Offensive Movement (vs Airborne Opponents)

Discussion in 'Double' started by IsaVulpes, Jun 7, 2016.

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    Following @Pickles advice to run Double/Filia/Parasoul, I've been playing this char a bit and indeed she seems quite fun!
    I am using that dekillsage analysis video from the mcpeanuts Training Diary as a base, playing a defensive Double just built around jHP/jHK/Lugers/stuff to space people out.
    This works quite well and I am happy with the overall gameplan; just putting hitboxes out there and having people run to their deaths is rather nice.

    However, sometimes I *DO* have to go in - eg because the clock is running out and the opponent has the lifelead.
    Now, against people who stay grounded I can somewhat manage; some mix of Clide / dashjump jHP / dash cLK / dash Throw / and Luger conversions tends to work out in landing me hits.
    In general I have problems catching/hitting stuff, so if someone could give me some advice on what to do that is assistless (so no fleshstep+assist business) and not catheads to really open people up, that'd be appreciated, but as said - I can sorta somewhat sometimes handle myself.

    On the other hand, when I am fighting someone who stays above L Luger and outside the tiny space that H Luger occupies, I am largely lost on what to do.
    The standard buttons (jLP, jLK, jMP, jHP) all either have short range or don't hit above Double, jHK only hits directly above and has long startup, sHK feels rather iffy to use and SJ DJ after them tends to be too slow.
    This is mostly a problem against Valentines staying at 1/2-3/4 screen distance chucking Shurikens from high up, but also happens against defensive PWs/Bellas or aforementioned scenarios where the opponent holds the lifelead - so me barely having any Valentine matchup experience due to a lack of said character in Europe likely plays a role, but certainly isn't the entire deal.
    With assists it becomes a bunch easier (eg Updo snatching them out of the air, or a lockdown assist catching them as they land to buy me time), but I am playing Solo right now & I need to know what to do without team support anyway (since sometimes my teammates are going to be dead).

    The chars I play / used to play all have rather straightforward offensive games, with Fortune/Filia/Parasoul not exactly having trouble chasing people down and opening them up, Peacock not caring about runaway, and Fukua/PW having their own unqiue ways of dealing with the problem; so I am unsure how to tackle it with Double.
    My current "solution" pretty much comes down to Dash-H.Lugers, getting hit and reversaling out, and spastically jumping around while pressing random buttons in hopes something hits, but that doesn't exactly feel sufficient.

    Any pointers would be very welcome!

    E: Some vids of strong Doubles dealing with proper runaway (I don't know, Sage's Double/Fuk/Bella team vs OutlawSpike or smth) would also be lovely to watch so I can see what other ppl are doing, but either YT is bad at delivering SG videos, or I am awful at using the YT search; either way I am not really finding things and unsure where to look.
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    so normally in situations where the opponent is above me I usually go for air throw. Double has a really good air throw. usually on players like outlaw that's my go to button for air control.
    Other good neutral options are c.hp, s.hp, and j.hp fast fall Also remember that slide into monster is really hard to punish point blank so that's also a solid get in option.

    I'm not a super strong double but here is a set I had with gelato, I hope it helps some:

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