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Discussion in 'Beginner Forum' started by Unsafe, Dec 27, 2016.

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    Anybody have some funny stories learning Skullgirls and trying to get better?

    I figure the best way to approach getting your ass kicked sometimes is to have a little laugh. Haha

    Tonight I was trying to play in some beginner lobbies but every time I would enter one they would randomly shut down before I could play. It was super frustrating because I just wanted to play some matches. Eventually I gave up on the lobbies and went to Quick Match.

    In quickmatch for some reason there was only really one guy that I would get set up with every 3 matches and this dude was a beast and proceeded to wreck me like John Wick after his dog got killed. It got to be funny after a while cause I kept trying to get into a beginner lobby but they either would do the same trick of shutting down when I was about to play (maybe they didn't want me in the lobby? why have it open then?), so I ended up back in Quickmatch against the same dude every time. @_@

    Whoever you were dude, sorry if it was boring whippin' my ass all night. I couldn't get into a beginner lobby. Sent you a friend request, maybe I can get better playing you!

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    The Medici's Cellar
    Big Band
    I read the L M H normals as "low, medium, high" which I thought corresponds to how you're supposed to block it.
    So I thought using LK immediately makes it hit low even when not crouching, and I thought using, like, HP would hit high.
    Bigband's standing LK being a standing low did not help. ^-^"

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