Enhanced Intermediate Filia Combo [37 Hits]

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  1. Hey everyone! I made an enhancement to a Filia combo that was demonstrated in a tutorial lesson. This goes from 17 hits to 37 hits. It could actually be below 37 hits depending on a aspect I'll talk about later.

    S.lp x2 s.lk s.mk s.hp Jump Foward j.lp j.lk j.mk H Airball Gregor Samson

    Now, Gregor Samson will cause them to bounce off the wall, and typically they'll land near you. So the objective is to hit them right before they land to keep the combo going.

    S.lp x2 s.lk s.mk s.hp Jump Foward Gregor Samson

    Now, like last time, they'll bounce of the wall again. Except this time, when they bounce off the wall, and when they're just above you, catch them with Fenrir Drive.

    Depending how high they're up, it could be below 37.

    I've only tried this on Peacock and it works everytime, so I'm not sure about the other characters. This combo also seems impossible in an actual fight because it takes a lot of meter, but it's a fun combo to learn nonetheless.

    Try this out for yourself and see what results you get!
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    That is actually a super basic combo you posted, and looking at it by number of hits in a combo is a bad way to measure how "good" it is, you should be looking at the damage it does, the meter it builds for both players and how you can setup from it instead.

    You can check this thread for a lot of great content to help you improve and understand the game better, and this thread for some more Filia combos.

    Also, please look around a bit before making a thread like this, it kinda sucks having the same stuff in a bunch of different places in the forum ^^'
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