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Discussion in 'Lore / SG Canon' started by KiokuChan, Jan 17, 2016.

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    I've played through all the non-DLC character's story modes and Squiggly's so far. I've also read various things on the wiki. Despite this I feel like I not only feel I don't understand the full story (which I'm guessing is intended) but constantly am finding new things being discussed that I didn't know of before. I'm pretty sure a lot of this had to do with things people saw while backing the original campaign. While I'm picking up some things, I still feel like I'm missing a lot. Since I came in late is there somewhere to see the lore sort of put together into one coherent story, in an order that makes sense or shows how things relate? ... or even just a cliff-notes type thing that shows the core things you should look into? It's a fairly new universe yet it already feels like there is so much more I should know. Thank you for any suggestions : )

    Also, this isn't to say I don't already enjoy what I do know. I've already said elsewhere that I'm impressed with the characters and have ended up liking a lot of them more than I expected. (I don't mean I didn't expect to have character I'd like, I mean that I liked even character I didn't expect to.)
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    Medici Tower.
    Here's a thing to note:

    >Cerebella gets screwed over in every story mode she's in.

    But serously you should play or at least watch the rest of the DLC if you don't understand some things and as of right now even with the DLC the story is impossible to put together.

    In the lore thread we do have every price of lore that's canon.
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    To answer your question, no, you cannot understand the proper story right now (I've tried). Alex Ahad (the story creator) has a canon story locked up in his head, but doesn't seem ready or able to release it. In the meantime, Lab Zero is taking a hiatus from Skullgirls to create Indivisible. I hope we get the true story in a few years (it's all up in the air right now), but until then, what we have on the forum and in-game is the only lore we have.
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