How to beat DP assist?

Discussion in 'Gameplay General' started by Fatboyute, Jul 17, 2017.

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    Everyone says to beat DP assists you have to bait them, so what if
    1. I bait a dp assist, it comes out, but my opponent starts pressuring me
    2. I do nothing, no dp assist comes out, my opponent starts pressuring me

    Seems like whoever has dp assist has an advantage.. In this fast paced offensive game, if the only way to beat something is to do nothing then isn't that counter intuitive?
  2. Ninja

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    remember that all assists have 3 frames when they touch the ground where you can hit them regardless if the move has invincible frames or armor. So the second you see the opponent call out that assist smack em with a low and you'll get a Happy Birthday.

    if you can't get to the assist in time and your opponent is pressuring you, you can do a push block guard cancel [basically you're doing a move directly just after you push the opponent. You'll flash green when you did it correctly] into an invincible move yourself or super.

    DP assists are good, how ever they leave the opponent with spots to fill when they try and pressure you. DP's are meant to control space and prevent jump ins. so keep that in mind to bait the opponent try jumping in and see if they love to call in that assist.
  3. Lex

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    There are a few ways to deal with DP assists.

    If you are forced to block the assist then you can often counter call with your own assist. This will deal a nice chunk of damage to the assist and lock it out for extra time, so you don't need to worry about that DP for a while. This may also allow you to pressure your opponent if they block your assist. If you call out your assist just before the DP assist forces you to block then you will often be able to get the follow up pressure because most people downback while they call DP assist (you usually don't want to press buttons while your assist is out in case of a happy birthday).

    Since people often downback when they call their DP assist, if you have a bit more time you can grab them. You are invincible during the grab animation (if it hits of course) so the DP will whiff and you get a combo. You might even get a happy birthday depending on the assist and your throw.

    All assists also have 3f when they come out where they are vulnerable as Ninja said, so if you are pressuring your opponent and think they will call out a DP assist, do a multi-hit move like Filia cr.MK and it should catch the vulnerable frames.

    You may also be able to move into a position where the DP assist whiffs, e.g. opponent calls Updo assist but you jump over and do a cross-up. Now the DP will miss you and you get pressure/a combo. This is less effective vs Beat Extend assist because Band is so big but that assist has its own vulnerabilities.

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