Breaking 80% 1v1 with Fukua

Discussion in 'Fukua' started by Notkastar, Apr 24, 2018.

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    Heya m8s ◠‿◠)
    Recently got a video done centered around
    doing as much damage as you possibly can with Fukua!

    And though, yes I am posting it here so I can get feedback
    (hopefully positive but, hey I can't control that ╹‿╹)
    I wanted to know if any peeps who main her have been able
    to do even more damage with her combos 1v1!

    I can honestly say I main her since 80% of the time
    I have her backing up Squigly and I don't know even half
    of the crazy cross-ups and hold combos I saw Fukua mains
    do haha ◠‿◠)

    All that said, Feel free to post your best solo Fukua combos below!
    Do you see a constant qwark in the biz (combos) I do,
    Pleeeease tell me about it down there too ╹‿╹)

    Always looking to improve ◠‿◠)
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