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    Hey! Welcome to the Peacock Compendium. The purpose of this thread is to compile useful information about this character and have it all in one convenient place. There's hella text in this thing, so to make it easier to find the specific information you're looking for, everything is in spoiler tags divided by section. Just click the spoiler tag of the section you want!
    Combos (open)
    LP = Light Punch
    MP = Medium Punch
    HP = Hard Punch
    LK = Light Kick
    MK = Medium Kick
    HK = Hard Kick
    s. = Standing
    c. = Crouching
    j. = Jumping
    xx = Cancel (see the in-game tutorial on cancels for more information)
    ADC = Air dash cancel
    OTG = On The Ground; hitting the opponent after a red bounce

    Midscreen BNB (Easy)

    s.LP, s.MP, s.MK,
    j.MP, j.HP ADC
    j.LP, j.MP,
    s.LP, s.MP, c.MK, c.HP xx M Bang xx Argus Agony

    Midscreen BNB (Easy, no airdash cancels)
    s.LP s.MP c.HP s.HK xx H Shadow of Impending Doom,
    Dash, s.LP s.MP c.HP xx MP-Bang! xx Argus

    Midscreen BNB (Intermediate)
    s.LP s.MP c.HP s.HK xx H Shadow of Impending Doom,
    Dash, s.LP s.MK,
    j.MP j.HP ADC,
    j.LP j.MP,
    c.LK s.MP c.MK c.HP s.HK xx H Shadow of Impending Doom (hold) xx Argus Agony,
    H Shadow of Impending Doom (release) (triggers IPS)

    Midscreen BNB (Hard, does not work on Double)
    s.LP, s.MP, s.MK,
    j.HP, ADC,
    j.LK, j.HK,
    jump, j.MP, j.HP, ADC,
    j.LP, j.MP,
    c.MK, s.HK xx M item drop,
    dash, OTG s.LPx2*, s.MP, c.MK, c.HP, s.HK xx H item (hold) xx Argus,
    release item (triggers IPS)

    *against Cerebella, use only one s.LP

    Situational Combos
    air throw,
    s.LP, s.MP, s.MK,
    j.MP, j.HP, air dash,
    j.LP, j.MP,
    c.LK, s.MP, c.MK, c.HP xx M Bang xx Argus Agony

    c.MK xx George’s Day Out,
    s.LP, s.MP, s.MK,
    j.MP, j.HP, air dash,
    j.LP, j.MP,
    c.LK, s.MP, c.MK, c.HP xx M Bang xx Argus Agony

    Combos using Assists

    c.LP c.MK c.HP s.HK (call Beat Extend assist) xx M item (charge),
    j.HK ADC,
    j.HK release item,
    j.MK j.HK,
    j.MP j.HK,
    j.HP ADC,
    j.LP j.MP,
    c.LP c.MP c.MK c.HP s.HK xx H item (charge) xx Argus Agony,
    release item

    c.LP c.MK c.HP s.HK (call H Brass Knuckles assist) xx H item (charge) xx Argus Agony,
    release level 3 item,
    H teleport, c.LP s.MK,
    j.MP j.HP ADC,
    j.LP j.MP,
    c.LK c.MP c.MK c.HP s.HK xx H item (charge) xx Argus Agony,
    release item
    Resets (open)

    -After any restand you can reset with c.MK for a low or instant air dash j.LK/j.MP for an overhead.
    -If you have used j.HP anywhere in your combo other than in the very first string, you can combo into s.MK then jump and j.HP to burst bait.
    -There are several ways to use j.HK for a crossup reset. After a s.MK you can j.MP j.HP air dash cancel j.LK j.HK, the opponent will remain airborne bouncing on the j.HK projectile allowing you to get under them. You can also s.MK then j.LP j.LK (1 hit) j.HK, against most characters Peacock will land on the opposite side and the projectile from j.HK will fall on the opponent.
    -During a ground string you can call and assist and use H teleport to cross the opponent up. How well this works depends on what assist you have. If the assist has very fast startup it may not be possible to use it for a crossup, as it will hit before Peacock changes sides.
    Movement (open)

    Peacock is one of the only characters in the game with both a double jump and an air dash. Her ground dash and air dash both have a short period at the beginning of the dash where Peacock will stay in place before she starts to move forward. If her air dash is cancelled into anything during this period, Peacock will drop straight down; otherwise she moves forward with the momentum from her air dash. Most air combos using air dash cancels require waiting until Peacock is moving forward or the combo won’t work, but cancelling the air dash early to drop straight down can be useful for setting up instant air dash overheads. Unlike her forward dashes, both Peacock’s ground and air backdashes start up very quickly.

    Other moves that are useful for mobility:
    -c.HK moves Peacock forward. Unlike her dash, this move reaches its maximum speed immediately.
    -j.MK slows Peacock’s speed in the air.
    -j.HP moves Peacock backwards and can be used like an extra air backdash.
    -Peacock’s teleport, The Hole Idea (qcb+K) can be used to get closer to the opponent and/or get behind the opponent.
    Normals (open)
    s.LP - Peacock’s fastest normal. Can be chained twice, making for easier hit confirms.

    s.MP - Peacock can say either ‘coconut’ or ‘whipped cream’. I don’t have a lot else to say about this move :x

    s.HP - Fires a projectile that travels in a straight line. This deals 2 hits up close, as pulling out the cannon is its own hit and then the cannonball connecting is a second hit. The first hit causes an unusually high amount of hitstun by itself; this is normally not relevant since it is followed by the second, but if s.HP is special cancelled or super cancelled before the second hit, this can allow for combos that would not otherwise be possible (for example, s.HP (1 hit) xx H item drop (charge) xx Argus Agony, release item). This move CANNOT be chained into s.HK or c.HK.

    s.LK - This has the longest reach of any of Peacock’s light normals, but is also the slowest.

    s.MK - Can be jump cancelled on hit. This is Peacock’s only launcher.

    s.HK - Knocks down on hit. Midscreen this knocks the opponent too far away to follow up with another normal, although it is possible to combo into specials or supers; comboing into Shadow of Impending Doom will bounce the opponent back toward Peacock, allowing further follow ups.

    c.LP - Can be chained twice. Of all Peacock's light normals, this move has the hitbox that is closest to the ground, making it the most useful for comboing after OTG hits.

    c.MP - Slightly faster than s.MP but does not reach as far. Some combo routes require c.MP instead of s.MP due to the slightly faster startup.

    c.HP - Hits low. Has a longer reach than the first hit of s.HP, so some combos require this move instead of s.HP. Also, unlike s.HP, this can be chained into s.HK or c.HK.

    c.LK - Unlike most characters’ c.LKs, this does not hit low. However it has a disjointed hitbox and can be used as an anti air.

    c.MK - Hits low. This is Peacock’s fastest low, however it is a fairly slow low compared to the rest of the cast. On hit the opponent is pulled in slightly, which guarantees that chaining into c.HP will always combo.

    c.HK - Peacock’s sweep. Like all sweeps this breaks armor and causes a blue knockdown on hit. This also moves Peacock forward. Compared to Peacock’s dash, this has a faster startup but longer recovery.

    j.LP - Peacock’s fastest jumping normal. Has a good air to air hitbox.

    j.MP - Also has a good air to air hitbox.

    j.HP - Has a very disjointed hitbox. Using this move moves Peacock backwards.

    j.LK - Probably the best air to ground normal Peacock has, in terms of hitboxes. However it can be difficult to combo after unless it hits very deep.

    j.MK - Causes a projectile to appear from the ground. The projectile appears a set distance from Peacock, unless close to the opponent in which case it appears closer. Despite the animation, this move is not a low.

    j.HK - Creates a projectile that rises straight up then falls straight down. The projectile causes 2 hits. Like s.HP, j.HK itself can hit the opponent if close enough. Using another j.HK will cause the projectile from the first j.HK to disappear. The initial hit can launch a grounded opponent off the ground, or it can cause an airborne opponent to rise in the air.

    Throw - One of the furthest reaching normal throws in the game. On hit causes a sliding knockdown. Midscreen it’s only possible to combo after this with Argus Agony, unless Peacock is charging an item in which case full combos may be possible. In the corner the easiest way to combo after this is to charge an item, Argus Agony, then release the item.

    Air Throw - Knocks down on hit. Easiest way to combo after this is with a falling j.LK, walk forward slightly, s.LP.
    Specials (open)
    All inputs assume you're on the player 1 side, if you're on the player 2 side then you need to hold left where it says right and vise versa okay?

    George’s Day Out (QCF+LK) - Peacock throws a projectile in a short arc, after landing the projectile moves slowly across the ground. You can only have one George’s Day Out on the screen at once; after being used, you cannot use this again until George explodes or walks all the way off the screen. Has the shortest recovery of any of Peacock’s QCF+K moves, so it is possible to link s.LP, c.LP, or c.LK on hit. Safe on block when used at point blank, however Peacock is negative. The recovery of George’s Day Out can be cancelled into Boxcar George or George at the Air Show, but not both.

    Boxcar George (QCF+MK) - Peacock summons a projectile that appears from off the screen behind her and moves quickly along the ground. Only one Boxcar George can be on the screen at once; after being used it cannot be used again until the boxcar is completely off the screen or if it explodes. The recovery of this move can be cancelled into George’s Day Out or George at the Air Show.

    George at the Air Show (QCF+HK) - Peacock summons a projectile that appears from off screen above and behind her that travels downward in an arc toward the opponent. The end point of the plane’s arc is based on where your opponent was when you started the move. Although the plane moves towards where your opponent was, it does not track. Only one plane can be on the screen at once; after being used, this move cannot be used again until the plane explodes. The recovery of this move can be cancelled into George’s Day Out or Boxcar George.

    Bang! (QCF+LP) - Causes a stagger on hit. Throw invincible. It is possible to dash and combo into s.LP after Bang! hits even if the opponent shakes the stagger. Although staggered opponents can be thrown, you cannot get a guaranteed combo into throw with this move because staggered opponents can still throw tech.

    BANG! (QCF+MP) - Knocks back on hit. Invincible to everything except throws. In the corner this causes a wallbounce allowing meterless followup combos. Although the animation can change randomly, every animation has the exact same hitboxes.

    BANG BANG BANG! (QCF+HP) - Fires a projectile that moves straight forward quickly. Pressing HP again allows Peacock to fire a second shot, pressing HP a third time allows a third shot. The second and third shots can be delayed somewhat. However delaying the shots can cause them to not combo into one another.

    Shadow of Impending Doom (QCB+P) - Peacock whistles, and an item appears from the top of the screen and falls straight down. Where the item falls depends on which punch button is used:
    LP - Item falls directly in front of Peacock
    MP - Item tracks the opponent, but only if they’re half screen or closer to Peacock; otherwise falls at half screen. After crossing the opponent up, the shadow will appear over Peacock
    HP - Item tracks the opponent, but only if they’re half screen or further from Peacock; otherwise falls at half screen
    The item can be charged by holding down the punch button. Charging the item increases the amount of damage, hitstun, and chip damage. If Peacock is hit she loses her charge. She does not lose her charge while blocking. There are 3 levels of items. Level 1 items cause the least damage and hitstun. Level 2 items cause more damage, have a larger hitbox, and cause significantly more hitstun. Level 3 items are the largest and bounce the opponent up on hit, causing a knockdown when they land. Although they have random animations, every level 1 item is functionally the same as every other level 1 item, and every level 2 item is functionally the same as every other level 2 item. However there are two level 3 items that have different effects:
    - Road Roller - Freezes the screen on hit. Causes more damage but does not bounce the opponent as high. This item drop is also a hit grab, so it breaks armor.
    - Tenraiha - After the initial projectile falls, 4 more projectiles also fall. This causes dramatically more blockstun than the other level 3 items. The opponent is only bounced by the initial hit and is not launched as high. This item will only appear after taunting (see Hi Hi Birdie below).
    Note: If Shadow of Impending Doom is released while Peacock is in blockstun, then item will not actually fall until 20f after Peacock leaves blockstun.

    The Hole Idea (QCB+K) - Peacock teleports. Where she teleports depends on which kick button was used. LK teleports Peacock halfway between where she started and the opponent’s position. MK teleports her in front of the opponent. HK teleports her behind the opponent, unless a teammate is entering to perform an assist, in which case it functions the same as MK teleport.. The startup of this move is fully invincible, but has no invincibility during the recovery.

    Fire in the Hole! (hold P during The Hole Idea) - The start of this move looks the same as The Hole Idea, but Peacock does not teleport. Instead a projectile appears at the opponent’s current position. Like The Hole Idea this has startup invincibility. Because of the input needed to perform this move, it is not possible to use The Hole Idea and charge Shadow of Impending Doom at the same time.

    Hi Hi Birdie (LK, HK, MP, MP, up) - Peacock's taunt. After using this move, the next level 3 item dropped will always be Tenreiha.
    Supers (open)
    Argus Agony (QCF+PP) - Peacock fires a beam, then a volley of smaller projectiles. On hit this will push the opponent to full screen. Argus Agony is slightly negative on hit, but because of how far it pushes the opponent it cannot be punished; however, if it hits against a cornered opponent, there is no pushback and Peacock can be punished on hit. It is mostly safe on block when used from far away, unless the opponent punishes Argus Agony in between the beam and the smaller projectiles, which every character in the game has a way to do from full screen. The gap in blockstun between the two parts of the supers can be covered using Shadow of Impending Doom. Although Argus Agony had startup invincibility in older versions of the game, in the current version it has no invincibility.

    Lonesome Lenny (QCF+KK) - Peacock drops Lenny, a bomb similar to George but much larger. Lenny stays on the screen until he runs out of health then he explodes. The explosion can damage Peacock and her teammates as well as the opponent. Lenny has 4800 health which ticks down at 1 health per frame (60 health per real time second), and can be made to explode faster by hitting him with attacks. Both players can attack Lenny. If Argus Agony is hitting Lenny, the explosion will be delayed until Argus Agony completely finishes; additionally, the small lasers from Argus Agony pass through Lenny, unlike other projectiles. Lonesome Lenny as a move has invincibility after the first 4 startup frames, but since the super doesn’t deal damage right away, it can only be used as a reversal in specific situations or with a DHC.

    Goodfellows (during Peacock’s throw, QCB+PP) - Peacock’s level 3. Can only be done off a successful normal throw. This is not a command grab, it needs to be done from a normal throw meaning it can be teched. At the same time though, since the move cannot be done unless a normal throw connects, it is impossible to spend the meter on Peacock's level 3 and have it not hit the opponent (unlike other level 3s in the game which can whiff, get blocked, etc). There is no way to DHC into this move. Does more damage than Peacock’s normal throw but no longer causes an untechable sliding knockdown.
    Oki (open)

    Peacock’s ground throw causes an untechable knockdown. You cannot (normally) combo from this throw, but since the opponent cannot ground tech, you can set up mixups off it:

    -Cancel the throw into George’s Day Out xx Boxcar George, then use either H teleport or M teleport to set up a crossup or fake crossup. The issue with this mixup is that the opponent can tell which teleport you’re doing by using sound cues.

    -Cancel teleport into M Shadow of Impending Doom, dash at the opponent, then jump over and release the item to cross them up. You can instead jump over and either backdash or use j.HP to land on the original side for a fake crossup. This mixup is very susceptible to reversals that don’t require any directional input, like Napalm Pillar or raw tags.
    Character Specific Notes (open)

    Filia (open)
    -Filia cannot go over M Bang with an instant air dash.
    -Filia can move faster than an M or H Shadow of Impending Doom can track by using Hairball or Gregor Samson.
    -Filia’s Gregor Samson goes under the entire second half of Argus Agony. However, it is not projectile invincible, it is just very low to the ground, so George’s Day Out or Boxcar George can hit her out of the Gregor.

    Cerebella (open)
    -Peacock's j.HK and j.MK count as projectiles and can be reflected by Diamond Deflector.
    -If Cerebella uses Tumble Run from full screen, Argus Agony will beat any potential followup to the move (except a super that is immediately followed by a DHC). If Tumble Run is used from closer than full screen, the Cerebella player may be able to react to the Argus with Battle Butt or by cancelling into super.

    Peacock (open)
    -Because Boxcar George appears from behind Peacock, it can hit another Peacock who is trying to use H teleport.

    Parasoul (open)
    -George at the Air Show and Shadow of Impending Doom can avoid parasoul's projectile blocking bodyguard.

    Painwheel (open)
    -The projectile from j.HK causes 2 hits and will instantly break the armor on Painwheel’s charged j.HP, unless Painwheel is in Hatred Install.
    -j.LK causes 3 hits quickly, so it can be useful for breaking Painwheel's armor. j.LP chained into j.LK can also be used.

    Valentine (open)
    -During Savage Bypass, Valentine moves faster than Shadow of Impending Doom can track.
    -Peacock can get a guaranteed punish on Savage Bypass xx Checkmate Incision if Peacock is charging level 2 M Shadow of Impending Doom before Valentine does Savage Bypass.

    Double (open)
    -If Double uses Bandwagon Rushdown (the car), Peacock can teleport to dodge the car on reaction as long as she isn’t already committed to another special move or a super.

    Squigly (open)
    -Squigly Battle Opera disappears immediately if Squigly is hit. Even if Squigly uses Seria Sing and cancels it into Squigly Battle Opera, a projectile that’s already on the screen may hit her out of it, keeping Peacock safe.
    -Squigly's c.LK can low profile M Gun.

    Big Band (open)
    -Big Band’s H Giant Step can destroy all projectiles that are on screen, but the move is slow enough that it’s possible to cancel any special move into Argus Agony on reaction. The unblockable hit from this move is also considered a grab rather than a strike, so it will beat M Gun's strike invincibility.

    Fukua (open)
    -If Fukua double jumps at the opposite side of the screen, the only projectile it will be possible to hit her with is Shadow of Impending Doom. (This is actually true of everyone, but double jumping and throwing fireballs is a common Fukua tactic, so it’s particularly important in this matchup).

    Eliza (open)
    -Eliza's c.HK has infinite projectile armor.

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