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    Hey, All.

    With E3 under wraps, and with the updates likely to start slowing down from hereon, I had been thinking of the Incarnation roster a bit, and wanted to see what everyone's opinions of them were up to this point with this dumb little set of polls I drafted up. Honestly this is just for Kicks more than anything.

    I'm under the impression that until the game is released, Lab Zero is planning to keep things nicely under wraps, which likely means that we won't be experiencing gameplay of the other incarnations. This could be the wrong way to look at things, and hey, I'd be very happy if they keep updating the backer build with more characters/ enemies, but I also greatly expect that they're going to keep us guessing and respect them for that.

    Poll for the Incarnations we've received so far from the Backer Build:

    Poll for the Incarnations that are unplayable at this time:

    Again, I could be very wrong on my thinking here, but I thought it might be an interesting foundation for some discussion. Thanks :)


    I can't believe I forgot to Add Kushi and Altun to the Roster!!! Sorry for the stupidity, guys. Revoting would be most helpful if you wouldn't mind:
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    Dang, which we had a higher response count....

    Let's make some noise so more people will see the thread!

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