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    I was watching a video where Mike Z was listing off each SG fighter and how they were designed/inspired/similar to older/other fighting game concepts in terms of mechanics (not aesthetics). Majority were modeled after MvC2, some after Vamp Savior, a couple after GG.

    So, besides the fact that fighting games have different features within themselves, different input patterns, buttons, etc, how can a fighting game as whole be conceptualized, mechanically, on a single fighter character from a different game, when that different game has its own features? I presume not every GG character plays like Squigly, yet she is apparently modeled after the GG concept. Painwheel is apparently a mix of MvC2 and Vamp Saviors (I believe is what he said, at work so can't watch video again. Will link it later!).

    So as a relative newcomer to the FGC who just button mashed old Capcom fighters in the 90s/00s and focused on NRS games and Smash games since the renaissance, how exactly would one be able to tell that concepts from X GAME were implemented on Y CHARACTER only from Y GAME? Only thing I can think of as a familiar comparison is if a SG character had NRS-style button inputs for combos or DI and tilt attacks from Smash? I always thought a zoner is a zoner, a rushdown character is a rushdown character, etc. Not "that character is SF and that character is KI and that character is MK" when within a single, individual game that has its own features and inputs.

    I suppose in my novice mind, Capcom fighters are all the same - what separates MvC2 from VS and how would that reflect on specific characters in another fighter? And my only ArcSys experience is BlazBlu on PS3 (and Battle Fantasia...), which on the surface felt just like a Capcom game (tho I soon realized it was much different). So as I dive deeper into the FGC, any help and input for this newb is greatly appreciated!
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