How do People get past double and fukua?

Discussion in 'Beginner Forum' started by Yanshine, Aug 15, 2014.

  1. Yanshine

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    I've always tried, and pros can do it. when I try, I get manuvered so hard with hornet bomber and fukua.

    Also, how can fukua use her charged command throw instantly?
  2. noaa

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    Since Double stays on the screen for about 3 years after she is done with her butt, just go up and hit her with something. It will lock your opponent's assist for a while, giving you time to reach her.

    Telling what characters you're using will help aswell.

    And fukua's "instant" command throw is a separate move. She has this one and the charged one.
  3. Liam

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    If you take something like [Brass Knuckles H] or [Lock N' Load H] you can just call your assist when you see her call Hornet Bomber.
    When the punch connects it does bonus counter hit damage on top of the bonus damage that assists take.
    Other assists will work too like a well timed Napalm Pillar, but it's a lot easier with H LNL and Brass H

    Fukua will kill double if she keeps calling it, and then you'll just be worrying about Fukua, which is a lot easier.

    Also I don't think Fukua really has a fireball that deals with people who jump higher than her jump height, since they all arc down (Besides the super version)

    Well timed super jumps and double jumps and any air movement if you have it should let you get in there while punishing the double assist with counter calls from your own assist.

    Also I see you play Painwheel, you can do j.HP as the fireball hits you to absorb that fireball, then 214K and cancel back into flight so it takes minimal time and you're moving forward again.
    If you're close enough you can just let the j.HP rip after absorbing the fireball and hit her, or atleast make her block your attacks. (Calling an assist as j.HP hits will let you stick closer to her)

    Also like Noaa said, 214Throw is the armored command grab, and 236Throw is the fast 8 frame command grab with no armor.
    The fast one throws the enemy far away though and makes her have to spend a bar to cancel into Best Friends Forever if she wants to turn it into a combo.

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