Character Abilities, Signature Abilities, and Marquee Abilities

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    Character abilities and Marquee abilities are different for each fighter but the same regardless of tiers. For example a bronze Filia and a gold Filia will have the exact same Character abilities and Marquee abilities. Signature abilities are unique to each fighter and the effects are greater for higher tiers. Currently Marquee abilities are only available for AI and can't be unlocked yet. When they do add it I think you'll need skill points and coins to unlock it or have to reach a certain level with that character (back in beta Marquee abilities were unlocked at level 50).

    Character Abilities:
    • Filia - Flash Back (Back-dashing just before being HIT will allow Filia to EVADE an opponent's attack, avoiding all damage)
    • Cerebella - Balancing Act (THROW BREAKS cause enemies to be STAGGERED)
    • Parasoul - Tearful (Certain attacks will now spawn a TEAR. Using a CHARGE ATTACK will detonate all active TEARS, damaging opponents caught in the blast)
    • Valentine - Target Vitals (All of Valentine's attacks do full damage, and do not provide the enemy with recoverable SCRATCH DAMAGE)
    • Peacock - The Hole Idea (Swiping down twice will cause Peacock to drop into a HOLE, DODGING some attacks. After 2 seconds she emerged with a bang!)
    • Big Band - Can't Stop The Beat (While dashing, Big Band cannot be interrupted, but will take damage normally)
    • Painwheel - Flight Risk (Swipe up twice and Painwheel will take flight! While flying, Painwheel will EVADE some attacks and can rain death from above)
    • Eliza - ???
    Marquee Abilities:
    • Filia - BLOODLETTING (10% of the damage Filia inflicts is regained as HEALTH, Every HIT has a 10% chance to convert a BLEED effect to HEAVY BLEED)
    • Cerebella - CIRCUS CIRCUS (THROWS drain 15% meter from the opponent's BLOCKBUSTERS, THROWS quickly builds SUPER METER for teammates in reserve)
    • Parasoul - HYPER-CRITICAL (Parasoul gains a 3% bonus to CRIT RATE per ACTIVE TEAR, Parasoul gains a 5% bonus to CRIT DAMAGE per ACTIVE TEAR)
    • Valentine - ICU (While Valentine is the point Fighter, teammates in reserve will regenerate all HEALTH not just SCRATCH DAMAGE, As the point Fighter, all teammates now slowly regain SCRATCH DAMAGE)
    • Peacock - TOON TIME (When Peacock or any teammate uses a SPECIAL MOVE, there is a 15% chance that the COOLDOWN will immediately reset, When Peacock or any teammate uses a TAG IN, there is a 15% chance that the COOLDOWN will immediately reset)
    • Big Band - MAESTRO (Gain a permanent ARMOR and ENRAGE buff when Big Band has no living teammates, Gain a permanent ARMOR and ENRAGE buff for every living teammate)
    • Painwheel - TORTURED SOUL (When an opponent lands a CRITICAL HIT, 5000% of the damage will be reflected back, All DEBUFFS will be removed from Painwheel anytime an opponent lands a CRITICAL HIT)
    • Eliza - ???
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    Big Band
    @moisterrific The intended (future) behavior is - once you unlock the "Marquee Ability Slot" you can choose to toggle between either of the two abilities listed (you would never have both at once). You can actually also see them on every Character's Skill Tree just by tapping on the portrait in the middle of the tree.

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