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Discussion in 'Indivisible' started by Armonster, Dec 28, 2015.

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    I was wondering if the devs could make it so you always fight on the same side, or half of the screen. Or better yet, for your left/right characters to NOT swap positions. Here's why:

    When playing the demo and getting used to the fighting and stuff (awesome combat btw!), I got used to which character was on the left, right, top, and bottom slot. And got some muscle memory for them, knowing which character was assigned to which button. Then I found a fight from the other direction (instead of hitting an enemy from the left side, I hit one from the right), and then suddenly my left and right character buttons were swapped. This messed me up greatly and was kind of hard to get used to in the fight and I made mistakes a few times. This could be a bigger issue later in the actual game or on harder difficulties.

    To me I learned where the characters were assigned and it doesn't make sense to me to have them on 'these' buttons for 10 fights then suddenly on different buttons for another fight, then back to the normal buttons. I'm not reacting in the moment to where each character currently is, I'm was assigning the knowledge of where each was with each button beforehand and went into the fight just knowing this.

    That's why I would like the fights to always take place on the same sides ( such as monsters always on the right side). Or if you do switch sides like that, it would be greatly appreciated if your left/right characters would stay in the same spots, instead of swapping.
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    This is in the options already, if you have downloaded the latest version.
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    Pretty sure you can assign the buttons to correspond to the same characters regardless of which side you're on. (?)
    The whole "monsters on the right only please" probably ain't happening tho
    They'll probably maybe implement custom character positioning?
    Hell if I know

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