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Gameplay Forum Rules

Discussion in 'Gameplay General' started by Zidiane, Feb 16, 2014.

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  1. Zidiane

    Zidiane Doing my best

    Rhode Island
    Okay, just some extra rules for the gameplay forum. Go Here for our general forum posting rules.

    • Beginners, please take your threads to the Beginner Forum:
      • Doing this makes it less likely you become a thing Skullgirls players laugh about for several months (like the guy who was convinced his opponent was cheating to do combos because no one can do a 40 hit combo so consistently). You are also more likely to get your questions answered, and have people work with you. Do come back around when you've got your bearings on the basics though!

    • No "Nerf/Buff this thing!" or "Change the game!" threads:
      • You can make threads talking about certain gameplay things, of course, but I don't want to hear any "ZOMG NERF FORTUNE NOW GUYS" or "SOLOS ARE DUMB" threads going on. In general, if you feel something in the game needs to be buffed/nerfed/changed, take it to the "Gameplay General" thread first, or to the character sub-forums for whoever you are talking about. If I see dumb threads like these not in the right places, I'll lock them if they don't look useful or merge them with a more appropriate thread.
        • Also, if you have suggestions that you believe should be taken into serious consideration, a good place to take those would be the Beta Feature Request section. Mike Z will actually see it there. Well, he sees everything on this forum anyway... whatever, just go there to be sure he sees it.

    These are also the already established rules ripped from the General Posting Rules thread, that pertain to the Gameplay forum.

    • Going too far off-topic will get your post deleted (Zid Edit: I will frown at you over this)
    • Repeat offenders will eventually get a warning which will lead to being banned
    • Image macros are off-limits in the gameplay discussion
    • Intentionally derailing a thread in the gameplay section will result in an immediate warning (Zid Edit: I will frown at you about this too)
    • Simply posting 'this thread is shit' or similar may be seen as an attempt to derail (Zid Edit: Don't make me frown at you over this)

    Oh, and also, I'm going to be trying to pick up a more active role in preventing arguments and harsh words. Be excellent to each other. Let's all have a good time, okay?
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