Need Advice: Approaching, Recovering, and Punishing

Discussion in 'Gameplay General' started by MankeyShank, May 29, 2016.

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    This is an issue I've been having for a long time on Skullgirls. I've found a team that I'm comfortable with (Big Band & Parasoul) and have learned plenty of effective combos and techniques with the characters. Once I get online, though, I get trashed.
    I KNOW this is to be expected, this is a fighting game after all, and I've accepted that. I learn from the mistakes I make, and use what I learned to help me get better. However, my problem online is how aggressive my opponents. Skullgirls is a fighting game that is EXTREMELY offense-oriented, and it shows. Almost every match I have online, I am overwhelmed by a my opponents' rapid barrage of combos, and I literally have no time to recover or punish due to a reset. I've had matches where my opponent was so aggressive, that I literally put down my controller and watched them go at it. I DO block, and utilize to push block. And while they do help getting them off me, it more so delays the inevitable as opposed to help me get on the offensive.
    Does anyone have ANY advice on getting in on people? On safely recovering from combos and punishing opponents? I would REALLY appreciate this. Thank you!
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    Kinda shitty that no one replied to you. I don't play much anymore, but online was never hard for me:

    You play BB upfront so that's hard in I rese if you are made to block something. The most important thing isn't to get in, but to learn how to avoid having to block or be made to block... Cause once that happens you will have to suffer through your opponents mixup game, usually.

    Getting in with BB is generally to land or make your opponent block one of these.
    A train
    H brass
    H stomp unblockable.

    BB as a character is more designed to make the opponent guess at neutral from range:

    If the opponent jumped you could have A trained them on the way up since that makes A train unblockable.
    If instead they stayed on the ground and attacked you could have H brassed them to armor through their move.
    If they stayed on the ground and did nothing then you could have gone for the unblockable at fullscreen range, or done a sweep/overhead mixup at around half screen range.

    In the air you are no slouch either:

    Use your jlk's superior active and startup frames to beat other characters air moves to the punch.

    Or use your cymbal crash to to put out a huge hitbox and clip the opponent from far into a punish combo.
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    If your opponent never stops pushing buttons then use Napalm Pillar or Beat Extend. Either the assist or the move on point, whichever.

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