Peacock combos for arcade stick beginner

Discussion in 'Peacock' started by Yoyomega101, Aug 4, 2014.

  1. Yoyomega101

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    Big Band
    I recently got a stick for my PS3 and I've messed around with my fighting games, Ultra SF4 and Injustice. So I start up Skullgirls trying to back into the swing of things because the last time I played it was when I got it for free on PS Plus and it ended a month after I got it and I didn't get the money to get it again and buy my new stick. So, my mains are Peacock and Big Band, and I need some combos to work with them and start on my new stick. Please and thank you, anything helps.
  2. obregon

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    lp mp hp xx qcf+mp xx Argus

    or, if Big Band's assist is ready:

    lp mp hp <call H Brass> xx qcb+HP (hold) xx Argus, release HP at the end of Argus
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  3. IsaVulpes

    IsaVulpes Just Throw

    Trinidad && Tobago
    Ms. Fortune
    s.LP s.MP s.MK
    > j.LP j.MP j.HK

    Then you land on the ground with the opponent still in the air, and can

    - Rejump for an Airthrow (into j.LK and then same combo)
    - Run under for a Crossunder (then same combo)
    - Throw (into QCF-MK, and then QCB-MK or QCB-HK for a left/right after which you can again do the same combo)

    If you see that the string on the ground is getting blocked, instead do

    s.LP s.MP s.MK xx QCF-LK

    That's safe on block, after which you can just do things as usual.

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