Indivisible: Lab Zero's Upcoming Action RPG! (FUNDED!)

Discussion in 'Indivisible' started by TechPowah, Jul 3, 2015.

  1. KaboomKid

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    I really hope 505 doesn't take too long to update the website. With all of this new promotion coming from IGN and Funimation, that Lorem ipsum's really gotta go!

    Yeah, the slower progression will definitely help some folks, but there will always be those players who tend to stick to one strategy that they think is working, until the game punishes them hard for it. Like how a lot of people playing the Prototype would only ever do Supers with Ajna, until they finally died enough times to Manote to make them slow down and read the tips.

    That stubbornness seems like the hardest type of mindset to prevent, but hopefully LabZero has figured out a good formula of early-game challenges that might help deal with that too.
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    Has anyone been able to get the Backer Preview running in Proton? Was hoping this thing would finally let me play it, but it hangs on the loading screen. Tried enabling debug logging but couldn't parse anything meaningful from the output.
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    OH BOY NEW PORTRAITS SOON. Hopefully the text and images get fixed soon as well.
    And I'm wishful for a music upload of the inner realm and Pindayar boss music BECAUSE THEY ARE SO GOOD

    Show Spoiler
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    Blessings Beep beep.

    Meanwhile, Qadira is still MIA.
  5. Shan

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    I guess update is coming soon (no more lorem ipsum placeholder)

  6. FakeangeL

    FakeangeL When's the real main character?

    It's all in lowercase, oh no
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    Weird that Qadira was in the backer preview update with Dhar and Ginseng, but doesn't have a portrait placeholder yet. We've already seen her character art too, maybe they just forgot to include her.

    In terms of the next characters, Phoebe is likely a definite as we've seen her implementation and her art be worked on in stream. As for the others, possibly Ren as he's in the party at one point during the E3 world trailer. For a third, maybe Thorani, Sangmu, Zahra or Leilani who had finished animations shown at E3. Granted any sort of order based on implementation likely wont effect when their bios go up, cause all they necessarily need for that is just the character art and written bio, and we aren't getting backer previews with more characters anymore, so whose to say.

    Either way I'm looking forward to any new information on any of the incarnations lol
  8. TheReddestX

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    yo, dont know if anyone's actually speedrun the newest version of the backer preview and if they have I haven't seen any videos of it, so any way, i decided to run it for the heck of it and actually got decent results from it and found a different blue belu skip than the one Havic found

    couple things to note about this, this run is more of a proof of concept and has a lot of mistakes, woulda been a lot better if i hadnt messed up a bunch.

    the Ahp is finicky when you jump over it, best method I found was full dashing then dash jumping over it

    Blue Belu's even more finicky and his hitting you depends on your jump timing pretty much exclusively

    you can full skip the second red belu i just messed up

    I did it with tutorials off cause of how many there are in this version and it's just smoother in general

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  9. TheReddestX

    TheReddestX First Day DLC plz


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