At this point I've learned the greatest strategy of the game

Discussion in 'Beginner Forum' started by Fatboyute, May 14, 2017.

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    Run away all game and mash air normals, projectiles and dp assist until you hit your opponent then do a little combo and reset him to death. After that character dies you trap the new one in the corner and cheese your way open. Seriously what do I do when people are always moving backwards and when I go in I get slapped?
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    Depends on which character you play.
    Here's a universal thing, though:
    If they keep moving backwards, just keep moving towards them while blocking.
    Eventually they'll be at the corner and you're free to go ham on 'em.
    "But DP assist"
    If you know DP assist is coming do an empty jump and block it. Or, assist-call jump back: if they call dp either it whiffs or it gets hit by your assist / hits your assist. Either way, because you jumped back you're safe and you can follow up with an air-dash/double jump into an aerial.

    If you're moving forward while blocking and they convert that to pressure here's your options:
    > Pushblock
    > (ideally) Pushblock Guard Cancel into a punish

    In other words:
    Most characters have some way to force opponents to stop and block at mid range. If they don't, just be patient and slowly push them back to corner.
    Get an assist.
    H Brass is the stupidest and best assist for this imo
  3. Fatboyute

    Fatboyute New Member

    very good advice my guy thanks you very much. i think ill add a robo laser assist to my val and i need to master the pushblock guard cancel technique.

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