Possible new spot for NorCal Skullgirls? Esports Arena Oakland

Discussion in 'Local Events and Matchmaking' started by clawmaster, Aug 11, 2016.

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    Hey everyone! I know we have one or two Norcal threads already made on here, but wanted to gauge everyone's interest about this. Today it was announced that Esports Arena their 2nd location will be in Oakland, CA. For a good while the Norcal Skullgirls crew have been separated all over the map when it comes a location to come together. While this may serve the upper part of Norcal better then the ones near San Jose, never the less its a great chance to develop a scene up here. Once there is more details about the venue, and what not I update the thread here. Question is would everyone be up for this? And lets say everything is a go, and we got approval to set up Skullgirls. Question to everyone who would come, and what day?

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