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    This compendium was made for players so that they have an easier time looking for information about Painwheel.

    Video guide (open)

    General Info (open)


    Painwheel is a highly mobile, high corner damage character that hitconfirms exceptionally well and gets great damage by baiting pushblocks with fly attacks. She can reset and do mixups from just about anywhere in her combo strings that she wants and she has high priority long ranged neutral game tools such as her aerial normal and her projectile stingers that she can use to battle other non zoning characters with from afar. Her is a very high priority tool to use on the ground as a far anti air or as an attack directly after a dash to get in.


    Painwheels ability to convert off of regular dp assists such as updo and pillar and mk bomber, is weak when outside the corner. And most first hits, will be outside the corner... So the most powerful assists in the game arent something that pw can use "well" with regard to confirming.

    Painwheel has no great midrange air to air, shes all which is a slow long ranged attack, or shes which are all short ranged and kinda slow and bad hitboxes. Her is the closest attack she has to really be a mid ranged air to air, but it loses to basically everything else that opposing characters would do at the same range, case in point it loses to bellas because of bellas disjointed hitboxes and it loses to parasouls j.lp because of the speed difference, and loses to most other midrange air to airs because of one of those things.

    She has probably the bar none worst reversal in the game, but since its still a reversal it is still good in the right situations, but still, in most situations it is pretty bad... And for meter, no less.

    Painwheel is slow in ability to move just about anywhere quickly. Her dash has tremendous startup (though visually it doesnt telegraph itself so there's always that) and her flight also has lots of startup.

    Painwheels rote flight overheads are react blockable rather easily, making her mixup game lack fear factor and strong starters without mucho conditioning of the opponent.

    Painwheels starters in general suffer horrible scaling, her hits 6 times, whereas her hits 4 times, her other prime combo starters are her throws, which scale damage by 50%. So you can crossup with into a scaled combo, or you can throw into a scaled combo. Her standard unscaled optimal starters are and or But with her flight overheads being react blockable it is unlikely that you will be opening the opponent up with either of these as a form of high/low mixup. Moral of the story being that strong starters are hard to come by, and the scaling can be horrendous, some combos drop 1500-2000 damage just for starting them with

    Painwheels grounded normals are slow and are generally stubby.

    Painwheel has no exceptionally powerful assist because her most powerful moves arent allowed to be assists (armor attacks and nail charges)

    Before i go into strengths id like to mention one of painwheels prime strengths when considering her in relation to her peers. Its been observed, for good reason that pw doesnt really standout in any category as being the best in it, and she isnt really an all around character either... Which is how i used to think until i realized that there is a category where she is "more than likely" the best in the game:

    Hitconfirming. Its a hard category to acknowledge pw as best in when so many characters in sg excel at it or at the very least cant really be considered "weak" at it. But pw takes things a step further. She can meterlessly confirm all of her throws (front back and air) she has easy air to air confirms. She has j.lp,, air to air confirms. She has j.hp air to air confirms (not easy but doable with practice and spacing/character dependent) and she has easy ground confirms, she has armor confirms off of cr.hp, st.hp, and sweep. Painwheel is a hitconfirm beast. If there is anything that can be said that she really excels at... Its hitconfirms.
    Oh and the reason for learning that pw has better hitconfirms than most other characters, is to learn how to pick better assists for her. Because with her having such good hitconfirms, there becomes less reason to be able to confirm from dp assists and the like (unless going for stacking synergy which is to stack strengths on top of each other in order to change the strengths from strong to near op, like giving bella a command grab assist, or giving peacock a projectile assist) for painwheel a stacking synergy would be something like beat extend L since it offers a hitconfirm from a place that pw doesnt easily get them, invincible ground moves.

    But in pws case i feel like it might be better to go for opposite synergies, aka synergies that seek to diminish faults rather than synergies that seek to pump up strengths.

    Here again beat extend L makes its presence known by shoring up painwheels weaker reversal options, so it gives her Both a stacking (attacking in this case) synergy and a defensive synergy... So obviously its super good for pw... HOWEVER:

    H brass assist also stacks with certain painwheel strengths and weaknesses, it doesnt stack with her hitconfirm strength though (outside the corner) but it makes up for one of her biggest weaknesses... Ability to get in, and ability to deal with peacock. After that its still good as a damage assist in both highly scaled hitconfirm combos, and combos that start with optimal moves. And its also a great counter assist that does ridiculous damage to the opponents assist when painwheel baits one out on wiff. For this reason i believe brass to be the better overall choice for pw. Though i also believe that beat extend is godlike. Personally my preference is to use brass against any team with peacock on it, and beat extend against teams without it.

    So on to the rest of the strengths:

    Hitconfirms from basically anything and damn near anywhere.

    On the higher end of the damage spectrum with her corner combos.

    Can vary her reset points greatly because of flight, she can basically go for a reset just about anywhere.

    Her flight movement allows her to evade most ground pressure that other characters have to deal with.

    She controls huge amounts of screen with fully charged hp stingers and can easily set up her own offense with them if she finds places to put them in her game.

    She can charge her stingers and flight cancel them before they come out, as a fake, allowing her to go offensive against people that try to rush her down before she gets a max charge.

    She has a plethora of ways to use unfly to bait disadvantage on block anti air things and to go offensive relatively safely via calling an assist

    Buer thresher is one of the best aerial reversals in the game.

    Can air armor through obvious one hit reversal attacks such as pillar or updo.

    If pw is in armor, she can reversal most supers after they recover from superfreeze because armor doesnt get affected by superfreeze hitstop.

    She can very easily bait pushblock with her flight cancels, which can give her opportunities for strong starters as opposed to scaled ones.

    She is great at baiting wiffed assists.

    Movement (open)

    Painwheel has poor mobility outside of Fly. She can only jump once. She has no air dash. Her grounded dash is slow, being considered one of the worst dashes. Her grounded dash at least lets you dash jump. Even with poor ground movement options, there is still merit to being on the ground due to her attacks.

    Painwheel gets most of her mobility through Fly. You want to be above the opponent, forcing them into a position where it's hard to attack you and easy for you to attack them. You can even superjump then Fly. Don't worry about the assist lock during superjump, as it goes away when you Fly. You also want to weave your way through zoning and avoid assists while calling your own when appropiate. You go faster going forward and downwards and slower when going backwards and upwards. Going backwards and upwards is a valid way of avoiding stuff, so don't feel like it's bad since it's slower.

    Normals (open)

    Painwheel has a wide variety of normals at her disposal, consisting of damaging single-hit attacks, multi-hit attacks, the ability to stagger, crumple, and ground-bounce opponents. Although her normals are not the fastest in the game, they can pack a punch and can be extremely effective when used at the right moment. Painwheel is also the only character in the game to have Armored Normals ( referred to as 'Hatred Guard' ), which will absorb a number of attacks and can be activated by holding down the desired button and "charging" the normal. However, not all of her moves have armor. Some of her normals also gain additional properties when fully "charged".

    3f startup on Hatred Guard
    One of the slower jabs in the game, and painwheel's shortest reaching light attack. Can absorb 1 hit when charged.
    4f startup on Hatred Guard
    Painwheel does a standing uppercut while large spikes erupt from her forearm, launching her opponent into the air. One of painwheel's two launchers, this attack is very useful and is easier to chain into than her other launcher. This move can absorb 2 hits, and will auto-correct if an absorbed attack was a cross-up. This is very useful when the opponent is attacking from directly above you.

    6f startup on Hatred Guard
    Very far reaching heavy attack that does excellent damage. This move can absorb 3 hits, and when fully charged will do additional damage as well as causing Stagger.
    Painwheel's most damaging light attack, but also tied for the slowest startup. This move does not have any armor.
    5f startup on Hatred Guard
    Painwheel flings her legs forward as spikes burst from her legs all the way to her feet. This is an interesting move as it lifts the opponent off of the ground as it hits them, and can also be used to anti-air the opponent during neutral. This move can absorb 2 hits.
    Painwheel's 2nd, and also multi-hitting, launcher. With the grace of a gymnast, Painwheel will thrust her leg up and towards her body, only to then brutally bend her kneecap backwards revealing yet another spike. This launcher hits 3 times and the opponent is lifted from the ground immediately after the 1st hit, which can be very useful in resets and confusing your opponent. This move does not have any armor.

    Painwheel utilizes her large metal blade and sends it thrusting into the ground in front of her. On whiff, block, or hit, she can thrust the blade up to 3 more times by pressing HK. The 4th and final hit produces a ground bounce. This move does not have any armor.

    4f startup on Hatred Guard
    Similar to the standing version, with slightly farther reach. This move can absorb 1 hit.
    5f startup on Hatred Guard
    Painwheel crouches down and spins her fan blade towards the opponent. Despite the appearance, this move does not hit low, but does cover a good area in front of Painwheel as well as a small area above her. This move hits 4 times, and can absorb 2 hits.

    7f startup on Hatred Guard
    With all the pain bottled up inside, Carol simply can't take it and angrily punches the ground in front of her as a spike protrudes from her arm. A very useful normal, as it does produce a ground bounce on hit and does slightly more damage than the standing version. This move can absorb 3 hits and, when fully charged, will do more damage, cause a crumple state, and becomes an overhead. It is also worth noting that this move will cause a higher ground bounce when hitting an airborne opponent, and charging amplifies this effect.
    One of the best low's in the game, and Painwheel's furthest reaching light attack by a mile. This will most likely be your go-to combo starter, as it has amazing reach for a character of painwheel's size. This move does not have any armor.
    The newest addition to Painwheel's list of normals that hit Low, this single-hitting attack does good damage and is extremely common in Painwheel's BnB's. Not quite as far reaching as her, but more powerful and now has more use as a low reset tool. This move does not have any armor.
    5f startup on Hatred Guard
    Crouched and ready to pounce, Painwheel sweeps her fan blade above the ground in front of her. Painwheel's sweep is one of the best in the game, as it has very good reach for her size and will produce a red bounce when fully charged. When used without charge, this move will produce a blue bounce like all other sweeps. In addition to the red bounce, Painwheel also deals more damage when fully charged and will cause a slight vacuum effect pulling the opponent in closer, rather than pushing them away on hit. This move can absorb 2 hits.

    Painwheel's fastest air normal, although having the shortest reach, a few spikes emerge directly in front of Painwheel. This single hitting attack can have plenty of use in combos, resets, burst baits, and even some air-to-air situations. This move does not have any armor.

    One of Painwheel's most commonly used air normals, Painwheel will quickly reel back and send her fan blade spinning directly in front of her. For a total of 4 hits, this move is extremely useful in neutral game and approaching your opponent, and can rip through armor moves as well. This move does not have any armor.

    2f startup on Hatred Guard
    Similar to, Painwheel will also reel herself back and get ready to lunge forward with her spinning blade. This time around, Painwheel's fan blade will be slightly above her as opposed to directly in front, and she's able to charge up the attack. This is Painwheel's only air normal that can be charged. Another unique property to this move is that is changes Painwheel's trajectory in air, basically stopping her in place during startup and then sending her flying forward much quicker than usual. Normally, this move will hit for a total of 4 times, but when fully charged can deal a total of 6 hits for more damage. This move can absorb 1 hit.
    Similar to j.lp, Painwheel sticks a few spikes out in front of her from her knee caps. This time the spikes are a little bit further below Painwheel and reach a tad further forward. This move does not have any armor.

    A single hitting attack, Painwheel kicks her leg diagonally down and towards the opponent, revealing a spike from her heal. This move is very useful in combos and provides a ton of hit-stun to work with. This move does not have any armor.
    Like the beautiful swan that she is, Painwheel flips herself upside down and spins her fan blade furiously against her protruding spikes. The result? A blender-like normal with an exceptionally deceiving hitbox. Although the fan blade spins near the middle of Painwheel, the hitbox on this normal extends well below and in front of her, covering about 50% of the sparks that are produced. This move also stops Painwheel's momentum, affecting her trajectory. This move does not have any armor.

    Specials (open)

    Here's a useful tip. You can tk your specials and air super. What this means is that you can get buer immediately after jumping. Also thresher. Do the input then jump and press the button to get a quick air move.

    -L Stinger(236 lp)-Painwheel shoots at the ground, pinning the opponent Combo fodder and useful for some setups. Does not really do much else.
    -M Stinger(236 mp)-Painwheel shoots horizontally, sending a projectile across the stage. Has 3 levels of charge. First is a single slow moving projectile. Next are 3 faster shots, making a little fork formation. Finally is 5 projectiles, same speed as the first level. Can be canceled with Fly. Useful for controlling space on the ground. Decent cover after a charged shot into Fly. Respectable cover after an uncharged shot into Fly
    -H stinger(236 hp)-Painwheel shoots an arcing projectile in the air. Has 3 levels of charge. First is a single projectile that arcs down. Next are 3 projectiles arcing down. Finally is 5 Projectiles.Can be canceled with Fly. Useful for controlling space in the air and making people think twice about being in the air. Very nice cover after a charged shot into fly. Acceptable cover after an uncharged shot.

    -L buer(236 lk)-Painwheel reaches out with her buer in front of her, grabbing the opponent when it hits and also sending them a little forward. Can only be canceled if it hits. If canceled from fly, then it counts as two Fly uses. Really nice for combos. Does not have much use outside of combos.
    Air version is similar to M buer. Painwheel reaches in front of her and flings the opponent forward. Same cancelable properties as grounded.
    -M buer(236mk)-Painwheel reaches out far with her bier in front of her. Grabs opponent when it hits and also flings them forward. Can only be canceled it it hits. If canceled, then it counts as 2 uses of Fly. More of a neutral tool.
    Air version makes Painwheel grab at a 45 degree angle downward. Causes slide while in HI. Might be useful if you use Thresher. Same cancelable properties as grounded
    -H buer(236hk)-Painwheel reaches at a 45 degree angle upward. Grabs the opponent when it hits, flinging them forward and upwards. Can only be canceled if it hits. If canceled, then it counts as 2 Fly uses. Unblockable on the way up. Useful for corner combos. Might be useful for risky setups.
    Air version has Painwheel reach straight down with Buer. Causes bounce while in HI, so it is useful for that. Might be useful for risky setups. Same cancelable properties as the grounded version.

    -Fly(214 k. Air ok)-Painwheel takes to the sky. You can cancel to fly up to 2 times in the air. Flight is her main form of movement and is used for her everything. Useful for resets, combos, setups, movement and pressure to name some of the things. Most of Painwheel's moves are cancelable into flight. Keep in mind that you cannot block while using this, so be smart about using this defensively. More on this as a movement tool can be found under (Movement). Please note that when below 1 meter, meter is given when whiffing normals, using fly to cancel normals is very helpful since painwheel is normally meter starved.

    Supers (open)

    -Deathcrawl(236 pp)1 meter-Painwheel flips over, putting her buer to the ground and starts to crawl. Has several hits. This is the main combo ender for damage. This is also Painwheel's grounded reversal. As a combo ender, it doesn't put the opponent in a very dangerous spot, so try to go for a kill or DHC when ending with it. Despite being somewhat fast, Painwheel is surrounded with hurtboxes, so don't try to use this for beating projectiles from afar. Will hit before characters otg if they fall on you during Deathcrawl. Attack hitbox is low and there is little followup if you don't DHC, but this is your grounded reversal, so use it if you need your opponent off of you. During HI, this super gains more hits and becomes faster. It is more damaging as a combo ender in HI than Buer thresher.

    -Buer Thresher(236 kk. air only)1 meter-Painwheel sticks out some barbs in the air, grabbing on hit. Can be canceled with fly if it hits. A really nice air reversal and a really nice neutral tool. You can get a combo after this super, so don't be afraid to waste meter on it if you know it will hit. Allows you to better contest the air. Does not do as much damage as Deathcrawl, so don't end combos with this. HI gives it more hits, making it more damaging, but still the same mostly. Does not do more damage as a combo ender than Deathcrawl while in HI, so don't try to end combos with it while in HI.

    -Hatred install(214 kk)2 meter-Painwheel starts to flash, gaining new powers. Returns to neutral after doing the animation for activating it. One of the greatest DHC supers in the game.
    • L stinger doesn't scale to 50%
    • M and H stinger charge faster
    • Buers now scale to 70% instead of 50%
    • More hitstop on Buers(ex:L buer xx fly doesn't combo unless in HI)
    • Buers gain a one use property-L Buer staggers, s.M Buer / s.H Buer / j.L Buer cause wall-stick, j.M Buercauses sliding, and j.H Buer causes floorbounce. After the special reaction is used, that version of Buer returns to the normal behavior for the rest of the combo.
    • All armor startup -->0f of startup. This means that armor starts on the first frame.
    • Reduced to 1/3 regular time if you DHC into it
    • Her throws and tag in get an extra hit, making it more damaging
    • All armored normals receive an extra hit of armor
    • All Hatred guard attacks reflect more damage
    • Cannot die absorbing attacks in HI
    • Hatred Install cannot end while you are in a combo
    • Meter gain reduced to 1/3
    • Death Crawl and Buer Thresher now uses lvl 3 damage scaling and damage is adjusted
    • Buer overdrive now uses lvl 5 scaling damage and its damage is adjusted
    -Buer overdrive(236 pp)3 meter-Painwheel's most powerful super. Has several hits, so it will scale. Convertible, so it can be better than Deathcrawl as a reversal in some cases where meter is not an issue. Has 3 hits of armor. If you need damage, then it's usually better to DHC. If you don't have one or don't want to, then use this for damage.

    Combos (open)
    Throw (open)

    Doing a buer cancel(buffer L buer) and then walking up with s.hp or c.hp without burning otg allows you to do most
    combos without worrying about specific conversions. If in corner, then the full combo can be done due to there being no need to walk forward/ Alternatively, do fly without burning otg, but start after the first chain.
    Krackatoa throw carry 7.2k (open)

    Throw xx L Buer (Land Cancels)
    Walk Forward,s.hp xx L Buer xx Fly
    3j.lp xx L Buer xx fly
    (air)L Buer xx fly xx (air)L Buer
    otg, xx H Buer xx fly
    s.lp,,,s.hp xx L Buer xx Deathcrawl

    * on Heavies

    HI throw conversions (open)

    You can still buer cancel and fly into, and buer cancel

    Midscreen (open)

    Most midscreen combos can be started with fly(s.hp xx fly) or buer(s.hp xx L buer) without much trouble
    fly(use for max range) has longer range, better meter, and slightly more damage in midscreen combos
    buer is better when the combo is scaled, has better carry, and can let you frontload your damage for high damage low undizzy reset strings
    CaioLugon easy midscreen 7.1k (open),, s.hp xx (L buer, xx fly*, s.hp xx L buer xx fly
    9j.lp,, s.hp, xx L nail
    dash, s.lp,,, s.hp xx L buer xx Deathcrawl
    *Can be replaced with fly

    Bombad midscreen 7.4k (open),, s.hp xx fly ( if too far away), s.hp xx L buer xx fly
    6j.lp, can be just 3j.lp if needed)*, (3 hits on lights, 4 on heavies), j.hp (3 hits),
    s.lp,,, s.hp xx L buer xx death crawl
    *This can be ommitted if you want

    Shnarfll-Midscreen 7.5k (open),, s.hp xx L Buer xx fly,, neutral jump, j.hp(4) xx fly, j.hp(3),
    L Buer xx fly
    c.lp,,, xx L buer xx Deathcrawl

    Dime 2 meter midscreen 8.7k (open),, s.hp xx fly, s.hp xx L buer xx fly
    3j.lp, xx M buer xx thresher xx fly, xx L stinger
    dash s.lp, ,, s.hp xx L buer xx Deathcrawl

    Dime midscreen 7.7k (open),, s.hp xx fly,, s.hp xx L buer xx fly
    3jlp, xx H buer, xx fly otg,, xx L stinger,
    s.lp,,, s.hp xx L buer xx Deathcrawl

    Slyzor 7.9k midscreen (open),, s.hp xx fly if too far), s.hp xx L buer xx fly
    3j.lp,, c.hp xx L stingers
    jump forward j.hp(4)
    s.lp,,, xx L buer xx deathcrawl

    Slyzor CH stagger s.hp anywhere 10.1k (open)

    charged CH s.hp xx fly
    charged c.hp xx fly, s.hp xx L Buer xx fly, s.hp xx L Buer xx fly
    3j.lp, s.hp xx L stingers
    jump forward, j.hp(4)
    s.lp,,, xx L buer xx Deathcrawl

    Slyzor CH midscreen 8.7k (open)

    s.lp,,, s.hp xx L buer xx fly, s.hp xx L buer xx fly
    9j.lp,, s.hp xx L stinger
    jump forward (, j.hp xx fly*
    s.lp,,, xx L Buer xx Deathcrawl
    *Vs Val and Peacock after LP stingers
    j.MP, fly, 9j.MK, j.HP, final chain (it also should work vs everyone else except Bella)

    CaioLugon CH 8.2k (open) is a launcher unlike the rest of her armored moves
    CH, xx fly
    s.hp xx L buer xx fly,, s.hp xx L buer xx fly
    9j.lp,, s.hp xx L nails
    dash up s.lp,,, s.hp xx L buer xx Deathcrawl

    Carry (open)

    -Important for getting into the corner
    -These can be your corner combos as there isn't a big difference in carry and corner damage, but the corner specific ones do more damage.
    -Most carry combos use L buer in rapid succession, so using it in the start usually yields the best damage. It also gives better carry.
    -Use fly for when you need the range
    Krackatoa carry 8.4k (open),,s.hp xx L Buer xx fly xx L Buer xx fly
    (air)L Buer xx fly xx (Air)L Buer
    OTG , xx H Buer xx Fly
    s.lp,,, s.hp xx L Buer xx Deathcrawl
    * on heavies

    Krackatoa's harder variation 8.45k,, s.hp xx L buer xx fly
    s.hp xx L Buer
    (air)L Buer xx fly xx (air)L Buer >
    OTG xx H Buer xx fly
    Restand s.LP,s.LK,cr.MP,f.HK(x4) xx LK.Buer xx Deathcrawl
    * on heavies

    Magic man carry 8.17k(otgless option) (open),, s.hp xx L buer xx fly
    L buer xx fly
    (air)L buer xx fly, s.hp xx H buer xx fly,, j.hp
    s.lp,,, s.hp xx L buer xx deathcrawl.

    Slyzor carry 8.46k (open),, s.hp xx L buer xx fly
    L buer xx fly, xx L buer xx fly xx H buer xx fly
    5j.hp( vs heavies) xx L buer
    s.lp,,, s.hp xx L buer xx Deathcrawl

    CaioLugon carry combo 8.3k (open)

    -Doing fly 3/ will get more damage. This combo is the exception to the rule of giving up damage for the fly starter. You still lose a little carry though.,, s.hp xx L buer xx fly, c.hp xx H buer xx fly
    (air)L buer
    otg xx H buer xx fly,, xx H buer xx fly
    s.lp,,, s.hp xx L buer xx deathcrawl

    Charged s.hp stagger CH carry 10.5k (open)

    charged CH s.hp xx fly
    charged c.hp xx fly s.hp xx L Buer xx fly s.hp xx L Buer xx fly
    3j.lp xx L Buer xx fly
    j.hp xx L Buer
    s.lp s.hp xx L Buer xx Deathcrawl
    3j.hp after xx L buer

    Slyzor CH carry 9.9k (open)

    s.lp,,, s.hp xx L Buer xx fly xx L Buer xx fly
    (air)L Buer xx fly xx H Buer xx fly
    j.hp* xx L Buer xx H Buer xx fly, j.hp
    s.lp,,, s.hp xx L Buer xx Deathcrawl

    Corner (open)

    Slyzor Corner 8.62k (open),, c.hp xx H buer xx fly xx (air)L buer
    otg xx L buer xx fly
    3j.lp,, xx L buer xx fly, xx H buer xx fly
    3j.hp ( vs heavies),
    s.lp,,, s.hp xx L buer xx Deathcrawl

    CaioLugon easy heavy corner 8.54k (open),, c.hp xx H buer xx fly
    ( fastfall)
    s.hp xx H buer xx fly, j.hp xx H buer xx fly xx L buer xx fly
    s.lp,,, s.hp xx L buer xx Deathcrawl

    Shnarfl lights and medium only 9.1k difficult corner (open), c.hp xx H buer
    (air)L buer xx fly
    (air)L buer*
    otg L buer xx fly xx H buer xx fly
    j.hp xx (air)L buer xx fly
    s.lp s.hp xx L buer xx Deathcrawl
    *Can be replaced with if it's too hard, but gives up damage

    CaioLugon corner combo 8.7k (open),, c.hp xx H buer xx fly
    (air)L buer,
    otg L buer xx fly, xx H buer xx fly
    j.hp*, xx H buer xx fly, j.hp
    s.lp,,, s.hp xx L buer xx Deathcrawl
    *Substitute for on heavies

    Magic man corner 8.7k (open),, c.hp xx H buer xx fly,
    (air) L buer,
    OTG L buer xx fly, xx (air)L buer xx fly,, s.hp xx H buer xx fly
    s.lp,,, s.hp xx L buer xx Deathcrawl.

    Slyzor corner that doesn't work on Squigly and Eliza 8.75k (open),, c.hp xx H buer xx fly
    fly forward
    M buer otg s.HP xx L buer xx fly, xx (air) L buer xx fly xx H buer xx fly
    j.hp ( vs heavies)
    s.lp,,, s.hp xx L buer xx Deathcrawl

    Variation for Squigly and Eliza 8.7k,, c.hp xx H buer xx fly
    fly forward xx L buer xx fly, xx (air)L buer xx fly xx (air)L buer xx H buer xx fly
    j.hp ( vs Eliza)
    s.lp,,, s.hp xx L buer xx Deathcrawl

    Krackatoa 8.7k (open),, cr.hp xx H Buer xx fly
    (air)L Buer >
    OTG s.hp xx L Buer xx fly xx H Buer xx fly
    j.hp(4)* xx H Buer xx fly
    s.lp,,, s.hp xx L Buer xx Deathcrawl.
    *Replace with j.HK on heavies

    CaioLugon CH corner combo for 10k (open),, c.hp xx H buer xx fly,
    (air)L buer,
    otg L buer xx fly xx H buer fly
    2j.hp*, xx H buer xx fly, j.hp xx L buer, fly,
    s.lp,,, s.hp, L buer, deathcrawl.
    * on heavies
    does 10k, but use instead of 2j.hp on non-lights.

    Situational/Misc Combos (open)

    Double snap kill (open)

    [s.lp xx fly j.hp]xN

    Midscreen assist kill (open)

    [s.lp,, charged xx fly, otg]xN

    Kima max range confirm combo 6.4k (open),, xx fly
    otg xx L Buer xx fly, j.hp xx fly, j.hp,
    s.lp,,, s.hp xx L Buer xx Death Crawl conversion ft.CaioLugon 6.3k (open) xx fly xx fly,, s.hp xx L buer xx fly
    9j.lp,, s.hp, xx L nail
    dash, s.lp,,, s.hp xx L buer xx Deathcrawl conversion ft.Bombad 6.6k (open) xx fly xx fly
    *, s.hp xx L buer xx fly
    6j.lp, can be just 3j.lp if needed) (3 hits on lights, 4 on heavies), j.hp (3 hits),
    s.lp,,, s.hp xx L buer xx death crawl
    *You can include if you want, but it will cost more undizzy

    Resets (open)

    Flight gives much in terms of resets
    3j.lp is a 20 frame overhead. Your opponent can react to this, but it is still useful as a mixup. It is less reactable than a grab.
    Know that you can only fly cancel once after her Buer Thresher and buer
    Painwheel has incredibly strong block pressure, so it may be nice to just put the opponent in it for a setup

    -As Dime likes to say, you can do a "slowverhead" which is delaying an air move when flying to catch people that go high then low to try and defend against you

    -Mixup with low and 3j.lp

    -Fly above them with assist for a decently safe and effective crossup(superjump puts assist on cooldown, but fly resets that, so this is even effective out of an air string)

    -Fly above and for a crossup (c

    -Since Painwheel faces the opponent when flying, you can use the autocorrect of fly with a move such as a falling into j.hp

    -Painwheel can dash under some light characters after c.hp into L stingers like Valentine, Painwheel, Peacock, and Squigly for a crossup and a mixup

    -Painwheel can do, assist, into H/M Buer for a somewhat risky crossup

    -Painwheel can do into M/H stinger for a crossup on Squigly can help setup crossups and crossunders, 2 hits into flight into crossup stuff(such as as well as crossunder stuff after the launcher by utilizing fly

    -Painwheel can jump above and do (air)hk Buer for a Crossup. Scales a bit though. into sets up a bit of a cheesy crossup on the lighter cast members into j.lp will put you above your opponent and setup a crossup

    -Low/throw when applicable. Grab can be converted off of without losing otg
    You can tick throw by pressing s.lp and then pressing into s.lp in rapid succession.

    -You can easily take advantage of fuzzy guard! Since blocking stance does not change until another hit, a rising j.lp has the potential to hit someone blocking low after a high hit. You can convert using flight cancel into, H buer xx fly, or call an assist beforehand so it picks it up

    -You can setup with L stinger since it gives a nice lengthy stun.

    -Do a whiffed close enough to the ground so that your opponent tries to block high, but you land and go for a low

    -Reversal Safe setup
    (s.hp xx fly
    will hit the opponent if they block or just don't and get hit, but WHIFF AGAINST MOST REVERSALS(Big Band ssj and Valentine counter super will go through this) allowing you to punish. Watch out for pushblock, alpha counter, and maybe watch out for slower reversals in case those mess you up. Remember, you can take advantage of fuzzy guard setups. into flight allows for an air grab on the non heavy cast into fly allows you to crossup with j.lp/

    -Charged c.hp and for a slow mixup that also functions as bait.

    -Interrupt any mid air string that does not knockdown with flight into grab. allows for an airgrab on the nonheavy cast

    -s.hp, fly, up forward j.lp into fly for a high and falling for a low has a very low unblockable protection time so it is effective to combine with low assists

    -If your assist keeps the opponent grounded, then you can call the assist so that you are able to hit the grounded oppenent with a charged c.hp, which gives you a lot of time to setup a mixup(You can cancel c.hp into flight unlike L stinger)

    -During Hatred install, grab does a lot of damage. Meter gain is low but don't underestimate the damage.

    -During Hatred install, do a ground bounce then do a fly forward to setup a crossup.

    -Dime's advice
    Parasoul only:
    1.L buer xx fly 9 j.lp,, xx fly the crosses up here
    2.L buer xx fly 9 j.lp,, st.lp, xx fly does not crossup. The difference is 2 has a standing jab before the, which pushes parasoul out a bit and makes the not crossup.

    -Launchers can be canceled into fly. This means that you can do things such as.
    fly and crossunder with an assist
    fly into air throw
    fly to their other side(or fake it) and mix them up
    Beware of double jumpers and falling j.lp.

    Burst Baits (open)

    -End a combo that didn't use otg with hk Buer xx fly into backwards

    -In the corner do xx fly into a burstable Also works with xx fly into

    -( jump forward)/( jump) xx fly

    -L stinger into burstable You can immediately fly after the hit at a decent enough distance.

    -L stinger into burstable s.hp/ xx fly. Flying immediately after it hits is important for this one

    -c.hp into burstable

    -In air (air)L Buer back in case you get full undizzy in the air or for any other reason

    -After using or having max undizzy, do into then jump backwards into

    -After using j.lp, do L buer xx fly 8j.lp, then do superjump j.lp xx fly. Make sure that the j.lp after superjump is done as soon as possible. Fly timing can be tricky, but puts you above the opponent if it fails.

    -After using or at max undizzy, do into back or neutral

    -L Buer, fly, back or j.lp in the corner can catch some opponents in a burst bait

    -L buer xx fly into 4j.lp/ will hit some casts and allows for a burst bait.

    -End with a burstable buer xx fly into unfly so that if they do it immediately, you block and get a decent position. If they burst late, you get a punish. If they don't burst, you get a hard knockdown. (air)H buer does not need unfly to work. Decent for crossunders.

    Armoring through bursts
    Painwheel has several normals where she can use Hatred Guard for armor. An armored burst bait doesn't put the opponent in a helpless state, but it does leave them open to setups with no undizzy/
    -This is an armored burst bait setup. Painwheel can dash under bursted characters that bursted from the ground. This is usually done after an armored burst

    -3j.lp/ into an armored normal

    -Any burstable air normal into j.hp

    -Ground normal into armor

    Assist options (open)

    From Painwheel(She has a decent number of assists, but none of them really excel at anything) common choice of people that pick Painwheel. She goes low to the ground hitting 4 times, making it decent for pressure. Doesn't have much reach. to Painwheel brings out the spikes in her feet and legs. Hits 4 times, making it decent for pressure. Has better reach than, but pushes enemies away when it hits.

    -('s low attacks. These only hit once. If you don't like any of the other options then you can at least use this for setups.

    -L Pinion(2,2lk at assist screen)-Decently fast startup. Travels a fair distance. Use this for up close pressure.

    -M Pinion(2,2mk at assist screen)-Takes some time for startup. Knocks the opponent backwards on contact. Travels a little farther than L Pinion. Use this if you need a keepaway assist or know a gimmick involving it.

    -H Pinion(2,2hk at assist screen)-Takes the longest time out of the Pinions to startup. Throws the oppoenet towards you on hit. Travels the farthest out of the Pinions. Use this as keepaway or for gimmicks involving it.

    -lp+lk(throw)-It's a throw as an assist. Painweel's throw gives a decent amount of time to get into position and has a somewhat easy conversion.

    -Stinger L(236 lp)-Painwheel shoots at the ground, freezing the opponent in place for a little while. Does not do much as an assist besides giving time for setups. Scales to 50%

    -Stinger M(236 mp)-Painwheel shoots a slow moving projectile close to the ground. Not the best projectile, but does help control space.

    -Buer H(236 hk)-Painwheel grabs up in the air with her Buer. Only hits air oppoenents. Unblockable on the way up. A bit gimmicky, but can be used for setups.
    For Painwheel
    Her most needed assist is an antiair/reversal assist. L Beat extend(Big Band) is considered one of the best for her. Other options are Napalm Pillar(Parasoul),
    L Updo(Filia), H chair toss(Beowulf), and H Fiber(Ms. Fortune). Special mention goes to H Fiber since Painwheel has an easier time converting than other characters due to her Her other assist needs are a bit open. She can use lockdown assists like cerecopter(Cerebella), setup assists like Cilia slide(Double), and also projectiles like L shot.

    Okizeme (open)

    -Use M stinger after M buer to force the opponent to take the stinger if they tech away
    She can setup a slide while in HI through (air)M Buer.
    She can also get a crumple through a fully charged c.hp(an assist will normally be needed)

    -Go for a low, throw, or a 3j.lp(high)

    -Setup with an assist while not putting yourself in danger by flying over for a crossup/fakecross.

    -Setup with an assist with Painwheel doing something(ex:low assist+Painwheel high) for a harder to read setup

    -Charge up c.hp/ for a reversal bait and slow mixup

    -Backdash M stinger xx fly

    -Fly above and cross over to the other side and do a falling normal(, j.lp/ also work if you don't press any direction while doing them)

    -Try to bait out reversals (empty jump, armor, flying out of range. etc...)

    Matchup advice (open)

    Beware of Gigantic arm. Learn to unfly on reaction to his j.hp. When the chair is off, try to bait out his slow normals. can help if Beowulf is attacking right above you. When he has the chair, make use of armor as he does not have good ways to break it. Beware his air grab as it has a good horizontal hitbox and is set high so he can get you with it without jumping very high.
    Big Band, if called preemptively, can beat out Big Band's armored moves. Learn to unfly to avoid H train and bait reversals.
    Even though she has reflector, don't be afraid to use stinger when there is a great enough distance since you can fly out of the diamond's way. spacing is important. She is a bit short to do the fuzzy guard setup reliably.
    Avoid luger. Double has a decently long recovery when it whiffs. She is big, so don't be afraid to do fuzzy guard setups. You can react to car super with your air super, it has enough invincibility.
    She has bigger normals, but they are not as disjointed. Remember that you can snap Sekhmet and get a combo on Eliza. React to her minions when you do stingers with Fly. can help against an Eliza above you.
    She is fast. Don't let her get close to you. Try to keep her out with You have armor if she gets close to you, most notably since it autocorrects and since it has a decent hitbox in front of you. Maybe Buer, but that is risky.
    Fukua can annoy you with air fireballs and has decent air normals. The change to her M shadow really helps you get air superiority and makes getting above her more attractive. You have Thresher in case she gets cocky and long reaching buers.
    Ms. Fortune
    Beware of H fiber. You can bait it with unfly. You do a lot of damage when her head is off, and you are usually out of its effective range. Use your more disjointed normals to beat her out, but beware that she has a fast dash. Use when she is above you. Do NOT fear her air super. Yes, it has startup invincibility, but you are able to counter super even if you are doing something(as long as you aren't recovering from a grab or special), so remember to beat it out with thresher.
    Mirror matchup. H Stinger is your friend in this matchup. Expect air throws to be thrown out frequently as that is the fastest air move. Assists play a big role in deciding how each plays.
    Learn to fly through the Napalm shots. Parasoul has faster disjointed normals and a fast dash, but you have armor and can fly cancel your attacks. Ex:If Parasoul does a rising j.lp and misses, she does not have a lot to depend on to make it safe. Also, she has next to no options against air resets.
    Peacock cannot release item drop while in blockstun. Learn to fly through her projectiles. She has a deadzone where she can't hit with bombs, so learn where it is. When flying, going forward makes you pick up you foot a little, while going backwards makes it go downwards a little, so going backwards can make it so you get hit by stuff that you wouldn't get hit by going forward. Your buer is brought inward when going forward and back, so remember that when avoiding air projectiles. You can unfly and armor to try to get past. Also, Peacock sticks out her hand when she does a bomb, so Buer can be useful because of it, also because you get invincibility doing it. She can double jump and air dash, but she has no air reversal and her ground reversal can be baited easily.
    Beams are annoying. You can unfly and armor. Pushblock in the air and cancel to fly to close the gap faster. You can walk below her grounded H beam and M beam. While not a perfect solution to the missiles, you can buer thresher since it has a long time of invincibility. Thresher can also help against Robo's armored normal and maybe if she tries magnet against you.
    H stinger can keep her from getting carried away in the air. Be aware of battle opera. j.hp into thresher can get her when Squigly does j.hp. Jump immediate j.hp makes it hard for Squigly to zone you out. can help against a Squigly above you.
    Avoid dead crosses and try to get above Valentine. Beware of Bypass and try to bait out assists. She has a very horizontal standing hitbox and when doing ground specials, so your poking power is fairly strong in this matchup. Remember that you can call assists after superjump if you fly while valentine can't.
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