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    Hey, I'm Prof! Kinda sorta new to SG?

    I've been watching it for a while, and never really got to play due to a shitty laptop. Now I have an actually not garbage laptop and I'd love to play everyone!

    While I definitely want to play a trio of Point/Para/Double, I'm sort of having a team crisis (went from Beowulf to Fukua to Filia and currently on Squigly). Right now my current priority is to play consistently and improve quickly. I've heard that using training diaries to reflect on sets help quite a bit, and in making this thread maybe you guys can help me do that? I'm hoping to play at least one set every week, which means this thread will hopefully be constantly updated.

    I'm gonna try a video format where I record the set and pick out key games to look at and reflect on. Video editing is a new thing I'm trying, so I'd really like feedback!

    Week 1:
    Opponent - My friend Lextro
    Team: Fukua/Eliza (seems to be a really rushdown-heavy team, I don't really want to get near that. Both characters also have scary air normals)
    Gameplan: I'm bad at antiairing, so I'm gonna keep him on the ground too.

    Warning: OBS died during recording the replay, so Game 1 has some technical difficulties...
    The Matches:
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    My Reflection:
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