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    Skullgirls OC ID: OVERDRIVE

    Skullgirls OC askblog, OVERDRIVE is a Vigilante that is under the organization of his "Boss"
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    , his group is in charge with tasks such as bounty hunting and "other business" in partnership with The Medici mafia...

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    OVERDRIVE is oblivious of what is going on around the medici mafia, and thanks to his boss, he believes firmly that the Medici are the good guys and nothing can change his ideas. While he won't punish "severely" those who haven't done much harm, he will strictly bring harm and even kill those who lay hands to innocents. (One ask details in how he knows about an experiment called "Painwheel" and made him really wish to find Brain Drain)

    Blog made for fun long ago, since i decided to keep trying to come back at times, mostly because every other Skullgirl askblog either appears and by the next month sadly dies... Takes away inspiration aaaaaaaa


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