Alevzykzl's New Training Thread (w/o SALT)

Discussion in 'Training Diaries' started by Alevzykzl, Dec 20, 2016.

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    I've been very toxic to this community for some time now, mostly because I came from a salty FGC but now I would try to help as best as i can and get the best help that anyone can give while trying to abandon SALT and TOXIC mentality or STOP BEING A SCRUB
    - Just some rubbish.

    Preety Much! Welcome to my new thread, where I try to be least SALTY and TOXIC as much as I could while trying to learn the game.
    Aaand, My character for this thread is...
    SQUIGLY!!! - My 3rd character (finally)

    I accept tips and critiques!

    I am also up for helping people with their execution (timing, buffering, charge, etc)
  2. Alevzykzl

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    I am on break and having thought experiments with Squigly.
    My combo in mind is something like this:
    No Charge/Stancel Meterless (open)
    (Without Charge/Seria Cancel)
    s.lp s.hp s.hp xx chord j.hp M Dive s.hp s.hp xx chord xx Daisy Pusher

    No Charge/Stancel 1 Meter (open)
    (Without Charge/Seria Cancel)
    s.lp s.hp s.hp xx chord j.hp H Dive
    Opera(MK+HK) j.lp M Dive c.hp xx chord xx Throw

    Seria Cancel 1 Meter (open)

    s.lp s.lp s.hp s.hp xx Seria Cancel
    s.lp s.lp s.hp s.hp xx Seria Cancel j.hp M Dive s.hp s.hp xx Seria Cancel xx s.hp s.hp xx chord xx Daisy Pusher

    Seria Cancel/Meterless/Assist (open)

    s.lp s.lp s.hp s.hp xx Seria Cancel c.hp xx qcf+assist dash
    Air? (open) j.hp M Dive f.hp qcf+assist
    jump M Dive s.hp s.hp xx chord xx throw

    Ground (open) j.hp M Dive f.hp qcf+assist
    jump M Dive s.hp s.hp xx chord xx throw

    These combos are pretty thought experiments, I may not have performed most of them but i do have the prerequisite skills to try them, although this time I have no access of skullgirls, so I left it to my imagination. (I have more in mind, but this is basically the foundation)

    Are any of these combos possible?
    If not, then what should i do to make them possible?
    If yes, then how should I optimize them?
  3. Liam

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    Robo Fortune
    I can't test these cuz on my phone but few things I can see right away:

    Silver Cord > Daisy only works if that's your first Cord in the combo.
    The second cord does not stagger meaning they can just jump if you do Daisy Pusher after Cord and it's the second one.

    Silver Cord > Throw isn't a true combo because you can throw tech if someone throws you during stagger.
    Also, you don't want to throw them anyway because that puts them far away and lets them tech so you get no pressure or any reward for hitting them.
    It's a better idea to try and reset into overhead, go low, do the command grab setup, or end your combo in uncharged liver Morris, which nets you a hard knockdown, letting you get both P and K charges safely.

    3) On your first chain you want to do cLK cMK not cLK sMK.
    cMK has more range and hits low, giving you more mixup in your opening chain, and I think it does more damage too.

    Don't start off combos with slp slp if you can avoid it.
    The more hits you pack early into a combo, the more your combo scales.
    Combos scale 87.5% per hit, stacking, after the 3rd hit, so you want fit powerful heavy moves early on rather than multi hitting weak moves.
    Check out this video I made on it, should help:

  4. Alevzykzl

    Alevzykzl Member

    I know about not starting combos with the s.lp s.lp stuff, however I only add it in jump-ins or assist seria charge.
    Well, most of the time I would go for dive for a hitconfirm like Yun in Street Fighter. (Trying to hit the legs of the opponent)

    Maybe I should start of with right?
  5. Alevzykzl

    Alevzykzl Member

    Rethinking my options: s.hp s.hp s.hp s.hp s.hp s.hp
  6. Alevzykzl

    Alevzykzl Member

    Okay I got something going on.
    First chain: s.hp s.hp
    Seria Cancel chains:
    • s.hp s.hp
    • s.hp s.hp
    • c.hp
    • f.hp
    Seria Cancel Launch:
    Jump BnB (Aerial Rave):
    • j.hp DIVE[m/h]
    • j.hp xx silver chord
    • xx H Dive xx silver chord
    • (Add in j.lp at start to avoid burst)
    Full Combo (open) M Dive s.hp s.hp xx Seria Cancel s.hp s.hp xx Seria Cancel j.hp xx H Dive xx Opera(mk/hk) xx
    silver chord c.hp
    Ender 1 (open)
    xx DragNBite xx Opera(mk/hk)

    Ender 2 (open)
    xx H DP xx Opera(mk/hk)

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