and to cut c.MK short if you whiff

    > You're going to want a lockdown assist with Filia, as it is used to keep her pressure tight when the opponent blocks your moves

    > You can combo off of her grab with Gregor Samson at long range, and it can be comboed off meterlessly at close range by dashing forward > IAD > j.MP > j.HK.

    > Filia's best place on a team is probably as your first character, as she doesn't rely on meter much and benefits from assists

    > Pushblocking can be annoying for Filia because it can mess you up when you're trying to cross someone up, so try not to hit someone unless it's in a different way (I.E. going from j.HK to c.LK, or crossing up an opponent with your airdash)

    I hope you've learned something from this guide.
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    This guide is fantastic! There's plenty of advice I'm eager to try out. One question at the moment:

    There's a post your last suggestions thread and I wanted to know if there is anything you would suggest to change about Filia. For instance, I have a hard time using Trichobezoar (I rarely use it). Perhaps there should be more to it?
  3. Meow-Professor

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    I appreciate it very much, thank you!

    Well, Tricobezoar is good for DHC-ing as I mentioned in the guide, but yes, not much use out of combos.
    I'd not really change anything though because Filia is strong enough as-is.
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    This guide is A MAZE ZING!!
    Even if i cant undertand some of the terminology!
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    I don't know if the s.HP > ADC > c.LK will work as it doesn't restand for the c.LK to hit.

    s.HP > j.HP > ADC > j.LK > j.HK > c.LK might work better as it restands.

    Not lab confirmed
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    Thanks, I really appreciate it. What don't you understand?

    Oh my goodness, I'm so sorry, that's a typo... Oops.
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    Is there a reason to do MP Updo for assist instead of HP?
    SRK wiki has LP and MP versions having 4 frams of invinc to HP's 2.
  8. Meow-Professor

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    I prefer the HP version because it's active for much longer, and of course does a little bit more damage. All versions have invincible startup, though.
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    Thanks for this starter guide. I really appreciate it. I'm new to this game and forum. :0
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    Thanks. Fair warning, though; this guide has a lot of "meh" information because I wrote it at a much lower level, so it isn't the best. I have to get around to updating it.
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    Hey, thanks for the guide. Was wondering if this guide can be used without worrying about the recent patch?

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