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Discussion in 'Beginner Forum' started by kotu, Apr 30, 2016.

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    I live in Perth, Western Australia and would love to know if there are players my area. Apart from skullgirls i've dabbled in smash and street fighter and i've found a new love for fighting games very recently so im a scrub. I main Fukua and Bella atm because I think they look cool pretty much. I hope to learn a few things about the game on this site.

    Also I need a fightstick, any recommendations for sticks at a decent price or online stores that ship internationally? Pretty hard to come by them in Australia.

    edit: I found the skullgirls oceanic group on steam yay
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    Not many of us play anymore, as the game has been out for years. Having said that, we have a couple newer Perth players that still dabble in the game as they only recently picked it up in the last few months.

    Yeah, skullgirls oceanic is the place to go. You can ask clarencemage for some games and I'm sure he will be willing to play some characters he doesn't know well to give you a good time. He likes teaching the newer guys.

    Have fun, SG is a fantastic game that I had a great time with for over 4 years :)
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    I live in Bunbury so decent online games should be possible. It is best to pop into SGOCE anytime in the arvo asking for games. Most of the player base is in VIC and NSW, but there's some others lurking around here and there. The chat has less participants due to university, work, family, other games and most matches are organised through PMs, however, best way to become part of the fold is to jump into the group chat and/or adding me on steam.

    Ebay and Playasia might be good bets for buying sticks internationally.
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    I know I say this a lot, but second-hand sticks on ebay are usually a cost effective way of finding out if a stick is right for you, and even more so when you consider the outrageous prices you'd have to pay here for a new one.
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