Finally gets close to Peacock, I get put in blockstun and she freely teleports behind me and runs..

Discussion in 'Peacock' started by Fatboyute, Jul 29, 2017.

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    So after I lose half my hp to chip damage, I finally get close to a Peacock... before I can worry about hitting a button or doing a mixup I just get hit by a bomb, assist, item drop and she teleports behind me and then it's time to start all over... what do you do?
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    Depends on your character and assists. What team do you play?
  3. Fumako

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    As a peacock player:
    Pretty sure that's unsafe and can be punished?
    Unless you get hit with a multi-hit assist.
    Don't know you character so I can't give specifics but if you know it's coming you can do a lot.
    Also, she can't teleport behind you when her assist is out so just focus on blocking that assist and PBGCing into something? If you can't PBGC she still can't teleport behind you, so unless you're really badly spaced you should still have the upper hand. Just throw out your fastest normal and maybe even hit them out of their follow-up.
  4. Lex

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    Once you get in, remember that Peacock only has one reversal, M Gun. M Gun is really slow (you can easily safejump it on knockdown) and it isn't doesn't have throw invincibility. This means she is really weak to throws. L Gun is throw invuln, but it is has no strike invincibility and has pretty low reward. So if you are worried about the Peacock jumping out of your pressure or think they may L Gun you, call a lockdown assist and throw, the assist will force them to block if they jump, hit them if they try to L Gun and the throw will catch M Gun. Once you have them scared to reversal you can run your mixups.

    If you are worried about a bomb hitting you then you can throw her and avoid the bomb or quickly go into a launcher if you land a hit. Same for assists and item drop.

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