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Discussion in 'Beginner Forum' started by Venus Lovelace, Jan 8, 2017.

  1. Venus Lovelace

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    As conceited it is for me to make a thread basically just telling the world how much of a failure I am, after playing for 4 years, I guess it just seems fitting. I'm honestly terribad at every fighting game, and it's the most depressing thing in the world since they're my favorite to play. After 4 years, though, and literally getting WORSE, I've realized. I should really just stop. Forever. Probably not all fighting games, but at least Skullgirls. I guess I just don't deserve to play such a great game. This is goodbye then, everyone.
  2. Cattfish

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    This is a girl titty fighting game no one is below this

    feel better tho homie it'll be okay
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  3. Ninja

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    dude it's alright. it's a fighting game, everyone loses and i can understand how this can make you feel down and stuff. but it's alright, ask yourself this: "Do I enjoy playing SkullGirls?"

    if the answer is yes, then don't stop, even if you lose, playing SG at a casual lvl is alright, there's tons of people who do that actually. Only a minority of us play this game seriously at a high tournament lvl.

    and if you want to improve and get better there are peeps out here willing to help.

    Tell you what. go make some tea, relax for the day, try to feel better, and if you feel like coming back we'll be here to help yah out. Sound good?
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  4. North888

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    Its ok. We ain't all good at stuff. I'm terrible at basically everything, but its the adventure over the result I feel.

    And besides, how much of these forums are actually talking about skullgirls? It certainly doesn't feel like its talked about nearly as much as it was before; mostly just being used as an outlet for people who like the game to get together and talk. Dun worry
  5. missingno

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    Are you having fun? That's really all that matters. I get bodied pretty hard but I still love it. Hell, Skullgirls is the game I'm least terrible at, but it still doesn't stop me from enjoying Vampire Savior and 3rd Strike too, even when I'm complete garbage in those.
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    From what I've noticed you don't seem to participate much on learning the game since all your posts have nothing to do with gameplay.

    If you want to get better then asking better players things would probably help.

    Honestly instead of making this thread you could've been asking questions about the game :/

    You don't grow by yourself, you grow with others.

    That said if you don't enjoy the game anymore then don't play it but if you do like it then try actually participating in learning the game by asking questions instead of posting in off-sg boards.
    You might find that asking questions here can help you learn things or find you other players to fight.

    Sorry if that seems mean but I'm reading "waaaah I can't get better but I don't feel like putting in any effort to better myself I'll just never ask anything related to gameplay and post in non-sg boards, guess I'll quit I'll never know why I don't get better." Just seems like a cry for attention. 15 messages none are about sg at all and most of them are profile updates.

    To get help you have to want help. Have a good day.
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  7. ArgonBern

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    I'd suggest trying other fightan games. Getting into Guilty Gear helped me after realising I didn't like SG's system. Maybe I'm not coming back to it, but at least I'm happy that I found a fightan I'm comfortable with.

    Go try new shit dude. Anything that inspires you, try it. It can't get worse.

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