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    Hey there! My name is Adam and I started playing Skullgirls fairly recently- I only have a measly 58 hours in the game. I originally come from a background of FPS (my favorite game is TF2: 1,351 hours) but I do have experience with a few fighters: MKX, Injustice 1 and 2, and a little Smash Bros. I understand the basics of a fighting game and things like crossups, overhead/low mixups, throws, and the like are familiar to me. However this is my first fighting game that utilizes team mechanics (assists, DHC, etc) and theres a few things that have been giving me a bit of trouble.

    The first is countering assists while in the corner. Assists add an entire new layer of pressure so it can be really difficult to get out of that corner situation. Any tips on escaping these types of situations? My main characters are Eliza and Double so stuff specific to them would be great, but general stuff helps too

    The other thing that I've struggled with is zoning. Zoning is nothing new (I play Injustice 2 for God's sake) but zoning WITH ASSISTS SUPPORTING is a lot tougher to deal with. Any tips?


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    What assists are you having trouble with specifically?

    In the corner you're going to need to block well and pushblock out. How to defend depends on your opponents options and approach. Typically, with most common pressure assists (Fillia hairball, Bella excellebella) you're going to want to pushblock the assist. Once you've created a gap, you want to either dash or jump out of the corner, or reversal. You're other option is to raw reversal. In fact, just looking for opportunities to reversal is a great idea while you're still learning. You'll learn pretty quickly what you can mash through and what is either safe or a reversal bait.

    The two dedicated zoning characters in the game are robo Fortune and Peacock. Someone actually made a video guide on dealing with Peacock which you can see here:

    Also I'd recommend doing the tutorial if you haven't already. Even if you're not new to fighting games, it goes over a lot of Skullgirls specific stuff, and has basic primers on dealing with zoning and pushblocking.
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    Awesome thanks. Ill be sure to give that video a watch and ill start testing some possible reversals.

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