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Discussion in 'Beginner Forum' started by MaishulStar, Jul 27, 2017.

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    Hello there, my name is Maishul, and Skullgirls is my first fighting game that I've ever learned and tried to take seriously [Have been playing since release week, though at first it was just button mashing offline] I bought my stick for this game and have put so many hours into it. I got good enough to confirm off hits, do combos, the basic stuff. However, after awhile my progress slowed to a halt. I can't push myself past my current combos [any attempt sets off the IPs] I don't understand Neutral as well as I thought I did, and I have virtually no resets. I have this physical and mental block that makes it difficult for me to push further. To add to this, I only have two people to play the game with, my GF [who mashes her way to victory with small combos] and my Rival [who is so much better than me, that attempting anything I learned on him is a chore.] I would very much like it if someone, anyone could help me get better as I really love this game, and hate being left behind. Thank you.
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    For learning new combos, this forum has a bunch of stuff in each of the character sub-forums.

    In terms of new people to play, are you part of the Skullgirls discord? If not then I can send you an invite. There are lots of people there of varying skill levels across most regions so you should be able to find plenty of people there.
    You can also set up a lobby online (either a beginner or intermediate one) to find people to play.

    You can also start a training diary here where you chronicle your progress and ask for advice. Match videos are very useful for this, both allowing yourself and others to look over your matches and point out areas for improvement.

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