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Discussion in 'Skullheart Forum Inquiries' started by MysteriousJ, May 24, 2014.

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    The News board and its duplication to the front page don't seem like news as much as they do press releases. Why wasn't there a post about the UFGT stream? Why is there not a single post about momocon? The little twitter feed in the side bar provides much better information on current events than the big obvious front page news.

    I don't know, maybe it is the intentional design to only post time-insensitive announcements that won't be "over" in the near future. But it would be nice if the skullheart news feed was a reliable source of information for community events.
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    I agree but this issue is more the news writers not being on the ball rather than being told not to post about these things.
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    This is 100% an issue around here. I write a lot of news posts for this place, but recently I have been completely buried in work and have been unable to spend the time to write posts. (It's a lot easier and shorter to just comment in threads like this than to make an actual news post) [Also, even though my name hasn't been on many recent ones, I still do promote articles and cleanup on them to bring them more in line with the front page standard :P]

    We've recently added another news writer to our ranks, but I know I'm not the only regular news writer that's been really busy lately.

    I know that's not a terribly good excuse for a place supposed to be the center of Skullgirls on the internet, so we'll have to address that going forward.
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    Yes, it would be nice, but we're really busy, and not all of the mod team is good at writing articles to begin with (e.g. I suck at it and hate doing it). As for why there wasn't a post on the UFGT stream? Because Night Phyre was comentating on the stream.

    As for why some of the articles seem like press releases - Ravidrath was kind enough to keep people updated by posting threads about some of the stuff that has been going on recently, and to save time they were just promoted to the news section.

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