Bigband's Trumpet - Midi Keyboard Controller

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  1. CollinQ

    CollinQ New Member

    A while back I had discussed the possibility of mapping notes from an electric piano to Big Band's Trumpet notes, pitch for pitch. It took about 3 days of searching for a program, a few hours of figuring out what to do with said program, and then a couple more hours to map each note to the correct input. With that being said, I finally got it up and working. Though I have not used this in a while, I stumbled across these forums and decided I would post the file for "Bome's Midi Translator" so no one would have to in the future. What I used was a Computer, a Midi to USB converter, a Yamaha YPT 300 Keyboard, Bome's Midi Translator, and SkullGirls. I don't think I will be on these forums very often, so if you ask a question, don't expect an answer for a week or two. WIth that being said, thank you for reading and I hope this works for you and you enjoy.

    P.S. I don't remember what key I had set to start the trumpet up, I believe it was C7.

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