Guarding Challenge: First Boss & the Ogres

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    So you think you can block huh? Try this challenge out!

    1. NO ATTACKING when the ogres are out
    2. YES, Razmi's down ATTACK that slows is an ATTACK
    3. Time starts when the ogres appear and ends when Ajna is KO'd
    4. Survive as long as you can!

    -Make sure you start with as much meter and health as you can
    -The boss summons the ogres when its health bar is between the first two nails on its left front hand
    -Heal when your meter is around 1.4-1.9/2.4.9 so you'll have some meter left over for blocking
    -Learn how to block the unreactable kick without wasting too much meter
    -Guess right
    -Get lucky
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