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Discussion in 'Beginner Forum' started by Canerson, Jan 19, 2018.

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    Hi, i've bought Skullgirls a year ago and have mainly played around with bots and occasionally played quick play only to have my ass handed to me.

    Much like in real life, a problem that i face in Skullgirls is approaching people. The only characters i've played around with are Big Band(solo) and Beowulf(also solo). I'm never really sure HOW to go about a situations that can set up for combos. For Big B i usually go for a dash>j.Lk and only sometimes pulling off a proper combo. And as for Beowulf my go to is a desperate j.Hp and hope it connects (i tried blitz but i just cant control it well). If i screw up i'm in for a world of hurt

    How do i approach people in the safest way possible and not get punished?
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    Big Band
    Well experience helps a lot, once you've played the game enough you can kind of tell when it's safe or unsafe to go in. i dont really know beowulf well but I do know big band. his best approach options are his aerials that hit below him, JLK and JMK are his main approach options, both are safe on block. Big Band generally wants to stay in the air so don't just dash in and jump. You can't be punished for hitting jLK/jMK so you must be doing something else. HP cHP giant step(all versions) beat extend(all versions) All blockbusters HK cHk Medium brass heavy brass take the a train(all versions) emergency brake are unsafe on block.

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