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Discussion in 'Beginner Forum' started by Rancze, Dec 9, 2016.

  1. Rancze

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    Looking for a rival - someone to play with who is better than me. Preferably MUCH better than me.

    Hi I'm Rancze. I main Filia (if my forums title still isn't evident). I started playing SG yesterday. My max combo is 8, I think? I get an average of 2-3 combos. Highest damage was 3k+. I'm a college student so I may be busy from time to time, but I will always make sure to have time with Filia and the entirety of SG :) Edit: I live in the Philippines, in case it isn't evident as well.

    Comment or PM me if you want to be my rival. I want a long term rival. Preferably a life long rival.

    That's all!
  2. Nine

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    Hey there, and welcome to Skullgirls and Skullheart! This game can be really challenging, but I find it to to be very fun + rewarding when you finally nail a combo down or win a game, among other things.

    I am by no means a Filia expert but I know a good amount of her basics, so feel free to message me or ask any questions you might have about her. Do you play Skullgirls on PC? If so, you should add me on Steam - my handle is "Tom Hammerschmidt". I can't promise that we will have the most solid connections since I'm in NA, but I'd be more than happy to help you out in a training lobby or something. In terms of me being a long term rival? Sure, that sounds like fun. ;P

    My last piece of advice to you would be to watch some high level players play Filia, and just take notes on general things that they do. At your current level, some of this stuff will seem down-right impossible, and that is TOTALLY FINE. For my first few months, I had to put the youtube videos to 0.25x speed just to see what moves people were even using in their combos. This game is really, really hard.

    Here are (In my opinion, someone can correct me on this) 3 really strong Filia players that I always watch when I want to get inspired with my Filia play:

    1. SonicFox (Best SG player in the world, has a ridiculous Filia backed behind an even more ridiculous team) - He is the Filia/Double/Fukua player in this set.

    2. WingZero (In my opinion best Filia player overall, the way he uses Filia's movement options and how he mixes up people with her is second to none) - He is the Parasoul/Filia/Squigly player in this set. Could be pretty helpful since you play Parasoul as well (judging by your skullheart profile).

    3. Cadenza AKA Fukua Twerk Team (Amazing player in general. When he hits you with his Parasoul, you will lose that character almost every time. Has an amazing Filia as well) - He is the Parasoul/Filia/Fukua player in this set.

  3. Twistedpainter

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    Sup. I play the same team as you. Somewhat. I'm basically Hammerschmidt but not as good. I'm on every day after 6pm est and I'd be down to help you out and such. My Filia is garbage at best so I would love the chance to improve with her.

    I play PC Skullgirls, so you can find me on steam by the same name of "Twistedpainter". Or PM me or something if you want some basic stuff. Do what you want. Have a good day.
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