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    We got new bios too, nothing for Baozhai though (and Qadira isn't featured on the website still)

    Nuna (open)

    Born in Kaanul, Nuna is one of three sisters, the middle child.
    Her older sister, Nijone, is Kaanul’s most prominent healer. Nuna wants to be as useful to her community as her sister, but thanks to endless coddling, has become too dependent on her and doesn’t know how to move forward.
    Nuna has always had a strong affinity with plants, which developed into powerful phytomantic abilities as she came of age. She’s sure that these powers will benefit the people of Kaanul some day, but since the Snake Queen ordered everyone underground, she has had limited opportunity to develop them further.

    Tzitzi, the Snake Queen’s adjutant, has recently been cracking down, and using force to restrict access to the surface in order to “protect” Kaanul’s people. Scared for the future of Kaanul, Nijone has asked Nuna to sneak to the surface and seek out Kaanul’s great hero, Angwu. Nuna nervously accepted – perhaps this was the opportunity she had been waiting for.

    Latigo (open)

    Latigo used to lead a group of noble mercenaries with his best friend, Vasco. Known simply as “The Caballeros,” together their posse roamed, protecting the defenseless from criminals and other ne’er-do-wells.

    But one day, Latigo found himself on the wrong side of the law.

    Blinded by money, Vasco assassinated a nobleman in the Iron Kingdom. Latigo and the others were believed to be accomplices, so they scattered and went into hiding around the world.

    Unable to forgive his old friend, Latigo searches for Vasco to repay him for ruining his life and besmirching their group’s good name.
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