How to beat Big Band and Beowulf duo?

Discussion in 'Gameplay General' started by Fatboyute, Jul 21, 2017.

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    This team has the ability to cover the entire screen, pushing you to the corner. Then you need to eat all of Beowulf and Big Band's easy mixups and hitting buttons is not an option because everything is armored... Getting out of the corner is also really difficult because that team has hitboxes all over the place... Damage is also really high... I think this is the best team in the game, if not the best then it's the easiest... This team is so popular...
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    Ways of dealing with the team will depend on your own team. Regardless of which character you play, once Beo has you in the corner and is doing his oki, you are going to have to hold those mixups.

    In a very broad sense, you want to exploit how both characters have pretty limited ranged options and specific weaknesses in their defense. Beowulf is very vulnerable to throws since all of his meterless reversals are throw vulnerable (apart from L Chair, but that move isn't strike invincible) and Big Band obviously has to deal with instant overheads. A good thing to do is to snap Band in early and get rid of him. If you manage to snap Band in, he will (most likely) have Beo with H Chair assist which isn't so useful to him since he already has good reversals so the only real benefit Beo gives him is a safe DHC. Once Band is dead, Beowulf is much weaker, his approaches become much worse without Brass backing him up as does his oki.

    It's a really strong team but it does have weaknesses and your characters may have more specific things they can do as well.

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