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    Those Jack Rye ones always were cool...
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    Plahnit Urff
    Benedict Q. Cumberbatch
    Ms. Fortune
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    That's cuz Jack Rye is just that awesome. :D

    EDIT: I just read through that Clattering Brass fanfic you were talking about, and I gotta agree with everything you said... everything, that is, but perfect grammar.

    I'm such a grammar nazi... (headdesk) But I can see he tried...
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    A fan made ending I've been working for a while. I wanted to post it here first and get your guys opinion before I post it on Fanfiction.
    Show Spoiler

    After an exhausting battle, the Skullgirl was defeated and was lying on the ground with the Skullheart floating above her. The girls were all exhausted, especially Filia as Marie was focusing on her the most. Parasoul however ran towards a pair of skeleton guards who were protecting Umbrella during the battle and since their master was down, they let her past. Parasoul picked up her sister and checked to see if she was okay and to her relief, not a bit of harm was done to her.

    Peacock meanwhile, walked towards her dying friend and held her in her robot arms.

    “They must pay, Patricia. The Medici’s must pay for everything they’ve done.” Marie coughed.

    “Don’t worry, Marie. I'll deal with them. And you don’t have to worry about me. Avian and those nerds did a real good job on me and I got my own sidekick.” Peacock told her as Avery grinned at Marie from underneath her hat. Marie didn’t say anything as Peacock gave her a massive, bear-trap grin “Don’t beat yourself about all this. It could’ve been worse.”

    “How? How could this have been worse?”

    “I could have been the Skullgirl.” Marie just stared blankly at this. “Don’t be so stupid. That could’ve easily been me that made that wish. And that dumb nun said the heart had trouble controlling you. If I was a Skullgirl, I’ll probably be killing everyone in sight and making my minions make a statue of me out of candy.”

    “Now that’s just silly.”

    “No it isn’t. Silly is me turning the oxygen into chocolate or turning the moon into real cheese.” Peacock proclaimed causing Marie to burst out laughing.

    “Should we be concerned about this?” Cerebella asked the other girls about the two friends.

    “Let them have their moment. It’s not often you’ll see a Skullgirl enjoying their final moments.” Squigly said.

    “It’s such a lovely sight.” Levaithan commented.

    “Speaking of lovely sights, where is that walking cleavage?” Samson said noticing that Valentine is missing.

    “VALENTINE'S GONE! NO, NO ,NO! I CAN’T LET HER GET AWAY!” Carol screamed, running around franticly trying to find the nurse when Filia grabs her.

    “Calm down, Carol. We’ll find her.” Filia said as Carol looked down in angered disappointment when Cerebella interrupted everyone.

    “Before we do that, should we do something about the Skullheart.”

    “Wait a minute.” Nadia realised. ”If we destroy the heart, would that mean Squigly will...”

    “It’s okay. It’s the best for me anyway. And hopefully we won’t meet again. I don’t want any of you getting involved with this mess again.”

    “You better not make the young woman do anything she’ll regret, Samson.” Levaithan threaten.

    “Yeah, yeah. I get it.” Samson shrugged.

    “So this will be goodbye. We were just starting to get to know each other.” Filia said.

    “We’re gonna miss you, Squigly.” Nadia cried. Squigly was enveloped in a hug from Carol and Filia.

    “Hey, Filia. How about you go wreck that Skullheart.” Cerebella suggested, getting the Medici’s attention.

    “Why me?” Filia asked.

    “To prove you’re not like your family.” She explained, giving her a thumbs up with the other girls, smiling encouragingly, except for Peacock who looked like she was getting her gun ready. After a few moments of hesitation, Filia approached the Skullheart and glared at it.

    “I can help your friend there. I can make her normal again and undo all the pain she’s suffered.” The Skullheart asked.

    “Pathetic. You know this whole charade of yours is done and you’re trying to get me to become your next toy. Forget it. Nothing you can give me will be worth it.” Filia said getting ready to destroy it.

    “You think this is over. You can never be rid of me. This world of pain will always have desperate fools like Marie. But I have two final words.”

    “Which are?” Samson couldn’t help but ask.

    “Above you.” And a tentacle came from the ceiling, grabbing Samson and drag Filia to the ceiling.

    “FILIA!” The girls screamed. They looked up and saw the monstrous form of Double hanging from the ceiling, with Valentine caught in its slimy grasp.

    “You just can’t die, can you!?” Parasoul said as she drew her gun and started shooting.

    “Leave some for me.” Peacock followed and shot a cannonball at Double. However, the monster swiftly dodged them and caught Peacock and Parasoul with her tentacles.

    “Patricia!” Marie screamed helplessly as the other girls tried to fight back but were quickly subdued.

    “How... We defeated you.” Squigly winced as the Double’s hideous touch enveloped her.

    “I remember saying that Marie was a worthless Skullgirl. Did you think we wouldn’t take advantage of your want to destroy it?” Double stated with a small bit of smug as she pushed the girls into a wall. “And since your all exhausted from fighting the Skullgirl, you won’t be able escape. I should kill you all now but my masters want you to witness the birth of the ultimate Skullgirl.”

    “And how are you going to do that and keep us trapped at the same time?” Parasol snapped.

    “I don’t have to. Umbrella and the Skullheart have a connection that will make her obey.”

    “No. NO! UMBRELLA! UMBRELLA!” She screamed as Double covered he mouth.


    “Umbrella. Wake up, sweetie.” A calm voice called causing Umbrella to stir. Waking up, she saw that she was in a dark crypt with skeletons and bodies lying on the floor. As horrifying a sight as the room was, Umbrella could only noticed the beautiful woman with black hair and wearing a maroon dress.

    “Mommy? Mommy!” Umbrella cheered as she rushed to give the woman a hug which wasn't returned. “Mommy. I missed you. Parasoul wouldn’t believe me when I heard you but...”

    “It’s okay, my little princess. What matters is that we’re together again. But I have a gift for you.”

    “A gift. What is it? What is it?”

    “One wish. One simple wish for anything you want.”

    “Anything? Oh, we should find Parasoul. We should wish for something that we all would like. Like a perfect wedding. I called flower girl.”

    “Sorry, Umbrella. But this wish is for you alone. I can still wish for the wedding if you like.” Umbrella had to give this a bit of thought.

    “Don’t do it.” A weak voice said and Umbrella saw a wounded maid crawling towards her. “That’s the Skullheart. If you make a wish, you’ll end up like me.”

    “Oh no. What happened to you?” Umbrella asked, worrying about the girl and ran over to her.

    “Forget about me. Just get out of here.” Marie said but Umbrella wasn’t listening.

    “Mommy! Is there a doctor nearby?”

    “No. But you do have a wish.” The mother said, and Umbrella made a decision.

    “Mommy. I wish...”

    Don’t wish for me!” Marie warned as mumbled screaming was heard in the distance.

    “for the lady to be all better.” Umbrella wished and then the mother grew a sinister smile.

    “Thank you child. Such a pure wish. You shall be rewarded in kind.” The thing claiming to be her mother said and started to glow in a blue light. The illusion of the mother soon faded revealing the Skullheart and was looking at both girls with praise. But then the light stop. “How do I do this? Okay so the Skullgirl is still alive but someone wished for that. Do I...” The heart ponder, getting more frustrated.

    “This is an odd development.” Double commented from the wall.

    “What’s happening?” Umbrella said in fear.

    “I don’t know. It didn’t do this when I wished on it.” The maid answered. The Skullheart was yelling and started to crack, eventually a blinding light erupted from it and Marie tried to shield Umbrella from it and both of them were knocked down from the explosion which covered the entire crypt.


    When the light faded, the girls fell to the ground and were covered in some type of slime.

    “Eww. What is this stuff? And does anyone else smell fresh blood?” Nadia asked. Parasoul and Peacock ran to Marie and Umbrella where the maid was lying on top of the young girl, with a burn mark of the Skullheart on her back. Peacock got Marie off the little girl as Parasoul pick up her sister.

    “Marie? Are you...?” Peacock whispered, holding her friend close. She was about to cry when she felt Marie’s body moving. She was breathing and her eyes opened. Peacock couldn’t believe it. Her friend was alive. But when she saw he eyes, one of them was blue like it use to be but the other was still red with the skull in it. “Say, Princess. What are the little kids eyes like?” She asked but didn’t get an answer. “Princess?” She asked again and noticed that Parasoul wasn’t moving. Nadia walk over to her and tried to a hand on her shoulder but she pulled it away.

    “She’s taking it pretty hard, isn’t she.” Filia said.

    “Of course she is.” Valentine told her. “Her sister is going to become a Skullgirl and there’s nothing...” And she was tackled to the ground by Carol and she started choking her. Cerebella managed to get her off the nurse as Carol desperately tried to break free. Valentine then got up and dusted herself off. “Don’t be so upset. You’ve proved that you could hold yourself against the Skullgirl. Still, we should find some way to channel you power for when...” And Filia punched her in the face.

    “Shut. Up.”Filia sneered. Samson then grabbed Valentine’s limbs.

    “Does anyone have anyone have any rope?” The hair asked and Peacock tossed him some from underneath her hat. Samson then tied the nurse in rope bondage.

    “Was the bondage thing really necessarily? You could’ve just tied her arms and legs together.”

    “Yeah but I wanted to humiliate her and this was the only idea I think you’ll yet me do.”

    “You always had brutal ideas to “punish” your enemies.” Came a well-mannered voice and to everyone’s surprise, it was Leviathan. Their surprise then turn into shock when they saw Squigly.

    “Ow, my mouth. My mouth never was this sore before.” Squigly said and wondered why everyone was staring at her. “What? Is it something on my face.”

    “M...M’Lady...” Leviathan gasped. ”Look at your hands.” Squigly didn’t know what he meant but when she looked, she didn’t see rotten flesh or bone but a pair of delicate, healthy, cream coloured hands. Though her eyesight was the same so she still be missing an eye. Serena was at a loss for words. Was she alive?

    “Wow. Thats...Thats great.” Filia congratulated. “This is GREAT! You got your life back! Oh, there’s so much we can do now. Like go to school, and watch movies and I know these cute boys that I think will love you.” Squigly’s only response was to faint. “She’s just resting.”

    “Wait. If Squigly is alive, is anyone else alive?” Cerebella asked.

    “Yep. Looks like the Skullgirls old cronies are waking up from their catnap.” Nadia said and like she said, several, no longer undead people getting up. Peacock stood in front of them and gave a gleeful smirk.

    “Well, well, well. I never thought I'll see you again” she said to a black hair brute. “Usually, I'll kill you with an ironic punishment, like gouging out you eyes and tearing you limb from limb but I'm in such a good mood today, I'll just take your hands.” And she showed the man two hands. He looked at his arms and indeed his hands were missing. “I'm just messing with you. You woke without any hands. You don't have any legs either.” Before he looked, Cerebella grabbed the man with Vice Versa.

    “Is this one of the slave traders that ruined your lives.” she asked, to which Marie and Peacock just nodded. “Tell me. Is it true your group was funded by the Medici?”He didn't say anything. “Tell me or I'll grind your arms into dust!”

    “You don't have the guts.” He growl and Vice Versa began to crush his arms. “Okay! Okay! Yes, they did! Is there anything else.”

    “No....That's enough.” And Cerebella dropped him.

    “Say, Marie. How about you be a good little kitty and sort the fresh fish from the rotten fish.” Nadia asked the former Skullgirl.

    “Sure.” She replied and whispered to Peacock. “Does she have to use cat puns?”

    “Yeah, they're kinda her shtick.” She answered. Meanwhile Nadia, seeing that Parasoul hasn't moved, pickpocket her walkie-talkie

    “Hey, mister army guy. Can you sends some dudes here and some trucks. We got a good few people down here....”


    Later, everyone was outside the cathedral as Egrets, with the help of a handcuffed Marie, were putting the revived criminals into wagons while the innocent were being checked over by medics. Umbrella and Peacock were complaining to Parasoul about it, who still was silent since the wish.

    “Come on, Parasoul. Can she stay with us? Please, please, please.” Umbrella cried.

    “Isn't life imprisonment a bit harsh. Sure she killed several members of the Mafia, but she was tricked by that evil blob, nun thing. Anyone in her shoes would've been fooled.” Peacock said as she looked like she was waiting for a response. “You suppose to say 'like you'. Come on, moody. Say something. Say something damn you.”

    “Patricia!” Marie snapped at her friend. This caused Peacock to look down in shame.

    “It's not fair. You've been given a second chance and they want you to spend it in a jail cell.”

    “It's okay, Patricia. I deserve this. Wither I knew who they were or not, I still killed a lot of people. Some who didn't deserve it.” As she finished, Adam walked and put a hand on Marie's shoulder.

    “Okay kid. Time to go.”He said.

    “Oh, Oh. Can I come too?” Umbrella asked.

    “I don't think that's a good idea.”

    “Parasoul can come with us.” she begged, grabbing on to Parasouls hand.

    “I don't know. Sure, there's room but we will be riding with her and....the nurse.” and as he finished, Panzerfaust was carrying Valentine by the hair.

    “Come on. I helped defeat that Skullgirl. I was a victim of her too. I should get a free pass or at least pat on the back. Painwheel. Back me up, please.” Valentine begged to Carol but she glared with the fury of a volcano. Gulping and sighing in defeat, she was thrown into the police wagon.

    “Can we go with with my new friend? Please.” Umbrella begged her sister. As Parasoul looked at her, her face struggled to hold a smile and her eyes were holding back waterfalls. She still couldn't utter a single word but she nodded as Umbrella dragged her to the wagon.

    “That kid really likes you.” Peacock said to Marie.

    “I know.” She replied as Adam escorted to the wagon. “Goodbye, Patricia.”

    “Not goodbye. See you later.” She corrected for her before they went inside and the police wagon and the rest of the Egrets left.

    “We're gonna bust her out, aren't we.” Avery asked as he poked out of Peacock's hat.



    Meanwhile, Filia, Carol, Squigly, Cerebella and Nadia were sitting around a bench across from the cathedral.

    “So I take it your not coming back with me.” Cerebella asked Filia.

    “No. If my family is as bad as the Sku... Marie said they are, I think it might be best if I lay low for now.” Filia told her. “Besides. I got to help Carol and Serena over there.” she said pointing to Carol who was hugging Squigly in an attempt to keep her warm, even though she was already wearing two blankets the Egrets gave her.

    “Sounds like a good idea. I just have one thing to do before I leave.” Cerebella said, gazing at Nadia who took notice.

    “I know what you thinking. You want that Life Gem, don't you.” Nadia claimed as she got into a fighting pose. “Well if you want my gem, the only way your going to get it is by prying it from my cold, dead...”

    “You can keep it.” She interrupted, causing Nadia's head to fall off her head as she fell over in surprise.


    “You can keep it.”

    “You kidding, right. Weren't you ordered by those Medici jerks to take it from?”

    “You said it's a part of you now, right? Why would I want to kill one of my friends?” Nadia was speechless for a moment before giving a big smile and a pat on the back.

    “So you're actually going to disobey those fat cats. Well friend. If you ever need a place to lay low, you know where I'll be.”

    “You guys talking about laying low?” Peacock said, joining the group.

    “Hi, Peacock.” Filia greeted. “Is Parasoul doing any better?”

    “What do you think.”

    “Poor Parasoul. No one deserves to have that to happen to their family, twice.” Carol said.

    “Don't be pessimistic about all this. We have the skullheart in our possession now. And with all the new technology, we might find a way to destroy it for good.” Squigly said

    “You know what, the undeads got a point. Sure, we may have destroyed a whole religion and no ones better off and we're on a time of seven years. But we can do anything as long as we believe in ourselves.” Samson proclaimed with everyone just staring at the hairstyle.

    “Are you serious or are you just being sarcastic.” Levathan grumbled.

    “A bit of both. I just hadn't said anything in a while.”

    “Anyway, I think it's time we get some rest.” Filia said.

    “Then I better head off. Goodbye, guys.” Cerebella said as everyone waved her goodbye.

    “Same. I catch you cats later.” said Nadia.

    “Bye, Cerebella. See you soon.” Filia Said.

    “Farewell, you two. It was nice meeting you.”Squigly said also with Levaithan nodding in agreement. Carol didn't say anything but she did smile and waved.

    “We got to do this again sometime. I actually enjoy this ensemble cast gig we had tonight.” Peacock suggested as the two women went their separate ways. “So. You guys got a place to stay.” The trio didn't say anything as they didn't had an answer. “If you don't have a place, you can stay with my group for the night. The other ASG's will love you guys.”

    “Guess we don't have much of a choice. Okay Peacock. Lead the way.” Filia agreed and the trio followed Peacock to their destination.

    The ride home for Umbrella was more quiet than she hope. Parasoul was still deathly silent, Adam looked worried for her, Marie was looking down at her feet and Valentine was just scowling.

    “So… What's your name?” Umbella asked Marie.

    “Maire Kobel.” she answered.

    “That's a beautiful name. I'm Umbrella Renoir. This is my sister, Parasoul, and her bestest friend that she wants to spend the rest of her life with, Adam.” This caused Adam to blush in embarrassment.

    “Well they do look cute together.”

    “I know. But my sister's too cool to admit. Aren't that right, sis?” Parasoul nodded as Umbrella and Marie giggled.

    “She's the leader of the Egrets, right?”

    “Yeah. My sister is the coolest. Everyone thinks she's awesome. I bet when they were fighting the Skullgirl, she was the one who was leading them. Say, what's your friend like?”

    “Patricia? Well, she's rude, arrogant, stubborn and bossy. Like you.”

    “Hey!” Umbrella laughed and another moment of silenced passed. “Marie? Why are you being arrested.”

    “You really want to know?” Valentine cut in with a smirk under her mask. “It's because...”

    “She helped the Skullgirl.” Parasoul answered which drew everyone's attention. “Patricia was kidnap by slave traders and wanted revenge on what happened to her. So she joined the Skullgirl.”

    “That's horrible.” Umbrella said in shock. “At least she's okay now. I bet if you were older, you could've beaten all the bad guys.” Then the truck stopped moving.

    “This is our stop.” Adam said.

    “Aww. But I was just starting to have fun.”

    “Come on.” And he picked the girl up as he and Parasoul walked out as two Egrets replaced them inside.

    “Bye, Marie. I'll tell Patricia your doing fine.” and the truck left. The trio, with Panzerfaust and the Egrets, arrived at Renior Castle. Entering the building, they were greeted by Molly, Roxie and Juju.

    “Captain! We heard the news. Congratulations on your victory.” Molly said, shaking Parasoul's hand. “We're having a victory party right now. Up for a round or two?”

    “No. I...I want to be alone.” Parasoul said as she walked away from everyone.

    “What was that about?”

    “I have an idea.” Adam told her, gazing at Umbrella. “I'll put Umbrella to bed then go check on her.” Picking up the little girl and walking up the stairs.

    “Did something happened out there?” Roxie couldn't help but ask. Adam didn't answer which caused everyone to assume the worst.

    “But I'm not sleepy.” Umbrella complained.

    “Maybe, but everyone else is tired. Your sister just beat the biggest bad guy there is and she wants her rest. And I know you had a long day too so how about you do me a favour and take a little nap.” Adam said.


    After he put Umbrella to bed, he checked on Parasoul. When he open the door to her room he saw his commander lying face down on her bed, crying her eyes out. He never saw her look so defeated before. He placed a hand on her shoulder but this caused her to jump and stare at him with her red, weeping eyes.after a moment of silence, Parasoul then hugged Adam and cried on his shoulder muttering how much of a failure she was for failing to protect her sister. Adam did only he could think of in this situation. He returned the embrace, gently patted her head and told her everything was going to be okay. She didn't believe him but was grateful Adam was there for her. For both of them.


    Peacock led Filia, Carol and Squigly to a bridge where she says is the emergency rendezvous point for Lab 8. To Peacock's delight, she saw that the other ASG's and some scientist were still alive and rushed over to them, with the others in pursuit.

    “Guys!” She shouted, getting everyone's attention and the orphans all ran over to her and hugged her to the ground. “I'm so glad you knuckle-heads are alright.” As she got up, she was slapped in the face by Hive.

    “What were you thinking!?” She snapped. “Do you have any idea how worried we were! You should have at least contacted us.”

    “I was busy, okay.”

    “Hive's right. You should have told us where you were.” Big Band told her.

    “Stop worrying. I didn't fight the Skullgirl by myself.”

    “Who are your friends?” Illeum asked about the three teenagers.

    “These chums? They helped me kick the Skullgirls butt. They needed a place to stay for the night so I let them tag along.”

    “I'm Filia. This is Squigly and Carol” Filia introduced with Squigly waving back and Carol looking down and blushing at the attention. “And your little girl behaved herself just fine.“

    “Hey. We were looking after you.”

    “I'm guessing your all tired. How about Illeum fixes you all some beds.” Big Band offered.

    “Thank you sir.” Squigly said and the squishy woman lead the girls away.

    “So. Am I sleeping on a mattress or did my hammock made it?” Peacock asked Big Band.

    “I seen that girl before. Peacock, what happened?” He questioned instead.

    “Can it wait till tomorrow? We're all tired and cranky.”

    “Okay. But we're talking about this in the morning.” And the robot girl skipped off to bed.


    Illeum led the trio to one of the queen-sized mattress where everyone would be sleeping. “I hope you don't mind sharing a bed. If there's a problem I can try to find some more mattresses.” she told the girls.

    “That's alright. I'm having trouble staying warm anyway.” Squigly told her.

    “I don't mind sharing.” Filia added and Carol nodded her answer.

    “Don't worry. I doubt these girls are in the mood for anything steamy.” Samson said and was immediately bitten by Leviathan.

    “I leave you all to it, then.” and the motherly figure left with the girls getting into the bed.

    “So what are we going to do tomorrow.” Squigly asked.

    “Not completely sure, but I know we're giving a special someone a makeover.” Filia explained, messing up Carol's hair which caused her to giggle.

    “You don't have to do all that for me.” Carol respond, giving the chubby girl a small push.

    “Yes I do. I'm going to make it to for what I did to you.”

    “What are you talking about?”

    “I don't remember but I know I did something to you. Something horrible.” Filia confessed. Carol was confused by this.

    “But you didn't...” Carol started before she burst out laughing. “Filia. What you're thinking about was how we first met.”


    “You were trying to be the stereotypical mean girl and you dumped a bucket of ice on me in front of everyone. I cried in the bathroom for a good while before you came to apologise. You felt bad for what you did and stayed with me for the rest of the day. And we've been friends ever since.”

    “That's what I did to you?”

    “Uh huh. Your family may have a reputation, but your not as bad as them.” Carol said and then lied down to go to sleep. “Thank you for everything.” Filia smile at this and petted her hair.

    “You would've made a wish for her, would you?” Squigly said.

    “Guess I would. She didn't deserve any of this to happen to her.”Filia reasoned.

    “I know. At least that nurse is arrested.”

    “And good riddance. So...What's you're plan now?”

    “Not sure. My only goal was to defeat the Skullgirl. Now that I'm...alive again, I don't know.”

    “Look, Sienna. If you don't have any plans, you can hang out with me. Or Nadia. At least until you know what you're doing.”

    “Thank you, Filia. Good night.” And Squiggly fell asleep and so did Filia.


    Cerebella never felt so afraid of her bosses till now. Not only did she “fail” to get the life gem, but from what she heard from her new friends, she now felt like she was in a nest of vipers. Despite this, she managed to keep a calm posture as she was stared down by Lorenzo, with Black Dahlia and Ottomo at his side, Vitale and several other high ranking mobsters.

    “So...Where's my Life Gem.” Lorenzo demanded, his fingers drumming his desk impatiently.

    “I don't have it.” Cerebella answered, not faltering at the pressure.

    “What do mean, you don't have it?”

    “I don't have it. I couldn't get it off that damn cat. Not even from her cold, dead hands. But I do have some good news to report.”

    Lorenzo mainly glared “Which is?”

    “The Skullgirl is dead. Not only that, I found the one who's been behind the whole thing. Hopefully, we won't be dealing with her again anytime soon.” Lorenzo didn't say anything but then gestured to Ottomo, who came to Lorenzo and he whisper something to the robot. The robot then put a hand on the desk and grabbing a paper weight and threw it at Cerebella, who was lucky Vice Versa caught it.

    “You had one job! One very important job! And you didn't even bother! If you didn't tell me the Skullgirls was dead, I would've had Dahlia blow you're bloody head off. Now get out of my sight before I order her to.” Cerebela just bowed and walked out of the room. When she got into the hallway, she slumped onto the wall and start to breath rapidly from the situation she was just in.

    “Are you okay, Cerebella?” asked a voice behind her. Turning around, she saw it Vitale.

    “Fine. I just thought he'll be more grateful the Skullgirls dead.” Cerebella said getting her composure back.

    “I must admit, I'm very disappointed too. I know you had the power to get that gem back. Did something happen?”

    “Well, I followed her to where the Skullgirl was but I had to deal with her before I could get the cat. But that feral bailed before I was finished with her.”

    “Clever cat. I'll see if can give you next week to try to get that gem. That should be more than enough time to crush her.” As Vitale walked back to the office room, Cerebella couldn't help but ask him a question.

    “Um, one thing. The Skullgirl told me the reason why she was targeting us was because we were involved in the slave trade for some reason.” Vitale was silent for a moment before giving a light laugh.

    “Cerebella. I admit we do some dubious things but slave trading is not one of them. Now why don't go home and get some rest.” And he walked away. Cerebella made her to the elevator and as it went down, she held on to Vice Versa.

    “What am I going to do?”


    It was a lovely afternoon in Maplecrest with the sun shining and the birds singing. Filia and Squigly were in front of a small house with a nervous Carol right behind them fidgeting with her new blue sun dress that Filia bought for her.

    “Are you ready?” Filia asked Carol, giving her a confident smile.

    “I don't know. What if they are afraid of me.” Carol feared.

    “You're their daughter, Carol. They'll love to see you again Now hand me the mask.” Carol was scared at first but then ripped the mask off, reveal the X shaped scar on her face. “Okay, now get behind us. I want to surprise them. Here we go.” And Filia rang the doorbell. After a few seconds, the door opened and a woman with a solemn look on her face came out.

    “Oh, Filia. Um...It's nice to see you. Do you and you friend want to come in?” Carol's mother asked.

    “Who's at the door?” a man's voice came from inside.

    “It's just...Carol's friends. If you're looking for Carol, I'm sorry. I don't if you heard, but...” but Filia interrupted as Carol's dad enter the hall with the same expression as his wife.

    “Don't worry. I already know what happened to Carol, Mrs.... Sorry, I'm suffering from amnesia at the moment.” She said with the parents nodding in understanding. “But I got good news!”

    “Good news? What kind could you have at a time like this.” the dad snapped which caused the girls to step back a bit.

    “Well...We found her.” The parents were confused by this and the two girls step aside to reveal their daughter to them who gave them a heartfelt smile.

    “No. Nonononononono! You're not Carol! You're not her!” the mother cried, backing away from the door in shock. The father, meanwhile, grabbed a gun from a nearby drawer and threatened the creature that claimed to be their daughter.

    “Stay back, monster! I don't know what you are but I know you're not Carol!” he threatened. Carol never felt so betrayed before in her life. Not only did her parents didn't recognise her, but they rejected her. As her heart broke, she did the only thing she could think of. She ran away, screaming painful wails as ran. Filia and Squigly were appalled by this and Filia ran after her.

    “What was all that about!? She was your Daughter!” Squigly accused.

    “No it wasn't. I don't think Filia know but... Carol's dead. For about a month now.”

    “That's not what happened! She said she was kidnap and...” Squiggly stopped herself as she figured out why they thought that. “Valentine.” she grumbled as she ran to follow Filia.


    Carol was hiding in an alley, curled up in silence in a corner hoping no one will find her. She couldn't believe her parents would reject like that. 'Did they really loved me? No, it wasn't their fault. It Brain Drain's and Valentine's fault. They turned me into this...this....'

    “Painwheel.” Came a cold, soulless voice in the shadows. And out of the shadows stood Brain Drain. “I've been looking for you. We need to get you ready for the next Skullgirl. Now come along.” Carol cowered for a bit before getting on all fours and glared at the doctor, readying her buzz saw parasite to attack.

    “YOU BASTARD! YOU AND THAT BITCH RUINED MY LIFE!” Carol shouted at they Cyborg. He didn't flinch however and just lifted his hand and with a small wave, managed to get Carol to stop moving.

    “How quickly you forget that I'm you master. We'll need to do something about your obedience. And that interference with the Skullheat too needs to be looked at. Don't want to lose our most powerful weapon. Now lets go before someone sees us. I think someone's following you” Although she tried to fight the control, Carol followed the witched cyborg. A minute later, Filia found the alley Carol was just in but only found it empty.

    “Carol! Where are you?!”


    In another world, a girl with a literal hourglass figure was having trouble with a game she was playing, she just beaten the final boss as the her player made their wish, the game crashed on her. Now she was having trouble getting the game to start.

    “Aeon. Are you done with your games? I want to play with you.” Her sister purred giving her sister a suggestive embrace.

    “Not now, Venus. There's something wrong with it.” Aeon told her, breaking away from her advances.

    “Hmm. Let me have a go. All it needs is the proper touch.” Venus suggested, getting a good look at the game console. She gave the device a few gentle caresses before giving a smack to it. This cause the game to go back to the main menu. “There you go.”

    “Thank you, Venus. Do you want to play now?”

    “You bet I do.” Venus said, reaching for her legs.

    “Not like that.” Aeon complained as she handed her sister a controller. As they prepared to start their game, the screen started glitching, a message saying: 'GAME DATA CORRUPT' and then the console burst into flames.

    “That's bad, right.”

    “We should tell mother about this.”

    There you go. And the reason I didn't write an ending for Ms.Fortune because it'll be the same as the game's ending for her.
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    ACreationist Hype for Skullgirls 2 and Black Egret fan

    It's a little bit saccharine for my taste, but I would review it favorably. A "prequel" to set up what got the cast together would be nice. What's your profile's name?
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  7. Todpole

    Todpole Interested Programmer

    Thanks. I wanted to have an ending where, yes something good happened but there were consqeunces to it. I might add some prequel chapters later. also here:
  8. LUgnutt

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    Oooh Canadaaaa
    Big Band
    I wrote a fanfiction based off this (url) comic by Persona. It's called Wishful Thinking. Read it and stuff, I'm pretty proud of it.

    Also put it in the post under Spoiler tags for a short read
    Show Spoiler

    Wishful Thinking

    "So then I'm just there, it's like, 2 AM in the morning, and Peacock is still going on with her list of possible wishes. I think at one point she said something about turning all the world's oxygen into Chocolate, or turning all the scientists in lab 8 into cartoons. I'm telling you guys, she's something else"

    "Lay off her, Leduc, she's only 13"

    "Yeah Bro, I mean, little girls, they're always thinking what-ifs and stuff. I used to have a little sister y'know. She'd always start her sentences with "I wish". 'I wish I didn't have so much homework' 'I wish Adam at school liked me, he's in the black egrets' 'I wish I could look like Eliza' 'I wish you'd stop shouting in the house when I have friends over, Beowulf, and get a real job'".

    "I-I think we got the point, Beowulf"

    The four men sat around the table, playing an uneventful, sober match of UNO. Ben usually wasn't one for Leduc's Family Fun Nights, but he had had a rough day. He decided to invite Beowulf as well, a friend he had made on the field. The eccentric Wrestler had originally struck him as a washed-up Medici hitman type, but they had quickly developed a friendship after numerous coincidental run-ins at the Milk aisle in the grocery store.

    Stanley usually didn't join either, much as he'd like to be included in any fun activites going on in Lab 8. He always attempted to be "the cool scientist" and fit in with the ASG patients, although they were quick to refuse him. But this had been a special occasion, as the usual players, Peacock and Hive, were out with Illeum recovering scraps of research in Lab 4, much to Peacock's dismay.

    "C'mon Shellhead, I got plans for tonight! They're finally re-airing The Animaniacs Movie! I need ta see it again! I haven't memorized the script yet! All the fans in the Animaniacs forum can recite the script by heart an I can't cuz I'm out huntin Skullgirls all the time!" She pleaded.

    "Peacock, we need your Arguzzzzzz zzzyzzztem to see into the wreckage" Hive chided.

    "She's right, Peacock. You're the most suited for this mission. Plus, with Hive and I with you, I'm sure we can make something fun of it"

    "We could havvvve a Girlzzz Night out!" Hive exclaimed.

    "Ah great, It's not enough I'm missing my favourite movie, but now they're probably gonna make me go shoppin with em!" Peacock groaned as she was dragged away by an enthusiastic Hive.

    With the girls gone, Leduc had found himself with nobody to play Twister with, until the guys all volunteered to join him for the night if they could just play a simple game of cards. The closest thing Lab 8 had to a deck was Uno, so UNO it was.

    "I suppose it couldn't hurt to have a list of what you'd wish for if you ever found a genie or The Skullheart" Leduc thought out loud.

    "Just remember, our job's to stop Skullhearts, not wish on em"

    "Wait, doesn't he know?" Stanley half-whispered to Beowulf and Big Band.

    "Know what?" Leduc questioned. Big Band and Beowulf gave similarly curious glances.

    "Y'know, how the Skullheart has that… one rule" Stanley vaguely whispered.

    "Oh yeah, if you make a corrupt wish, you get turned into the Skullgirl. Duh. That's like, beginner ASG training classes" Leduc confidently answered.

    "No I think he means the one about… Y'know, guys and stuff" Beowulf guessed. Stanley nodded, and the three men understood.

    "Wait what? What about Guys? What rule does the Skullheart have about guys?"

    "He really doesn't know?" Beowulf turned to Big Band, who raised his elbows nonchalantly, hoping to focus on the game.

    "Don't know what!? Guys, c'mon" Leduc pleaded.

    After another minute of Leduc asking and Beowulf and Stanley's probing stares at Leduc and Big Band, he finally sighed, shook his head and spoke up.

    "I guess the Doc was hoping to keep him in the dark about this kinda stuff. I remember back in the old days of the ASG Labs, they wouldn't even let the units know the Skullheart could grant wishes at all. Avian was real passionate about killing Skullgirls, he wanted his units to only know the bad things. Didn't want any of the females double crossing us and wishin on it"

    "Alright alright Gramps enough with the war stories!" Leduc interrupted uncharacteristically.

    "The point of that, Leduc, is that a lot of us at Lab 8 have been workin hard to keep your childhood as good as your new body. We've neglected telling you some things as a result"

    "Wait, no… You mean…?"

    "Yep, The Easter Bunny doesn't actually visit Lab 8-"

    "WRESTLING IS FAKE!?" The two said at the same time.

    "Wait wha-"

    "NO! DON'T SAY THAT! WRESTLING IS REAL! AROOOOOOOO!" Beowulf, triggered at Leduc's outburst, had jumped onto his chair, The Hurting and held his head high in a prolonged Wolf howl. The realkind. The kind he gave his Wulfpack back in the golden days. The good, deep, "don't worry, it's all okay. The Wulfman guarantees Wrestling is real" kind he'd do for the little Wulfsters. The kind he really felt. The best kind.

    "Leduc, wh-what I think Ben is trying to say is-" Stanley chimed in, attempting to restore balance to the game.

    Both Big Band and Stanley took a deep breath,

    "The Skullheart doesn't grant wishes for men. It's exclusively available to women"

    Beowulf had calmed down, back to sitting on The Hurting. He put a reassuring hand on Leduc's shoulder as the teenage ASG soldier took it in. He was silent for a minute, his gaze wide but his mouth speechless. Then, he spoke,

    "B-but, I though you said… The Big Bad Wulf, on Annie of the Stars, doesn't he try and stop Annie cause he's after the Skullheart? He wanted to wish for a sandwhich, right?"

    "Actually" Beowulf chimed in, matter-of-factly, "That's a common fan interpretation. The real story behind the Big Bad Wulf that the scriptwriters originally planned is that he was once a fan of Annie, and when he saw her entering his forest, he really wanted her autograph. Ever since then he's been following her and trying to get her attention"

    "And you know this how?" Stanley questioned.

    "I uh, y'know… The guy who uh… played the Big Bad Wulf… he was uh… my friend. Wiglaaf? Yeah, Wiglaaf".

    "Wiglaaf? That is such a made-up name" Big Band chuckled and shook his head.

    "It's True!" Beowulf argued, secretly embarrassed of the truth.

    "Wait a second, now I remember!" Stanley exclaimed, "Beowulf, you played him, didn't you?"

    "Did not!" he denied.

    "Did too. I remember when I told Peacock we were friends she said the only thing she remembered you for was the Bad Wulfman from Annie of the Stars" Big Band added. "Brickhouse, Stanley!" he noticed the shark Scientist with only one card, earning the frustration of his fellow ASG unit.


    "Well, it's called a SkullGIRL, Leduc. You ever heard of a Skullboy?" Beowulf replied.


    "What do you think ASG stands for, Leduc?" Stanley asked.

    "Anti-Skullheart Guerrilas, right?" Leduc unsurely answered.

    "No, it stands for Anti-Skullgirl" Stanley corrected him.

    "Th-That's just stupid! Skullgirl isn't even two words!" Leduc denied.

    "Well if it's called a Skullgirl, What do you think happens when a guy wishes on it?" Beowulf added.

    "I-I dunno! Like, he changes genders, maybe? I've never given it much thought, okay?"

    "Well, now you know" Big Band drew another card, and went back to playing the game.

    "Man, but it does kinda suck that guys can't wish on the Skullheart. I mean, I know I'd just wish for World Peace, y'know?" Leduc added, "Why do you think nobody's ever tried that? It's foolproof, I swear".

    "I dunno. I think Queen Nancy wished for that at one point" Beowulf replied, "Wait no, She asked for an 'end to the war' if I remember right. And when the Skullgirl ravaged all three kingdoms, she technically got that wish. Man, poor wording, am I right?"

    "It would seem as though everytime another victim wishes on the Skullheart, they pick something petty and easily corruptible" Stanley mumbled.

    "Got anything to say on that, Mr. Oldest in the room?" Beowulf teased Big Band "C'mon, Big Ben, lay some wisdom on us"

    "A women always lets her emotions do the thinkin for her, I reckon" Big Band dropped, then smirked and layed down another card onto the pile "Draw 4! Hah!" The serious figure of Lab 8 exclaimed, getting surprisingly into the game.

    "Aw man, I only had 2 more!" Beowulf groaned.

    "You know what I'd wish if I could wield the Skullheart?" Stanley asked, expectantly. After 1 minute of silence, he continued "I'd wish for there to be no more Skullgirls. It's totally incorruptible".

    "I think it's more complicated than that, Stan" Big Band replied, "but I get your vibe. I'd wish for a future with no corruption. You wouldn't believe the things I'd seen before they stuck me in this Iron Lung".

    "I'd wish for a Wild Card" Beowulf mumbled under his breath, earning hearty chuckles from the other players.

    "Man, I still don't get it, tho. How does the Skullheart tell if you're a guy or a girl? What about transgenders? You said there were people who could change genders back in Lab 5, right Big Band?"

    "He has a point, Ben. Now that I think about it, nobody's ever researched how the Skullheart distinguishes it's host" Stanley pondered.

    "I dunno, Stanley. I don't ask em, I just bash em," Ben replied.

    "Wai-wai-wait, Hold on. You telling me that there's no concrete evidence or explanation on how the Skullheart tells genders?" Beowulf asked.

    "Not that I know of, no" Stanley replied, curious as to where Beowulf was going with this.

    "Oh my god, so if like, I dressed up in a skirt and bow and talked in a girly accent, the Skullheart would let me wish on it?"

    "Pffft, ahahahaha!" Stanley broke into laughter, tears streaming down the shark's eyes.

    "No guys, we should totally try that!" Leduc pressed, "I mean, you said it yourself, nobody's tried it before!"

    All three of the men ceased their laughter and stared at Leduc.

    "Leduc, I also said that our job's to destroy the Skullheart. Ain't nobody jeapordizing the mission and New Meridian on my watch. Especially not an ASG unit, for crying out loud" Big Band sternly replied.

    "Yeah dude, I mean, I was just joking" Beowulf added.

    "But how could I possibly jeapordize the mission or put anyone in danger?" Leduc asked, "You just told me that men can't wish on the Skullheart or become Skullgirls!"

    "Leduc, listen to m-"

    "That's how the Skullheart does it's damage. It exploits the wish of it's host and turns them into Skullgirls! But I'm not a girl!" Leduc excitedly continued.

    "Well, when he puts it that way" Beowulf half-looked at the others.

    "Look, I'll go up to it in a girly dress, wish for World Peace, best case scenario it believes me and grants the wish, worst case scenario it discovers I'm a guy and then what? It can't make me a Skullgirl. It's totally safe!"

    "Pluuuuusss" Leduc turned to Stanley, "it's a great research opportunity. We've never documented what happens when a man attempts to wish on the Skullheart!" He persuasively added.

    Stanley, Big Band and Beowulf all looked at each other for what seemed like forever, the idea slowly settling itself in. Finally, Big Band glared at Leduc, and answered "Leduc, I swear to Trinity, If this backfires, you better hope you wished for a time machine to go back to now and stop yourself 'for I whup your ass"

    "Is that a yes? Leduc excitedly asked.

    Big Band nodded, and Leduc sprung up and threw fist pumps in the air. "We're goin on a miss-ion. We're goin on a miss-ion!" he sang.

    Beowulf immediately got up, folded his chair, and sprinted out after saying "I'll get the dresses and wigs".

    He returned momentarily and set a single card on the table "Almost forgot. UNO!" He cried out, before sprinting back.

    It took a day or two of searching, but they had finally found the Skullheart, dormant beneath the rubble that remained of the Grand Cathedral.

    Outside the ruins' room itself, the four men stood, makeup and all, going back over the plan.

    Big Band briefed the bunch "Leduc, you go in and introduce yourself. Beowulf, you're behind him as backup in case things go south. Me and Stan'll be here, and you can signal us if you're feeling jittery. Remember, no matter how ridiculous it looks, this is a VERY SERIOUS MISSION"

    "Did I have to wear the corset? I swear this thing's way too tight."

    "Yes, Stanley"

    "Do bras usually feel this uncomfortable?" Beowulf asked.

    "I don't know man do I look like I've worn a bra before?!"

    "Alright alright, I'm ready, let's do this." Leduc decidedly said.

    Leduc and Beowulf cautiously approached the dormant Skullheart, floating solemnly in the makeshift room provided by the debris of the Grand Cathedral.

    "WHO APPROACHES ME AS I REGAIN MY STRENGTH?" The Skullheart suddenly awoke.

    Leduc, wearing a pair of designer jeans, a cute Hot Topic tee adorned with hearts and a frilly pink scarf, stammered, semi-panicking "Uh-uhhhh, it is I! Lea-Duc! I like flowers, slumber parties and cute boys!" He said in a mock high-pitch voice.


    Beowulf, sporting a bow, long sleeved sweater to cover his hairy arms and muscles and a bra, spoke up in a surprisingly feminine tone "It's just me, uuumm, Beawulf! I like Mani-Pedis, Long walks on the beach, and pumpkin spice lattes!"


    "We've come to wish on the Skullheart, as we are two perfectly usual girls who can do that!" Beawulf replied.


    "Uhhhm, they're just our, uh, friends. Yeah" Lea-Duc reassured it.


    Beawulf did the sign, and Big Band, wearing a large women's coat, lots of makeup and a frilly hat marched slowly inside, followed by Stanley, wearing a corset, high heels and lipstick.

    "This is uh, Big Betty, and Stacey" Lea-duke introduced them.

    "I do believe I enjoy shopping, jewellery and… urgh" Big Betty gagged on the words, before spitting them out for the sake of the mission "…Pop music"

    "And I just love ponies and fashion!" Stacey added.


    "Uh-um, I'd like to make the wish, please" Lea-Duc announced.


    "Uhhm, yes" Lea-duc, sweating profusely, nervously answered.


    "Uhh, I'd like, uh, World Peace., please"


    "World peace?"


    "I said I wish for World Peace!" Leduc yelled, accidentally losing his feminine pitch.


    "What!? Are you for real?" Leduc replied, throwing his scarf to the ground.


    "Man, this was a total bummerfest" Beowulf sighed, removing his bow.

    "Yeah Leduc, way to go" Big Band wheeled off.

    "Wait! C'mon! You've gotta grant this wish! You said you would!" Leduc pleaded with the Skullheart.


    "Aww man" Leduc held his head low and left.


    "Wh-What!? Me?" Stacey looked around her.


    "I'M A GUY TOO!" Stanley exclaimed as he removed his expensive sunglasses and corset, wiping off his lipstick.


    Stanley disappointingly mumbled a few curses as he attempted to regain his hurt sense of masculinity, tailing off behind the others.


    The boys returned to lab 8 after dropping off Beowulf, having lost the motivation to change back into their original clothes. They entered the door to the main lab only to be greeted by a surge of scientists and the girls themselves, having returned from Lab 4.

    "Wowza, looks like I MISSED MORE THAN MY MOVIE, AMIRITE HIVE?" Peacock turned to Hive for a Hive-Five. The cartoon enthusiast was wearing a new dress in striped black and white, and sported a new haircut.

    Illeum blushed slightly under her mask "Uhm. Hello Ben. Don't worry, no explanation necessary, I think we've seen quite enough" Illeum herded the Lab 8 children away from the boys.

    Stanley would forever be mocked for that day by his fellow scientists, Big Band vowed to whup Leduc's ass and Leduc still can't believe how close he was to granting World Peace, even though nobody believed him and Big Band and Stanley denied it ever happening.

    THE END.

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  9. Todpole

    Todpole Interested Programmer

    I was planning a waiting til I was finished but I wanted to show and get feed back from what I wrote so far. A critic said he would like to know how the gang joined together in my fan ending and I got two chapters done so fa with at least two more to the end.

    Chapter 1
    Show Spoiler

    This story starts after Lab 8 is attacked and Squigly meets Filia.

    In the streets of New Meridian, a young woman named Filia was walking down the road, thinking about several of the past events in the last few hours.

    “So kid. Still off to get that Skullheart.” Her hair parasite Samson asked.

    “I don't know any more. I want to know who I am but Carol... I want to help her somehow but I don't know how. And Squigly did say that using the Skullheart is a big mistake. Maybe I should just forget about it.”

    “What! You can't give up now. We're on the trail. It's close. I can feel it.”

    “Maybe, but is it worth it? Maybe I should just look for...” Filia stopped when she spotted someone on the road. It was a woman with tan skin and blueish, greenish hair wearing an orange dress with cream coloured selves, black boots with crooked tips and an orange diamond pattern on the front and an orange beret with a cute skull emblem on it. The woman looked like she was looking for something or someone and the teenager hoped she could walk past without her noticing.

    “Hey, kid.” The woman asked approaching Filia, causing her to freeze. “Sorry for bothering you but have you seen a cat feral near here. She has tan skin, short, white hair and looks like she's in her underwear.”

    “N-No.” She stuttered trying to avoid eye contact.

    “Oh. Guess I have to keep looking. Thanks anyway.” As Filia walked away, a thought came to the women's mind. “Wait a second. Do I know you?” Filia froze at the question. “Sorry, it's just you remind of someone and it's buggin me.” The woman walked in front of Filia and gave her a good look. After a few moments, a realisation hit her. “Filia?”

    “You...know me?”

    “Of course I do. It's me, Cerebella.”


    “You don't remember. We've been looking everywhere for you. Though I didn't recognise you because of the hair. Looks good on you. And did you gain weight?” This caused Filia to blush and look away. “I'm just messing with you.” Cerebella apologised, attempting to give Filia a light noogie when Filia's hair grabbed her and attempted to throw her.

    “Samson! Stop!” Filia commanded causing the hair to let go of her.

    “But she hit first.” Samson muttered to himself.

    “Talking hair! Is that a parasite!?” The clown said.

    “Yeah. He said if I get the Skullheart, I can wish for my memories back. But I don't think that's a good idea any more.”

    “Well you don't have to worry about that hair ball again. Your big cousin, Cerebella, will lookout for you.”

    “I have a name you know.” Samson complained.

    “Don't worry about him. He's not even good at reuniting with old friends and I got the bruises to prove it.” Filia said, showing her a bite mark on her head that was clearly aimed at Samson

    “Ouch. If you want, you can stay with me and help me catch that lousy cat. She's also after the Skullheart and with your help, I'm sure we can stop her. I can even tell you all I know about you and your family.”Cerebella offered

    “Sounds like a plan.” She agreed and the two plus Samson walked down the street. “So who's this cat your after?”

    Nadia was running through the roof tops looking for the Skullgirl or any lead she could find. As she searched, she spotted a zombie girl on the street below, with blue skin and purple hair. She was wearing a dress with a long, purple skirt, long, red and white sleeves and a skull-shaped emblem on her chest. She was about to get close when something sharp grabbed her by the leg and dragged her down to a window balcony. When she recovered, she saw that she was dragged down by a girl in a dirty toga and a brown mask and hair with nails coming out of her thighs and shoulders and a giant pinwheel-like saw coming out of her back.

    “Hey. What's the big idea!” Nadia snapped when the girl gestured her to be quiet. “So. You're stalking that ghoul too. After the Skullheart I'm guessing.”

    “I don't care about the heart. I'm after one of her minions.” The girl told her.

    “Really? Is it that goon there?”

    “No. But she'll lead me to her.”

    “Hmm. I think we can work out a deal. But I'll need you to trust me.” Nadia said holding out a hand to the masked girl. She looked at the hand for a moment but didn't shake it. “Okay. Then I just need to show you can trust me.”


    “Just wait for my signal. You'll know it when you see it.” and the cat feral jump down and approached the undead. “Hi zombie girl. What's a little ghoul like you doing all by yourself”

    “Oh, Hello. Nothing really.” The zombie said in surprise with her stitched mouth.

    “You can talk? Guess this will be easier than I thought. Can you lead me to the Skullgirl, please.” Nadia asked

    “Wha..No! Why would I ever tell you that!”

    “Who said I'm giving you a choice. There's only one of you and I got more than nine lives.”

    “I know what you're after. And you're insane if you think I lead you to that cursed thing.”

    “Then I guess we got a cat fight on our claws. And since I'm a good cat, I'll let you have the first punch.” Nadia said, crossing her arms and leaning forward a bit in an attempted to provoke the zombie. Said zombie muttered something before going into a fighting stance and punched the feral in the face...winch made her head flew from her body causing the zombie to cover her mouth in shock.

    “Oh no. What have I done! I didn't hit her that hard, did I?!OH NO! OH NO! OH...” she was ranting in panic when she was tackled by the masked girl, who pushed her to the ground. The masked girl shoved her face to the ground and pinned the zombie's arms to her back with her feet, which felt like a bed of nails. She was about to slice her up with her blade when what looked like a white snake came out of the zombie and bit her with a bite that felt like it was burning her, though she didn't filch to the pain.

    “Calm down everybody. There's no need to fight over me” A familiar voice joked and both girls saw that the cat feral was standing and holding her head under her shoulder. The two girls and the snake were all shocked. “What? Cat got your tongue.” Which the masked girl responded by shooting her with a volley of nails. “Ouch. Guess we 're both full of surprises.” and Nadia put her head back on.

    “How are you alive?! What are you?!” The zombie stammered.

    “Nothing you need to worry about. Just tell us where the Skullheart is and you can be on your way.”

    “I told you before, I'm not telling you. What ever you want is not worth it. And I...don't know the way.”


    “Well, I know the direction she is but I won't tell you.”

    “Why don't you tell her why you want heart.” The masked girl suggestion. “I don't care about it. I just want to kill the bitch who did this to me” she said and she showed the zombie her hand. It looked fine at first, but after a painful grunt, nails grew out of her palm.

    “Sounds like a purrfect suggestion.”Said Nadia “Okay. My family died and I want them back. Is that a good enough reason.” The zombie was silent for a moment and seem to be talking to the snake, though it didn't seem to like what she was suggesting.

    “Have you heard of Selene Contiello?” The zombie asked.

    “Selene Contiello?” The masked girl said. “I heard of her in history class. She somehow became a Skullgirl and killed her family when the Medici's try to stop her. Or at least that's what the books say. Filia never really like her other relatives that much.”

    “Why I never heard such ludicrous lies in my life!” The snake said in a rage.

    “Calm down Leviathan. All of that was a lie. They didn't came to help us. They came to kill us. One of them even grabbed me by the hair and....” she stopped and looked like she was about to cry as the masked girl got up and help the zombie up. although she was a bit stunned by this, she continued her story. “Anyway. It was my mother's birthday, nothing too fancy in our books, just a get together with family and friends and good music. And then they came and killed us. But when I...woke up, I saw my mother and she was....” She tried to say couldn't find any more words and the masked girl wrapped her in a hug.

    “Let me finish the story my lady.” The snake called leviathan suggested. The zombie nodded and the snake continued. “In short, during the attack, Selene somehow got the Skullheart and wished for us back and the Skullheart turn them into her undead army. The only reason Squigly here is able to remain herself is because her father ordered me to keep her safe.”

    “Wait. So your mom made the same wish I'm planning to make. And that turned her into a Skullgirl.” Nadia asked and the zombie and snake both nodded. “And if I made that wish, the same thing would happen to me.” and the two nodded again. “And you're absolutely sure that’s what happens.”

    “Remove the bang over my eye.” The zombie said and Nadia did just that. When she saw what was under it, she gasp in shock at the wound. “Those this look like a wound that wasn't made by a gun shot?” The feral didn't say anything and walk away for a bit till she reached a nearby trash can. Then suddenly in a rage, she beat the can up, ranting about herself and how much of a selfish cat she was as tears dripped from her eyes.

    “Are you going after the Skullheart now?” The masked girl asked the zombie. “I don't care about the wish but I can help fight the Skullgirl.”

    “Thanks. I don't know if that cat wants the heart any more but we should hurry. I met a girl and a parasite a while ago who were after the Skullheart too and might be ahead of us by now.”

    “The only advantage we have is we know what direction the Skullgirl is while those two properly need to rely on leads they find. Still, I worry what Samson has planned for that Filia girl. This is low, even for him.” Leviathan said and the masked girl got curious.

    “Would this Filia be wearing a white button shirt, a short, black skirt and has a black hair parasite.”

    “Why yes. Do you know her?” the zombie asked

    “WHAT ARE WE WAITING FOR?! LETS STOP HER GETTING TO THAT THING!” And she grabbed her by the arm and was about to run off when Nadia spoke up.

    “Hey. Don't forget about me. I admit, I was being a jerk a minute ago. It's just I wanted my family back for so long and wasn't thinking clearly. I know you don't want my help but...”

    “Its okay....” The zombie was trying to say when she realised something. “Oh my. We never introduced ourselves did we. I'm Sienna Contiello. But you can call me Squigly. And this gentleman here is Leviathan.” Squigly introduced themselves but Leviathan just glared at the cat. “Don't be rude, Leviathan. Say hello.”

    “Mi lady, these two had just assaulted us and you want to be friends with them?” Leviathan warned her.

    “Don't mind him. He's just being protective.”

    “I get it. The name's Ms. Nadia Fortune. At your service.” Nadia greeted and made a bow. All eyes were on the masked girl and clearly look anxious at the attention. Looking down, she mumbled something. “What was that. I didn't catch that.”

    “Painwheel.” she said in an agitated tone.

    “Hello Painwheel. Shall we be on our way?” Squigly asked her.

    “Yes! I don't know why we're just standing around for!”

    “Then lets go!” Nadia cheered. “Go Team Deathclaw.” and she march forward down the street.

    “We're not really going to call ourselves that, are we?” Leviathan complain. Squigly just shrugged and her and Painwheel followed the cat girl.

    In the middle of New Meridan, a Black Egret camp was set up to help with the recovery of the area after the Skullgirl summoned the undead to rip the Medici Tower in half. Luckily the only damage was the building and the blimp she hit with it. Down at the base, a woman call Princess Parasoul Renoir was marching through on her walkie talkie with a few Black Egret soldiers waiting for orders.

    “Have you found out where the Skullgirl went?” Parasoul asked.

    “No madam. We couldn't even locate that odd undead you fought.” a solider told her.

    “Fine. Molly, any leads?” she ordered in her walkie talkie.

    “Sorry, Parasoul. It's been quiet for while. Though I couldn't get in contact with Lab 8. I'll keep trying but the silence is worrying.” Molly informed.

    “Keep me informed.” And she put the WT away and rubbed her forehead in agitation. “I need a coffee.” As one solider ran off, a young, grey haired man urged the commander to follow him away form everyone. “What is Adam? I'm busy.”

    “Sorry commander, but I think you should rest for a while.” Adam suggested.

    “What do you mean? I can't stop now. The Skullgirl is still out there, the public is still in panic and... Umbrella...” Parasoul stopped, unable to finish her ramble.

    “It's not your fault. I was the one who was looking after her. I should have never let her leave my sight.”

    “Don't excuse me. I had this feeling something like this could happen and I didn't prepare enough for it. I should have had more guards protecting her or lock her in her room or implant a chip in her so I'll know where she was all the time.”

    “Were you serious about the chip?”

    “It would have been useful now.” She softly face plamed in frustration.

    “Look. Why don't you go to the command tent and look over what we know so far.” Adam suggested as he put a hand on her shoulder. “I know it's not much comfort but the Skullgirl seems to only want to get rid of the Medici Mafia. All the victim's so far were associated with them in some way so we might have time.”

    “She called it mom, Adam. She thinks that thing is her mother. She could get in the way or worse.” She was silent for a moment “But your right. I won't be any good to anyone or her if I keep working myself. I'll leave command to you. Alert me only in an emergency.” and she made her way to the command tent. After giving the two guards a salute, she walked in and she was shocked on what she saw.

    Inside, a weird gang of trespassers were rummaging through everything. An anvil, a weight and a small bomb we're just glancing at notes and just tossing them over their shoulders as someone wearing a purple dress and top hat and white gloves with short red hair was sitting at the table with her feet on it, reading through recent sightings of the Skullgirl. Before she could say anything, someone tapped her shoulder and looking to her right she saw a giant bomb so big she was surprised it could fit in the tent, and a small peacock that was wearing the same outfit as the red haired person.

    “Sorry lady, you're not on the list. I have to ask you to leave.” the peacock said.

    “Who is it?” the red head said from behind the papers.

    “Just some bimbo.”

    “BIMBO! I'm Princess Parasoul and I demand respect! Guards!” Parasoul shouted and the two guards rushed in.

    “What is it Comma....HOW DID THEY GET IN?!” A guard said in shock, seeing the characters who got past them.

    “She's the princess, eh.” The red head said, putting the papers down, revealing black, empty eyes, bear trap teeth and on closer inspection, her arms looked metallic with what look like robot eyes hanging off them. “Allow me to introduce myself. Names Project Peacock, greatest Anti-Skullgirl ever made. Here's my card.” She introduced herself, handing the three what looked business cards with a drawing of her saying 'Peacock: ASG. If it ain't broke, we'll break it.'

    “An ASG? We could use the help of the Labs. So what are you...” Parasoul was saying when Peacock interrupted her.

    “Ok, I have to stop you right there. You see, I don't like working with “authority” so will you kindly...” Peacock was ranting when she noticed the papers on the ground. “Have you guys just been throwing papers on the ground this whole time?!” She snapped at her gang as they looked sheepishly back. “I'll deal with you later. Avery, hole me.” and the peacock gave her what look like a black disk that she tossed to the floor.

    “Listen here, Peacock. I don't have time to mess around so can you...”

    “Oh, that's right. I never finished. Beep off” and she kicked the disk towards the trio and they fell through which cause them to end up back outside the tent.

    “ did she... where in the... WHAT?” Parasoul stammered, trying to comprehend what happened. Her face was so red with rage at the ASG's behaviour that everyone back away like she was going to explode. “GET ME PANZERFAUST!!”

    Back in the tent, Peacock was focusing on the map at the on a wall that had several coloured pins on it with her gang all in corners for “misbehaving”, except for Avery and Lenny who were watching the door still. Then suddenly a giant hand came in and dragged the bomb out and Parasoul came back with some men, drawing their weapons on the ASG. “Hands up!” she ordered.

    “I'm unarmed!” Peacock told them with her arms in the air and all her weapons fell out of her gloves and dress. “How embarrassing.” She said as Parasoul grabbed her by the collar.

    “Listen you little brat! I don't have time for you messing around. So put your act together or I'm sending you back to Lab 8 in a box....With no bubble wrap.”

    “'gasp' But how will I pass the time? Still. Why should I listen to you? I mean you have storm troopers following you everywhere and clearly you got the job just because of your “looks”, so give me one good reason I should help you.” Parasoul looked like she was going to explode with anger at the smirking cartoon as she beckoned an Egret to bring over a bucket which she used to scream in frustration. “I love it when they react.”

    “Look. We clearly have the same enemy so why don't we work together to stop her. I'll even throw in a life-times worth of ice-cream.”

    “Bribing me with ice-cream, eh. Good offer but I'm still not seeing the why I should help you. I mean its not like you 'really' care about anyone here. You're just a snotty princess who lives in perfect little castle with her perfect little family and everybody loves you because of your big tits.” The whole tent was silent for a tense as Parasoul tried to compose herself.

    “Everyone. Please leave and maybe stand about ten feet away.” Parasoul said in a voice that was just barely containing pure rage.

    “But sir...” An Egret tried to say but was immediately stopped by the princess's death glare and they all left except for the toon gang.

    “You lot out too. I just want me and the girl here alone.” She told the gang.

    “But we're being punished.” the anvil said

    “OUT!” she shouted and they hurried out leaving the cyborg and her alone.

    “Touched a nerve?” Peacock smirked which soon fell when Parasoul pointed Krieg at her face.

    “Why do I care? Maybe because I live here and my people are danger of a Skullgirl! But I shouldn't care. Afterall, my life is perfect with my mother turning into a Skullgirl and my father was barely involved in my childhood! But I still have my little sister. Oh wait. I don't. Because she ran off after the Skullgirl thinking she's her mother and I have no idea where she is and I'm worried sick over her! So BEHAVE yourself now. Or I'll show just how loyal the Black Egrets are when they fill you with holes!” The tent was silent after that rant with Parasoul breathing heavily and Peacock just staring at her.

    “So your sister ran off with Marie.” Peacock said breaking the silence.

    “No, I said the Skullgirl.”

    “Yeah, Marie, I heard you. We might have time. Marie was always a mother hen kind of person so she's probably letting her play with some harmless goons.”

    “How do do you know the Skullgirl?” The princess asked, surprised at the sudden lack of mockery before realising something. “Do you... Know the Skullgirl?”

    “Yep. Me and Marie go way back. It's a bit of long story so I can tell you later when we know where to look. Still can't believe that's her. First the Lab gets thrashed, then the doc dies in my arms, and finally I find out she was behind it.”

    “The Skullgirl Attack Lab 8? That doesn't sound right.”

    “Why doesn't it sound right. Skullgirl fighting weapons are made there so any smart person would take it out.”

    “Yes but the majority of her victims were either members of the Medici Mafia or connected to them in some way. It doesn't fit.” Parasoul explained taking the map off the wall and putting it on the desk along with a box of case files. “She has already killed a dozen families in Maplecrest. All of them had ties to the Medici's. And it backs up what you said her being a bit more merciful to my sister as all the children were giving a quick death and were tucked in bed. And an odd detail is that a storybook was placed on a chair at every scene. Most likely reading them one last story.”

    “And what of the parents? Were they used to give their bedroom a fresh coat of paint?”

    “More like the whole house.”

    “Oh that Marie. She's quite the lady, is she?”

    “I just said she killed a dozen families and your first reaction is that she's a quite the lady? There is something wrong with you.”

    “Well I've been through crap so that could be it.” Peacock explained as she started messing with the pins on the map. “Aha. I made an arrow.“

    “And its pointing at the Grand Cathedral.” Avery commented, revealing himself from under her hat.

    “You two should not be messing with that stuff. And didn't I told you to, wait a minute.” Parasoul said, picking up the map. “It can't be.”

    “Did we impress you with our great detective skills.” Peacock gloated.

    “Not now, I need to make a call.” She told her as she got her walkie talkie. “Molly. I need you confirm something for me. Does the Grand Cathedral have a crypt of some description?”

    “Let me check” Molly replied as she hung up to look for any info “Here we go. One document shows that there is crypt underneath the cathedral. It's quite a walk down but it is there.”

    “Thanks Molly. We may have found her.” And she hung up the device and headed outside. “Listen up everyone.” She commanded, getting her soldiers attention.”We may have located the location of Skullgirl. Pack everything and prepare to head out to Maplecrest.”

    “Commander!” Adam shouted, getting her attention. “There's been reports of an undead army near our location. While they haven't attack yet, they looked like they were looking for something.”

    “Or Someone...” She suggested. “Get me a scouting team organised and I'll meet up with up them.” and with those orders.

    “So, we're off to save the day, partner?” Peacock rhetorically asked.

    “Never call me partner again.”

    “See, that's why we make a great friendship. I'm the crazy, fun one and your the grumpy, serious one. We can even make a TV show out of this set up. Need to come up with a theme song though.” As Peacock hummed a tune, Parasoul rubbed her forehead in frustration knowing she'll have to put up with her.

    Earlier in the catacombs beneath the Grand Cathedral, the Skullgirl, Marie, was reading some documents her minions recovered from one their recent attacks when a nun entered. “Sorry to disturbed you, but we seem to have a problem.” it said in an emotionless voice.

    “If it's about Valentine I already know. I knew she would betray me, but this...”Marie said, gesturing to the document.

    “It's not Valentine. We've been infiltrated.”

    “By who?” and the nun step aside, revealing a little girl with short, pink hair wearing a yellow raincoat and hat, holding an Umbrella that was twice as big as her. She slowly walked towards the Skullgirl and then quickly collapse as she rushed over to pick her up.

    “Mama? Is that you?” The girl asked weakly.

    “Double. Who is this girl?”

    “A child who has a strong bond with the Skullheart.” Double answered. “She has been looking for you once she felt your presence in the city.”

    “She can't stay here. She's not a threat to us and could get hurt or killed if she stays.”

    “It is too late for that. Now that she has found you, she will not leave you. The connection between her and the Skullheart is too great.”

    “Then what am I suppose to do?”

    “That is none of our concern.” And Double leaves the two alone. Marie looks at the child, who has since held onto her like a baby koala.

    “I though your chest would be bigger.” she said which causes her face to go deep red.

    “So...Ahh, how are you feeling?” Marie asked.

    “I don't know. But I feel 'yawn' tired.” The two were silent for a moment.

    "Do you...Want anything, little girl?”

    “Can we have some ice-cream?”

    “I don't see why not.” Marie said and she summoned a skeleton. “I want you to go to the best ice-cream parlour in the city and get us, what flavour do you want?”


    “Two strawberry ice-creams.” She finished ordering and the ghoul ran off to the task. Marie still couldn't figure out why this girl was so attached to her. Maybe her mother was a Skullgirl but the only one in recent memory was the Queen. She pondered on this as she looked down on the girl who was sleeping soundly in her arms. She didn't know why but she couldn't help but smile at the child.

    Chapter 2:
    Show Spoiler

    Filia, Samson and Cerebella were walking the streets as they were talking about things Filia should know about. “Okay, I know stuff like blood donations and ASG research does sound charitable, but why would they need to have a protection racket to extort money?” Filia questioned.

    “We don't extort them. We protect them from thugs and they pay us for it. I'm pretty sure that's what protection means.” Cerebella claimed. “At least we're not lazy like the police. I mean we give them hundreds of bones and they barely lift a finger to anything that's going on.”

    “Okay. That's so obvious I'm surprised you haven't figured it out yet.” Samson commented.

    “See, he gets it.”

    “I was talking how you’re too stupid to see bribery in your face.”

    “Why you bad dye job!”Cerebella snapped, about to rip him of Filia's head when said girl got between them.

    “Why don't we change the subject. Maybe something that doesn't involve my family.”

    “Fine.” She grumbled and the three were silent for a while until Filia thought of something.

    “So. Are you seeing anyone?” She asked but Cerebella shushed her as she stopped moving.

    “Do you hear that?” She said and Filia heard what sounded like marching or something similar to that.

    “Yeah. What is it?”

    “I don't know, but we better stay away. Either Egrets or worse, some of the Skullgirl's goons. That's bound to be trouble.” Cerebella explained but noticed Filia was running towards the march. “Where are you going? You don't know what it is.”

    “I know. But what if somebody gets hurt and I couldn't save them?”

    “Filia, it could be the Skullgirls goons and she was big grudge against you family for some reason. If you go near them, they could kill you.”

    “I think you should listen to her, kid. I admit, I can take on a dozen zombies but that sounds like an army. Taking them on by yourself is suicide.” Samson tried to explain. But Filia just smirk at Cerebella when the thought hit her.

    “Oh no. Your not going to get me involved. I work for your family and I'll be just as big target as...” Cerebella tried to explain but Filia was already off. “Are you crazy!? Get back here!” And she chased after her.

    The skeleton army was marching down the road, roughly 200 in total. They ignored everyone that had the courage to peek outside and stared, only glancing when spotting any blue hair women, but then quickly resume. On the roofs, a small Egret scout team was following them, lead by Parasoul who was being carried by Peacock.

    “You don't have to carry me you know.” Parasoul told her.

    “I know. But I want to get to the action before anyone else those.” Peacock explained. “Besides. Do you have jet boots?”

    “Well you put me down.”

    “Do you have jet boots?”


    “Do you?”

    “No” she finally said.

    “Then lets get there in style.” Peacock said and jump over the horde to the other roof tops.

    “Don't do that! We're trying to keep a low profile.”

    “Don't be such a stick in the mud. What's the point having this much power if you don't have fun with it.”

    “Being responsible.”

    “Nah. That's no fun.” Parasoul just rolled her eyes in annoyance. She then decided to change the subject.

    “You said one of the doctors from Lab 8...Died, correct? Who was it?” This question caused Peacock to go quiet.

    “It was...Avaian.” She answered.

    “Oh goddess. I’m sorry for you loss. I never met the man but I knew he did a lot of great work for everyone.”

    “Tell me about it. If it wasn’t for him, I’ll be in lying blind in a ditch. I hope everyone else made it out okay.”

    “The Lab has a plan in case of an attack, right? They might have escaped.”

    “Yeah. But apparently it was an inside job. If I ever see that sexy nurse again she’ll wish she never sold us out.”

    “A nurse. Who was it?”

    “It was that blue haired one with the massive fun bags. But if she was smart, she’ll probably skip town by...” Peacock stopped her rant when she spotted the woman in question. The undead army also stopped when they saw her and proceeded to surround her. “Looks like Marie has something against her too.”

    “We better get closer. We might be able to hear what they’re saying.” Parsoul suggested

    “Okay, but if you think about saving that witch, I’ll have to knock you out.” Peacock threatened. Parasoul thought it was a joke until Peacock took out a baseball bat. “I’m not kidding.” Down below, the nurse didn’t seem to be that bothered by the zombies that ready their weapons as one holding a silenced pistol stepped forward.

    “So. She finally decide to get rid of me. She could’ve killed me herself weeks ago but I’m guessing I was still of use, am I right? Well you can tell your master that she’s too late I already documented everything I learned from her and that monotone blob and the world will soon know all her secrets. So go ahead and kill me. It won’t change a thing.” The nurse ranted to the horde which just stood there and stare. “What are you waiting for? Kill me.” The skeleton with the pistol then took out a book.

    Once upon a time, in a kingdom far away.”

    “Oh Goddess. You’re mercy killing me.” Valentine realised. And with all the zombies surrounding her, she was more likely to die from boredom. Not far from there, another party was watching the scene.

    “What are they waiting for?” Nadia asked about the scene.

    “Don’t know. Leviathan is almost blocking everything the Skullgirl should be telling me.” Squigly commented. “But I know we’ll have to get through them to get to the Skullgirl. Unless you know any other ways through.”

    “I would suggest the roofs but I definitely saw something on them a bit ago. I don’t want you two to get in trouble.”

    “I’ll wish they’ll do it already.” Painwheel said, glaring at the woman in the undead crowd. “One less monster in the world.”

    “Guessing that’s the nurse you’re after, huh.” Nadia realised, unconsciously put a hand on her shoulder. Painwheel just took a glance on the hand before turning her attention back to the scene.

    “I’m going to check the roofs anyway. Make sure they are clear.” Squigly suggested.

    “Are you sure. Maybe I should go up. You don’t have a criminal...”

    “I know.” She stopped her saying. “I just don’t feel comfortable watching this knowing what’s going to happen.”

    “Would you people just shut up already.” A girly, robotic voice yelled from above and threw a shoe at Squigly. “Some of us are trying to wait for an opening.”

    “Okay, who throws a shoe? Honestly.” Leviathan snapped at the voice that attacked his host.

    “Shut up, that’s who!” The voice retorted.

    “You don’t tell him to shut up.” Nadia shouted back.

    “Yes I can.”

    “Well you be quiet. You’ll give our position away.”

    Shut up over there!” Yelled the skeleton. “I’m trying to perform an execution!”

    “Yeah. Some of us what to see the bitch’s head blow off.” Painwheel yelled in agreement.

    Thank you. I swear, some spectators can be so rude.” The skeleton said as Valentine rolled her eyes at this. “Now where was I?”

    “You were about to say that ‘they lived happily ever after.’” Val said just to get it over with.

    I was?” he asked looking over the book. “Didn’t think I was that far yet. Oh well. ‘And they all lived happily ever after.’” and the skeleton closed the book and readied his gun. Valentine just give a sigh of relieve that he was finished. Painwheeel was looking on, waiting for the shot as Squigly covered her ears and shut her eyes as Nadia hugged her to let her know everything was going to be okay. Parasoul was telling her men to get ready to fight while Peacock was eating popcorn and enjoying the show. The skeleton pulled the trigger and...


    The skeleton’s arm was pulled away from Valentine and shot one of the zombies instead. What pulled him was some black hair that looked like a tentacle that belong to a girl in a school uniform.

    “Leave her alone, you monster!” Filia sneered, and ripped the ghouls arm off causing it to scream in pain.

    “What the...?” Nadia whispered, unable believe what just happened.

    “FILIA!” Painwheel yelled, her anger being replaced with joy.

    “She/he’s here!?” Squigly and Leviathan said in unison and surprise.

    “Now this is interesting. Wouldn’t you agree, pal?” Peacock asked Parasoul, but she was too busy on the radio.

    “Get that perimeter organised now! We’re going in!” she ordered.

    Meanwhile, back with Filia, the zombies have been enraged and tried to shoot at her but she jumped out of the way which caused them to shoot themselves. She jump on their heads for a bit as they tried to grab and shoot her before Samson stabbed two beneath them as a pair of scissors. He grab one ghoul and tossed into a street lamp, breaking its neck as another tried to impale her with a spear. She got out of the way as Samson replace the target with an unfortunate ghoul and he countered with a few drill spikes. Filia was soon caught however but before the goon can do the deed, it was shot by Parasoul who helped her up.

    “Thank you.” Filia said

    “Fight now, thank later.” Parasoul stated. This caused her to remember what was happening and slide dash into some foes.

    Parasoul meanwhile began shooting and slashing her way through the undead, rolling under and dodging and ghoul that got in her way, countering every strike that attempt to strike her and gave any unlucky fool who tried a napalm gift from Kreig, even breaking a zombie’s spear and stabbing it with the wooden end. But she was then blind sided by a brute who knocked her into a wall. Before any ghoul could attack, a woman with an orange hat with arms helped her up.


    “You’re welcome. Now if you excuse me.” and Cerebella kicks a zombie behind it’s knee as Vice Versa began to spin around like a copter, whacking it to pieces before another shoved her to the ground. A bunny ghoul tried to stab her but Vice blocked the strike as Cerebella recovered and used a hidden blade in her boot to sliced off it’s foot. Quickly, she picked up the foot, turned on the blade in it, got up and stabbed two zombies before shoving the blade into the bunny ghoul’s eye. Punching back another, she took the blade out of the screaming ghoul and forced it into a zombie that was right behind her.

    She finished off an earlier zombie by softening its face with a few punches before Vice threw it into a window on the side of the steet. One Skeleton that was distracted by this was soon put on fire by Leviathan but the skeleton was soon being shot upon by Parasoul. Squigly used the burning body as a shield while another zombie was shooting back at the princess. Dropping the corpse, Squigly stroke a pose and sung a mote, which didn’t get the zombie's attention until a rock was thrown by someone and hit the air like a wall, ricocheting into the zombie's head, breaking it’s guard. She slapped the zombie in the face and grabbed it in a headlock as another charged at the two. but Leavithan reached out to bite it’s face and slam it to the ground as Squigly finished off the zombie by breaking its neck with her leg and kicked the disabled body down rolling the street.

    This caused it to trip another ghoul down to it’s back but a foot soon kept it down and it felt something tapping its head.

    “Furth!” Nadia yelled, swing her tail like a golf club and knocking the head of it’s body. She was then stabbed in the back by something and was shot in the head. Nadia just rolled her eyes and turned her 180 degrees to see her attacking. “Look, if you want to hurt me, you have to put effort in it. Like this.” and she shoved her tail into the attackers spine and took the gun as it fell from its hands. As she twisted her tail around, she used the body as a shield and fire at any enemy attempt to attack the other girls, saying “mew, mew.” with every shot. Eventually she ran out of ammo so she split the body’s spine in half and tossed the gun away, only to be impaled by a spear.

    “Really? You didn’t see me get stabbed earlier?” She complained, knocking the goon over as she turned around in annoyance. She accidentally bumped into Cerebella who was punching someone's head off while Vice Versa was smacking goons with one of their own. “Opps. Hi again buddy. Mind helping a fellow fighter out.” Cerebella glared at her for a moment before smirking, grabbing the spear and then shoved it into a wall while managing to get three undead with it. “Come on! That was on purpose!“ Nadia shouted but Cerebella just ignored her. “Can someone help me out?”

    “One second. I’ve got a loser who thinks he has me to deal with first.” Peacock said while a skeleton has her in a headlock. Yawning, she shocked the enemy with a joy buzzer to the face and then an elbow to the gut. She followed that by crushing the pile of bone with Lenny and tossed what was left over to Nadia as skipped away, taking an axe from a downed corpse and hitting an unsuspecting zombie in the neck.

    “Peacock! Get way from the bomb!” Parasoul shouted from afar.

    “Relax. it’s mine. It won’t hur...” but she spoke too soon as she got caught in the blast, knocking her down. Everything was a blur for a moment when someone with a mask came over to snap her back into reality. Throwing Peacock away so she wouldn’t get hit a knifed ghoul, Painwheel ripped the knifed hand of it and stabbed it with it. She then felt bullets hitting her back and use the knife to hold the shooter down by the neck, twisting it as she cut foes with her saw and fired needles out of her palm. Finally leaving the knife in the shooters skull, she slice and dice any undead that came close from breaking someone’s nose to stabbing another in the eye with a gun. She didn’t notice, however, the Executioner was running toward her an axe in its remaining hand but it was ripped off too and his head was then chopped off by Filia. She gave the area a look to see that the undead army was defeated and just on her knees in exhaustion.

    “Woo hoo!! Who’s awesome? This girl. That’s right.” Peacock gloated and did a little jig.

    “Really? I seem to remember you getting caught by your own explosion.” Nadia couldn’t help but jab.

    “That’s because I had to bust you out of a pole.” She snapped back. “Oh, I can’t stay mad at you, fleabag. You’re too cool. Come here.” and Peacock gave her a hug.

    “Did you just call me ‘fleabag’?” She asked but then just shrugged and returned the hug. Parasoul rolled her rolled her and while grinning at the ASG while she got in touch with Molly.

    “Okay Molly, how much damage did that battle do?” The princess requested.

    “Surprising, not much outside of some property damage and a few injuries. Zero fatalaties too. I take it this means it’s a great day for the Black Egrets.” Molly told her. Parasoul almost choked on a gasp at that news.

    “No one died. That’s... That’s great!” Parasoul cheered and took a glance at the girls who helped.

    “I wouldn’t say ‘that great.’ One of Egrets lost an arm. A few were severely injured by that explosion and...”

    “Don’t ruin this for me.” She cut her off. “I needed that morale boost. Just make sure they’re getting treated.” and she hung up. She was then face to face with that odd zombie from early. “It’s you.”

    “I’m guessing that everything is well.” Squigly said, which Parasoul nodded to. The zombie then yelp in surprise as she was grabbed by some giant hand and lifted above the ground.

    “Looks like we missed one.” Cerebella said. “Who wants the last zombie?”

    “Cerebella, put her down!” Filia screamed.

    “Why? She’s one of the Skullgirls goons.”

    “No she’s not. I’ve meet her earlier She’s wants to destroy the Skullheart.”


    “Yes, now put her down.” Filia demanded. Cerebella sighed and gently put the zombie down, who dusted herself off.

    “Thanks Filia.” Squigly said and then noticed Painwheel away from everyone. “Don’t be shy Painwheel. She’s your friend too, right?” Filia saw the girl Squigly was talking to and her eyes went wide.

    “Carol? Is that you?” She asked as the masked girl slowly walked towards her.

    “Filia...” Carol whispered. She looked like to say something but couldn’t find the words. She took a breath and looked Filia in eyes. “WHAT WERE YOU THINKING??!! Not only could you have gotten killed, but you let that nurse get away. And I don’t know if I’ll ever find her again.”

    “Wha...What was wrong with the woman?” Filia asked.

    “She was the one who did this to me.” She told her, gesturing at her body.

    “Oh my... Carol, I didn’t know it was her.”

    “I know you didn’t. It’s just frustrating.”

    “Okay. Cool you cats everyone.” Nadia suggested. “We’re all pretty exhausted after that so why don’t we all...” And Vice Versa grabbed her by the neck. “Hi, girl with the hat. Are you still out for my Lifegem?”

    “Yes.” Cerebella answered, bluntly. “Okay, Filia. Say goodbye to your friends, we’re leaving.”

    “Cerebella! Put her down now!” Filia demand.

    “Filia. Remember when I said I was looking for a cat feral?”

    “And that’s her...” she realised.

    “Yep. Now lets go home and give your grandpa his Life Gem back...As soon as we figure out how to get it out of her and I doubt gutting her well do the trick.”

    “I’m afraid you’ll do no such thing.” Parasoul announced, walking towards the acrobat. “I have use for her as well as the rest of you.”

    “A use? What do you think we are? tools?” Carol growled.

    “No. But this battle has shown me that together, we can defeat the Skullgirl. Including that cat feral there, so put her down.” She said, pointing to Ms.Fortune. Cerebella grumbled for a bit before she complied and dropped threw her into a garbage can. “Good. Now everyone, follow me to base so we can discuss our next move”

    “Sounds good. And Carol. I’m sorry I let that nurse get away.” Filia said and as she finished, two Egret soldiers arrived with the nurse in question.

    “Sir. We rescued the target of the Skullgirl’s army. Should we take her to base?” one of them said.

    “This victory keeps getting better.” Parasoul couldn’t help but cheer about this.


    After greeting were made, the girls returned to the Egret base camp to plan their battle with the Skullgirl. All of them gathered around the meeting table, except for Valentine who was locked in a cage.

    “Okay, I get it. I help do horrible experiments to your friend. Can I get out now?” Valentine asked, but her response was an electric rod to the chest by Painwheel. “Stop shocking me there. I have arms you know.”

    “Okay Painwheel, that’s enough. Give the rod to me.” Parasoul asked. Carol refused but Ms.Fortune tickled her from behind and took it from her. After that, Parasoul placed two piles of files(one almost half the size of her and another about a quarter of it the others size) on the table and gestured to the smaller. “Now. This is all the information we have on the Skullgirl. Sightings, known powers, victims as well as motivation. And thanks to Peacock, an ID. Unfortunately we have no information about her herself so Peacock will explain.”

    “Hate to be rude, but what’s the larger pile?” Filia Asked.

    “This is all the crimes the Medici’s have committed since I became the commander of the Black Egrets. There’s a lot more but I think this is a fair example of their crimes.”

    “Oh come on. There’s no way, they’ve did that many crimes!” Cerebella interjected.

    “Then go check the files if your so sure.”

    “Fine. But if the first four are sexual assaults done by those two perverts then I’m just going to see as just some bad apples” and she took the four at the top. “Lets see. Ricardo, Lawence, both, Lawemce. I knew those two were creeps. I’m definitely giving this to Vitale. Maybe this well fire them.”

    “Vitale. Hmm, I’m sure there’s something about him here.”

    “Can we drop this subject. It’s not like the Medici’s hurt any of you.” Cerebela yelled to the group.

    “They killed my family and chopped me into fish food.” Nadia said.

    “Was this after you stole the Life Gem?”


    “You deserve it.”

    “I would say they murdered me and my family. But I think you’ll just say they tried to save them.” Squigly chimed in.

    “The Contello incident? Oh yeah. Lorenzo doesn’t shut up about it.”

    “I rest my case.”

    “Okay everyone.” Peacock announced, breaking the infighting. “Are you ready to watch ‘The Story of Marie Kobel’?”

    “Don’t you mean ‘hear’?” Filia asked.

    “No. Now come outside.” And the gang followed and to their surprised, a stage was set up with a backdrop and lights and rows of seats being filled up by the Egrets with Tommy handing out snacks.

    “How did you set this up in less then ten minutes.”

    “If I told you, it’ll ruin the magic. Now go take your seats. You’re in the front row. And don’t worry about the nurse, she’s already at her spot.” The gang walk to their seats and indeed Valentine’s cage was there. Soon the play started and Peacock began narrating.

    “Rommelgrad . Date: Years ago. It was a dark time with lots of explosions and partial nudity. In these grim times, two orphans stood against the odds of the tedium of their foster home. One was the queen of beauty herself, with hair that shone like the sun and boobs that made the princess jealous. ME!” And Avery walked on stage in a maid outfit and holding a mop.

    “Okay. I’m sure you made that stuff about yourself up.” Avery said.

    “Let me have my dream body while I still have limbs!” Peacock yelled and Avery backed off. “But the other girl was special. She was a kind, smart girl, who all the little kids looked up to named Marie.” and George waddled onto the stage in a maid outfit holding a broom. “Together, they fought the grease monsters on the silverware. Battled the dust bunnies in the rugs and retrieved the fabled cookie jar.” Peacock told them as the two actor acted out those feats.“She was the order to my chaos. The day to my night. And other such stuff I won’t bore you with. But one day, it ended.” and the lighting soon turned red and the actors hugged each other in fear.

    “A gang of thugs invaded and started to capture all the kids. Marie managed to escape but I wasn’t so lucky.” Avery threw George into the crowd to represent this. “I tried to stand up to them. But as you can clearly see....It didn’t go well. They tear me about limb from limb and left me in a ditch to die. Symbolised by a piano being dropped on the nurse.”

    “What!?” Valentine yelped as a piano landed on her cage and while it didn’t crush her thanks to the cage, the ceiling was noticeable damaged.

    “But soon, someone came to my aid. Dr.Avian!” And on cue. Andy was on stage in a lab coat and picked up Avery and dress him in his usual outfit. “He brought me back from the brink of death and I was reborn as the beautiful and charming woman you see before you. And if anyone dare mocks Dr.Avain or his legacy, I’ll will hunt you down, skin you alive and use said skin as a coat! I’m talking to you, nurse! I know you killed him!” Almost everyone couldn’t help but glare at Valentine after this accusation.

    “What? It was that pile of junk or Painwheel.” Val tried to defend herself. Painwheel was starting up her blades but Filia gently rubbed her hand which managed to calm her down.

    “But what ever happened to Marie? Did she became queen of the mole people? Or travelled through time to battle time mites? Maybe she met a handsome man and together them became king and queen of the mole people. But we all know what happened to Marie. For you see... Marie... Is... The Skullgirl!” And Lenny burst through the background on wires and was trying to look intimidating but just looked silly. “And now, for whatever reason, she won’t stop for noting to wipe the Medici family from the face of the earth. And when they’re all gone. Nothing will hold back from doing Skullgirl things. The end.” The audience was mostly silent as Peacock and her gang gave a bow to them.

    “Well you just killed seven minutes. Couldn’t you just tell us without the whole show thing?” Parasoul commented.

    “Haven’t you learned anything about me yet.”

    “After that performance. Yes.” But any further banter was prevented when Nadia trapped Peacock in a bear hug.

    “You poor thing.” She comforted and stroking Peacock’s hair. “You won’t have to worry about anyone hurting you ever again. Your big sister, Nadia is here.”

    “I’m pretty sure she’s okay.” Squigly said to the cat girl.

    “No she’s not. She’s a broken girl who’s scared. And angry. And confused. And alone. And....And..” She was listing off as she began to cry. In a surprising turn, Peacock didn’t have a witty remark and just returned the hug. Tony was going to pull her away but his boss shooed him away.

    “Let me enjoy this.” Peacock said to him in a softer voice than usual.

    “When you two are done, head back to the tent. We need to discuss how to fight the Skullgirl.” Parasoul said and head to the tent, on the way she walked over to Filia and gave her a file titled “Contello Massacre”.

    and yes, the fight scene was based on this scene

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