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    Welcome to the Fighting Game Character Design Discussion!

    This thread is used to discuss on what makes a good fighting game character. What are some good or bad examples? Maybe there are characters that you find overrated or underrated. What do you look for in a fighting game character? I hope you guys give out good reasons on why you like or dislike certain characters and not "I think __X__ is cool" (Why?) or "lol that character is anime garbage!" (*sigh* really?). I want to see some good, specific reasons!

    Note: If it is a character that doesn't originate from fighting games (For example: Marvel characters or Persona Characters) than you can talk about how well __X__ character has translated into a FG character.

    Personally, I like to judge characters based on:
    • Fighting Style/Moveset
    • Personality/Charisma
    • Outfit(s)/Appearance
    • Effectiveness in Series
    This is based on TFG's Character Overview Ratings (scroll down).

    This thread exists because I am simply curious on what kind of characters people specifically like. Let the discussion begin!

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