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Discussion in 'Beginner Forum' started by Beruhr Mich, Nov 4, 2016.

  1. Beruhr Mich

    Beruhr Mich New Member

    Ive been recently enjoying the game with some of my friends and I was interested in picking up the game so I can practice combos but what character should I practice.

    I enjoy in other fighting game fast rush down characters that are flashy like In melee I main fox and Falco.
  2. Magma442

    Magma442 Get ready for a Showstopper!

    Medici Tower.
    Hmm, For not sure if "flashy" but ones that come to mind is Filia and Ms. Fortune may what you will be looking for, maybe even Fukua too.

    Honestly the cast is small enough you can test around and see who you like.

    Course me bring me my answer would be bella, but she's a grappler.
  3. I'd recommend you try out Valentine, Filia, Miss Fortune, and Eliza. All of them have a pretty flashy aspect (assuming we're discussing normal/special visuals, or even styling on people with combos,) especially Valentine and Eliza.

    However I also agree with Magma, there is a small enough cast for easy experimentation.
  4. Beruhr Mich

    Beruhr Mich New Member

    Ok thank you I think I'm going to try out Filia
  5. Beruhr Mich

    Beruhr Mich New Member

    Thank you I've decide on learning Filia first

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