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    Even though the post is so old, I'd like to highlight that even without assist nudging Filia forward it is still possible to fake crossup using This just requires the opponent to be standing at full height. In fact I'd like expand on this.

    If you could get the opponent to be standing still on the ground, cross ups become very tricky with Beowulf. You can fake a cross up with or depending on how early you press the button. The earlier you press it, the more likely you will not cross up. You can test this yourself by just doing press slam for a good horizontal space between you and your opponent. And try pressing or at different times during your jump. I've tested on peacock where I could press very late in order to get the crossup where most of the time I wouldn't have. It wasn't press slam space though.

    Now I don't really know how useful this is. But it seemed interesting to me.
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    Quick n dirty tip for beowulf players with brass assist:
    In the corner, grabbing at full undizzy probably seems like you won't get much damage, but you can actually call brass assist on the last knee (with slightly different timing for heavier characters), hop j.MP s.HK xx wulf shoot for 4 more knees into whatever finisher you please. The result is about 4.7k (iirc) damage meterless that roughly equates to what he can do off lows and throws at max undizzy with brass assist. If you want only the notation - grab, 4 knees + brass assist, hop j.MP, s.HK xx wulf shoot
    Don't have the chair? That's not a problem if it's in the corner with you. You can do s.HK xx chair pickup xx wulf shoot and it will combo because pickup is so fast. The timing also coincides with MP hurl so if you grab them right after that, you can do the aforementioned chain. Which is nice because MP hurl can cover you from some reversals.
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    You can also do this, which is free on the entire cast in the corner.
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