Filia Vs Fukua

Discussion in 'Beginner Forum' started by The Zard115, Jan 17, 2017.

  1. The Zard115

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    Ms. Fortune
    I need some help please. Basically as the topic says i need help chosing which is my main
    (Pros and cons)

    Filia (pros)
    • I can do basic to intermediate combo strings with her
    • I know when to play defensive/offensive with her
    • Can execute combos smoothly without flaws (no advanced ones)
    • I personally love her story personality samson just her as a character in general
    Filia (cons)
    • No advanced combos
    • My lack of BNB starters
    • Forced to rush down (not my fav tactic)
    Fukua (pros)
    • Advanced combos can be done with more practice
    • Personally im better with fukua
    • Range/grappler makes me feel more safe
    Fukua (cons)
    • I personally dont like her as much
    • I slip up on some combos

    I really wish was better with filia but fukua is alot better for me because i can win alot more with fukua yet i like filia alot more then fukua im dropping one of them for another char but idk which one to drop (btw i wanna get into competative skullgirls eventually) thank you for any responses
  2. Ninja

    Ninja [Jazzy Diamonds]

    Big Band

    nah i kid... [kinda, Filia Fukua team is not bad to have]

    but if you're thinking of who to put up on point, i would say Fukua.
  3. DukeMagus

    DukeMagus Not A Duke; THE Duke

    Filia is a tad less convoluted to learn at basic level. If you're already beyond it, Fukua
  4. Mr Peck

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    If you want to get into competitive Skullgirls and you don't like playing rushdown, Filia isn't the ideal choice. On the other hand, not liking Fukua much is also a problem if you want to stick with her. I'd say you should try to find a non-rushdown character you enjoy as much as Filia, or stick with Filia if you can't find anyone else. It's much easier to learn the game when you're having fun.
  5. Sinclair

    Sinclair smug

    go with fukua since she's really easy. She has range options but also great at pressure. If you hate rushdown then just pick fukua with an assist and go fullscreen, spam fireballs and shadows :^)
  6. thederphog

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    Fukua is more of a "Jack of all trades, Master of none" A mix between grappler and zoner, making her pretty versatile, while Filia is a more mobile, rushdown character, but regardless, you should main someone you play effective with, you may learn love her more the better you get, so Fukua I would recommend because she has an answer to everything

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