How do I beat these seemingly broken things?

Discussion in 'Beginner Forum' started by Fatboyute, Apr 22, 2017.

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    Just a list of annoying stuff that I always just get destroyed with. I play val/filia

    Assists on the whole-
    Finally I get to hit a button!! wait no it's just Big Band armor assist taking up the whole screen.

    His flying moves always get away safely or while I'm blocking it hits me from behind. His j.hp with chair is unbeatable. Either he does his super fast overhead or low so 50/50 I get opened up. Everything he does seems safe and approaching him seems stupid, also stupid to run because there he will corner you and if you try to tech out you get grabbed.

    Every move she does is just faster and stronger than mine. I try to go in, I get whacked with j hp or the armor dp. I try to run I get hit with a cr lk from super far away.

    God like cr lk and whatever that air clap move is. She also has something stupid where she just cancels whatever normal move she was doing..

    Big Band-
    Almost full screen overhead, or if full screen then you get hit with an unblockable that pulls you towards him. His grabs (all )are so huge and he also has a feint. Oh and armor moves too?

    Miss Fortune-
    Overhead is safe and she is so mobile too she can reset you by going behind you. Headless you just get stuck in corner forever... pushblock does nothing.. oh and her air move where she does a kick just always beats everything I do. oh yeah you thought you were safe after blocking overhead nope she has another she throws her head at you.

    You're going to hit her and you'd think hey, she has no assist and she can only eat my j hp, nope goes into fully invuln sekhmet, does overhead and flies behind you at times. All her moves out range you too. Double overhead that pushblocking does nothing to...

    So yeah these are the people I just get destroyed by, I tried to list why. Any help would be appreciated. I guess my biggest struggle is neutral game. Val and Filia. I feel like Val neutral is so bad, hp is so slow and hk is only to use as defense. mp just gets blocked by the main char then assist beats val. Filia is just weird and is immobile af and your clones are easy to get interrupted. I feel like my opponent is spamming assist all game and attacking me and I never get my turn.
  2. Sinclair

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    ur slow
    just learn how to react faster
    val neutral is top tier, wtf?
    fillia is immobile??? what??
  3. Smile

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    Big Band
    Sounds like you just need to spend more time playing this game. Most of the points you've listed are things you can avoid by simply observing and reacting. Lemme put some pointer.
    Just so you know, I am not the best or knowledgeable player in this game. Things I mention can and probably wrong. Please do correct me if I'm wrong.

    You might want to expand on what this "flying move is" I'm just gonna assume you're talking about his jump super. His air super can not be blocked while you're jumping up. my friend explained this move as "Anti air super" but it can be beaten. As long as you're not pressing button in the air, you should be able block it. You can simply, air super to get out of that situation. Both fillia and val has good air supers.

    His j.hp is beatable. It can be beaten with well timed chicken block and supers. Anti air and dp works wonders against his j.hp. but put some care in positioning.

    One way to play against beowulf is to not let him pick up his chair. Forcing him to play without chair can put you in huge advantage since he will get chipped from literally everything. He will lose good normals + any specials that requires his chair. Just be careful with his c.hp or

    Quote from one of the beo player I know
    "if he jumps at you like a retard with j.HP you should DP him for it or do literally anything to punish him for it once you shutdown j.HP he doesn't have much and has to approach more honestly
    also he's quite free to crossups if your character can do those and air resets
    try grabbing him if you're brave and think they won't arm, it will cover HP hurl"


    Her normals are average compared to other characters (MF and Val's normal is WAY faster than her's). Her j.hp looks fast, but there IS a start up animation. She's one of the most immobile character in the game. She doesn't have airdash, double jump or run. Making her only option to move is to dash forward. (Or jump forward I guess). If continues to j.hp to keep space, try using your anti air.


    Just so you know, everyone can cancel their normal with specials. It's not only her. Just learn to play defensive.


    Big band is probably one of the slowest character in the game. His normals are slow, but hits very hard. Quote from my friend "He is so slow, you have to help him go across the street". As far as I know his only command grab is hold back forward lk. That move is second slowest command grab in the game. First being beo's wulfshoot. His other a-trains are hitgrab. It can be blocked.

    Also his size is just stupidly huge. He will get hit by everything.

    Miss fortune

    Your complaint sounds like you're just doing mistimed push block. You have to practice push blocking. There are options as well. First of all, PBGC (Push block guard cancel) Can allow you to press normal or specials after push block, allowing you to use such thing as dp or supers to get out of sticky situation. Also, she can be grabbed out of that kick move. Grab does wonders in this game.


    Just play patiently. Sekhmat can be forced out with snap. She can not block in that situation. You will get free OTG combo off that. OR you can just run away and make her lose her meter during the process of she chasing you down.


    Get better.
  4. Lex

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    For assists, when it is safe to do so (opponent can't punish you for it) hit them. You can either do this with launcher into block/combo of counter-call with your assist. Assists take double damage so it will add up fast and then you can snap them in to cash out on the red health.

    Beowulf and Parasoul j.HPs can be punished by chicken blocking (block in the air, then land and punish). Once you start doing this they need to mix up their approaches with air grabs and assists. It also helps to be above then, Val is the most mobile character in the game, use that to try to get above your opponent where your attacks will work best. Most characters don't have good tools for characters above then in the air.

    Beowulf: if he is moving you up with his low/overhead mixups you've lost neutral and now you have to eat his mixups. For his wolf-blitzer, the third one is unsafe on block and if he tries to use it to get away you can punish it (you may not get a great punish though). There are also gaps between each blitzer on block where you can reversal. He is also weak to grabs as both H hurl and his armoured moves are grab vulnerable.

    Parasoul has big buttons but they are slower than yours. Zone her with shuriken and try to stay above her and punish her blockstrings.

    Cerebella is strong up close but weak at range. Try not to put yourself in a position where you have to eat her mixups.

    Big Band: that overhead is really slow and punishable up close on block. He can be instant overheaded really easily due to his size and he doesn't deal with Val's zoning well.

    Ms Fortune: are you talking about her feels overhead? That move is slow and telegraphed, react and interrupt it. If you are stuck sandwiched in the corner between her and the head then you've messed up, try to avoid that at all costs. Don't know what air lock move you are talking about.

    Eliza: she is weak against grabs as her only makes reversal is grab vulnerable and her only metered reversal is her level 3. Once you got her or get her to block you shouldn't let her out until she's dead. Also keep in mind that while many of her moves are big, they also all have hurtboxes so use disjointed buttons to stop them.

    Val's neutral is very good, though she benefits greatly from assists like Filia's DP for defense and Hairball for mixups/approaching. J.HK needs to be spaced well to work, j.HP should be used for crossups (use j.MP otherwise), j.MP can be fast failed with j.HP to avoid DP assists on block and get a mixup.
    Filia's movement is pretty good (don't forget her Airballs) though she does have stubby normals and struggles with neutral. Once you get on though, her mixups are amazing.
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    ok thanks lex that was very good advice but i messed up i meant fukua not filia

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