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Discussion in 'Beginner Forum' started by Feynt, Apr 9, 2017.

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    Morning folks, just another newbie posting for advice.

    I'm coming from a relatively non-fighter background (RPGs mostly, Smash and Project X Zone are about as close as I've gotten, also RTS player) and I'm looking to get into Skullgirls on PC with my Steam controller. The trouble is I'm about as coordinated as a pyramid of jello cubes. Consistent execution of moves has always been a problem for me since the early days of Street Fighter 2 growing up. I know the motions, but either I'm executing them ridiculously fast or far too slow, because most of the time I end up with the normal attack rather than the special I was going for. I'm not really planning on being a tournament player, I just want to be able to hold my own online or against friends. I'm good at keeping order of operation in mind and basically don't stress, so I've got that going for me. Also I'm a good blocker. At least got that right all those years ago.

    Thus far I've been practicing Filia in training. I'm familiar with the concept of chunking moves, so I've got a basic combo string memorised (sLP>sLK>sMK>sHP jump jLP>jLK>jMK>H Airball>Gregor) after only a couple hours of practice. Either chunk I can execute properly while distracted and watching videos or reading a minimum of 10 times in a row. The issue as I mentioned is execution, as I seem to only get the first three attacks of the air chunk successfully when I put them together. Half the time I get a jHK, the other half I don't connect with most of the H Airball and the dummy starts blocking because it falls faster than I do. Showing the input list I'm flailing correctly, it's just not registering. >\

    Character wise I'm a sucker for style. Filia has some nice combos from tournament VODs so I've been playing around with her, but Beowulf is my interest focus. Problem is I can't seem to do more than 3-4 hit combos with him, and I'm generally trash. I'm also a fan of Squigly, but I haven't looked into her very much mechanically. Parasoul is also stylewise appealing, but I've been terrible with charge characters and I feel I'd need a pro to spoon feed me on proper usage. >P


    I'm the sort of person who likes to understand why I'm doing a thing, and I'm a fan of mechanics analysis, so blindly learning combos is rather frustrating. I understand IPS, hit/block stun, and recovery times at a 1km overview level; but not on the mechanical level. I've never gotten beyond filthy casual in the past. Besides flailing ineffectually in MvC2 as Strider in college for approximately $5 worth of gameplay over 3 years, I've never really played a game that did combo tracking or assists.
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    Well friend, I actually made an account just so that I can help you as I was pretty comfy in discord, regardless of that the solution of your problems is to practice practice and practice, it'll suck I'm not going to lie, open a podcast and start practicing your inputs. Then play with other people and get your teeth kicked in, you're a growing man and there will be a lot of growing pain for you. So buckle down little Timmy and stay perseverant, this isn't C&C generals where you can solve everything by spamming humwees with rocket troops, you need to practice, study and experiment. Good luck trooper
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    Honestly the execution of specials on command comes down to muscle memory. So just practice the quarter circle motions till you can do them 10 times in a row. After that you can move on to doing the motions on either side, and then moving on to dragon punch motions.

    For a starting char, I'd say stick with Filia. Once you have a good handle on her and her inputs, then you can branch out to other characters.

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