Just Wanted To Play On Xbox One.

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    So I discovered Skullgirls because as I was scrolling through YouTube in the morning, I saw a video that showcased all the Blockbuster moves. I had no clue what any of it was, but I started watching, and I saw that popping 2D art style, and decided I wanted it. So I go on the Xbox Store from my console, and find the game. I select the game's page, and it says "See Price." So I press it, and select "Buy Game." It tells me that the purchase can't be made from Xbox.com, and that I need to complete the transaction from my Xbox console, which is what I'm using. I'm about to test my only option left, which is to try and purchase the game with the only parent account on the console, but I'm not sure that will work. So does anyone know how to obtain the game on Xbox One? Any help can and will be appreciated!

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