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    I just finished my own version of a 'low-percent' run with the following restrictions:
    • Don't pick up any Ringsels
    • Skip every non-required fight possible
    • Do not recruit any optional Incarnations
    • Do not complete any Resolution quests
    As far as I can tell, you can't avoid the first attack upgrade (applied automatically upon meeting Shakti and Raksha) which gives you 1 Ringsel and the second action point.
    I also couldn't find a way to skip the 3 Ringsels in the flying fortress's treasure room (they're gathered during a cutscene that seemed to trigger no matter how you entered the room).

    I ended the game with the following setup:
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    • Baozhai
    • Ginseng & Honey
    • Kampan
    • Kushi
    • Naga Rider
    • Nuna
    • Qadira
    • Razmi
    • Thorani
    • Tungar
    • Zebei

    Now that it's done, I've been wondering if it's possible to do less while still finishing the game. It's very possible I accidentally got something optional along the way - I didn't really do any research besides doing a mostly 100% run on my first time through the game.
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