Ps4 pad on ps3 problem

Discussion in 'Hardware and Software Discussion' started by MF_Shinzo, Mar 29, 2016.

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    So i bought a ps4 pad since my ds2 is RIP. I heard it works on ps3 so i tried it with some old phone cable and it worked fine.

    Bought a longer cable, the pad light flashes for a while but the ds4 isnt recognized anymore. Tried " adding bluetooth device " in the options but my 1 3 7 9 inputs on the d-pad dont even work so playing wireless isnt an option.

    I assume there are different types of cables since the short one works pefectly and the longer one doesnt. But i wanna know what are these differences so i can buy a longer cable that'll work this time.

    Thanks in advance for the answers and sorry if this was already asked.
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