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    RE: That combo

    IDK! Do what works for you.

    Second thing, IDK!

    I don't play Filia, but the combo thread might be able to help you out.
    Also I see @Cadenza is lurking here as I type this.

    Maybe you can tell him what you want out of a combo and then he can help you find something?
    He's a really good Filia.
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    I had an hour of free time, its gone now and I had no progress with what i did.
    Basically, I tried learning Ms. Fortune... No luck.
    I tried some of her combos and it seems not to work for me. I plan to invest more time on Ms. Fortune next time i get to play SkullGirls again, but I just want to know if j.hp adc j.hp really works with the latest version of the game.
    I observed that after j.hp in the combo vids the dummy will rise up, allowing for another j.hp and cancelled into an axe kick.
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    I can confirm that it does definitely work.
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    Should either post the exact combo you are trying to do or the video just for reference.

    j.HP hits airborne opponents downward instead of up so chances are that specific video you are looking at is dated.

    Ms.Fortune might not be the best character to dabble in unless you seriously plan on sticking with her. She has a lot of combo variety to learn due to her combos being different if her head is on or off, on top of your head-off combos relying on head positioning.

    If you want a pretty basic head-on combo that works on everyone:
    c.LK, MK, HK(2), LK Fiber uppercut,
    j.HP, adc, j.HP, MK axe kick,
    c.MP, MK, HK(2), LK Fiber uppercut,
    j.LK, j.HP, MK axe kick,
    dash LP LP, MK, MP, MK, HP, HP Rekka x3, Super

    You want to cancel s.HK on the second hit because it pulls the opponent in towards you since the last hit will put them out of range of LK fiber. You can replace all the s.HK with s.HP in the corner for more damage. Doing a microdash on the last chain prevents the opponent from ending up too far away to complete the whole chain.

    EDIT: Went ahead and recorded some of the most recent Filia combos

    Note that combo timing and even certain buttons used can vary depending on character due to size/weight. For example, you can use c.MP instead of c.LK as an otg on some characters for a bit of extra damage. You also might need to omit some stuff like the second LP on the vary last chain of the corner combo against characters like Cerebella.

    I think I mostly ordered everything in the video from easiest to hardest except for the last 2 clips. I'm not even entirely sure how optimal/practical the throw combo is since I usually go for a reset instead of completing a combo off a throw. If you need notations for any of them, just let me know.
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